Season 2 Episode 20

Meet The Parent

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 04, 2010 on The CW

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  • Oh no.

    This season has really impressed me until this episode came a long. There were some strong points in this episode, but in this case, the bad outweighs the good. Annie has become a side character, Adrianna gets her music career handed to her on a silver plate. So unrealistic. I can't believe their having Annie in less scenes every week, she is supposed to be the main character, and she is being excluded. One of the strong points of this episode was Naomi & Jen battling it out. I liked the war between them, and this episode made me realized that I missed watching Jen's manipulative ways. The other strong point is toward the end in which the Wilson's are having family problems. Annie confronts them, and has a meltdown in front of Dixon, Ivy and her parents. The fact that Dixon wouldn't talk to her sister because a girl was in his room was pathetic. Their brotherly/sister bond is dying out which used to be one of my favorite things about this show. Same with Naomi, not letting Liam talk. So annoying. Oh and thank god Lyla & Navid broke up. Silver trying to impress Teddy's dad, not entertaining. I usually enjoy their relationship plots, this wasn't the case. Navid tries to get Adrianna, and in the nick of time, she connects with her singing partner: Javier. The Liam & Annie interaction is always good, and I'm enjoying seeing their friendship progress. Where's Kelly?! Liam's dad using him for the money was a bit too predictable for my liking but still eventful. Drunk Ryan was incredibly annoying and Ryan is easily my least favorite character on this show. The bottom line is that this episode was slow paced and not entertaining, despite the eventful occurrences. Sorry to come off like I don't like this show, I just really didn't enjoy the episode.