Season 2 Episode 20

Meet The Parent

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 04, 2010 on The CW

Episode Recap

Naomi is struggling with her sister's unexpected return back into her life. She starts to act differently. She completely disregards Liam's struggle with his father, who left with another woman. He confides in Annie.

Harry and Debbie's marriage is still on the rocks. They try to work out their differences. Annie and Dixon are starting to catch on to what is happening and think that their parents may get a divorce. For comfort, Dixon turns to Ivy, and Annie turns to Liam. She helps him paint his boat, and insists that she is not trying to steal him away from Naomi. Namoi and Jen are still at odds.

Navid and Adrianna run into Mr. Matthews walking around the pier, drunk. Adrianna experiences writer's block and Navid offers to hang out with her for a little to clear her head. They walk around the amusement park, and it works. Adrianna writes a song and records it with Javier, who begins to fall for Adrianna.

Silver forgives Teddy, and she is given a second chance at meeting his dad. Teddy's father approves of Silver, although he does not seem to care too much about whom he dates, just cares about Teddy's tennis abilities. Teddy realizes that there is more to life than just tennis and that he is really in love with Silver.
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