Season 2 Episode 20

Meet The Parent

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 04, 2010 on The CW

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  • boring

    this episode was a snooze fest. Total filler episode. Awful uninteresting stories and just plain bad. Nothing really moved forward. This episode reminded me as to why I stopped watching 90210 in the first place. 90210 has episodes that don't go anywhere with abdsolutely no character development or story development and this was on of those episodes. I just wasn't entertained , it's a shame because I recently got back into 90210 a few episodes back and those were some strong episodes. and this episode ruined it. I hope that the next few episodes including the season finale are much much much much much better.

  • Oh no.

    This season has really impressed me until this episode came a long. There were some strong points in this episode, but in this case, the bad outweighs the good. Annie has become a side character, Adrianna gets her music career handed to her on a silver plate. So unrealistic. I can't believe their having Annie in less scenes every week, she is supposed to be the main character, and she is being excluded. One of the strong points of this episode was Naomi & Jen battling it out. I liked the war between them, and this episode made me realized that I missed watching Jen's manipulative ways. The other strong point is toward the end in which the Wilson's are having family problems. Annie confronts them, and has a meltdown in front of Dixon, Ivy and her parents. The fact that Dixon wouldn't talk to her sister because a girl was in his room was pathetic. Their brotherly/sister bond is dying out which used to be one of my favorite things about this show. Same with Naomi, not letting Liam talk. So annoying. Oh and thank god Lyla & Navid broke up. Silver trying to impress Teddy's dad, not entertaining. I usually enjoy their relationship plots, this wasn't the case. Navid tries to get Adrianna, and in the nick of time, she connects with her singing partner: Javier. The Liam & Annie interaction is always good, and I'm enjoying seeing their friendship progress. Where's Kelly?! Liam's dad using him for the money was a bit too predictable for my liking but still eventful. Drunk Ryan was incredibly annoying and Ryan is easily my least favorite character on this show. The bottom line is that this episode was slow paced and not entertaining, despite the eventful occurrences. Sorry to come off like I don't like this show, I just really didn't enjoy the episode.
  • Jen's back.......

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. With Jen back in town she seems set on ruining Naomi's life. Naomi thinks she has gotten the upper hand, by telling Jen's husband what she is really like, but it all ends terribly when we learn that Jen has been put in charge of Naomi's trust fund. Adrianna has to write a song for her duet with a famous singer. She pours her heart and soul into it and also spends time with Navid. Navid thinks he still has feelings for her, and so he breaks up with his girlfriend and goes to see Adrianna, but he over hears her talking saying that there is no one special in her life. Annie's parents finally ell her and Dixon that they are going to see a therapist, to sort out their issues. Annie finds comfort with Liam, and Liam shares with her the issues with his father, since Naomi is too wrapped up in her own world to listen to him.
  • Jen buy's the beach club take over naomi's house she tells olivier jens cheated on him while they were seperated he cheats on jen she gets $16million from him as settlement tells naomi about how she should be nice because she's in charge of her finances

    I feel bad for Naomi not only was she duped by Jen again but now she lost all her money because Jen told there father Naomi was blowing through her trustfund money so he put her in chare of Naomi's funds but i can't understand why he would listen to her she left Beverly hills months ago. Jen has $16 million dollars now thanks to naomi telling Olivier cheating on her and he cheated on her you would think she would have left Naomi alone. But if i was jen i would watch my back because since Naomi is broke i expect her to make Jen's life a living hell and maybe we will see Charles Clark& Gale to return with Tracy Clark after it all hits the fan.Question is will they stay in Beverly Hills or will naomi be emancipated again just predictions
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