Season 2 Episode 20

Meet The Parent

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 04, 2010 on The CW

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  • Jen buy's the beach club take over naomi's house she tells olivier jens cheated on him while they were seperated he cheats on jen she gets $16million from him as settlement tells naomi about how she should be nice because she's in charge of her finances

    I feel bad for Naomi not only was she duped by Jen again but now she lost all her money because Jen told there father Naomi was blowing through her trustfund money so he put her in chare of Naomi's funds but i can't understand why he would listen to her she left Beverly hills months ago. Jen has $16 million dollars now thanks to naomi telling Olivier cheating on her and he cheated on her you would think she would have left Naomi alone. But if i was jen i would watch my back because since Naomi is broke i expect her to make Jen's life a living hell and maybe we will see Charles Clark& Gale to return with Tracy Clark after it all hits the fan.Question is will they stay in Beverly Hills or will naomi be emancipated again just predictions