Season 1 Episode 6

Model Behavior

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2008 on The CW

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  • Very eventful.

    This episode was slightly better than the last episode. And the last episode was really good. This episode was so great. 90210 is definitely kicking it up a notch with all the drama. Kelly breaks up with Ryan to see if her & Dylan are ever going to work out. He falls in to the arms of Brenda, I don't understand why these two are friends. Their friendship is so dysfunctional. Kelly accused Brenda of being with Dylan like three times. And Brenda sleeps with Kelly's ex? Even though I don't understand their friendship, it definitely was entertaining. Naomi will stop at nothing to bring her parents back together, and her plan crashes to the ground. Ethan & Naomi breakup, for good, according to Naomi. Adrianna & Annie have to "get along" when they go to a fashion show. An agent comes up to Annie to offer her to read for a part. Annie, being a nice person, helps Adrianna out. Adrianna thought she was being nice back when she reveals she didn't sleep with Ty and she set Ty & Annie up. I love Annie's reaction to everything. I like her when she's not being an all smiles nice person. It's good that she is growing some back bone at the 90210. Then there is the fight scene between Dixon & the model agent. The agent kept on offering Silver deals to become a model. She starts to believe him, only to find out she has to sleep with him first. Dixon saves the day. Even Debbie steps, beginning to like Debbie more than I did in the beginning. She needs more scenes! Adrianna continues to do drugs by the end. Ty & Annie agree to stay friends by the end. Amazing episode, so much things happened!
  • Awesome.

    Debbie is given an opportunity to shoot a major fashion show. Adrianna tells Annie the truth after Annie helps her land an audition, but the damage is done and Annie and Ty have broken up. Naomi decides that the fashion show is the perfect place to bring her parents back together, but her plan backfires. Silver is harassed by one of Debbie's co-workers who shouts racial slurs toward Dixon, who was defending her. After receiving a mysterious phone call, Kelly takes a leave of absence to go visit Dylan McKay. Naomi and Ethan break up for good. Another awasome episode, I loved it. Awesome storyline this episode, just so enjoyable to watch! Ethan and Naomi broke up, which I'm happy about, eventhough I love Naomi, I would rather have Annie. Well can't wait until the next episode.
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. Adrianna and her mother get called in to see the Principal to discuss the fact that many of the teachers at the school believe that she may have a drug problem. Harry offers her once chance, for them to help her, but she denies that she is on drugs. Brenda gets a phone call from Dylan (Kelly's son's father) and he asks to speak to Kelly and so Brenda hands over the phone to her. Ryan soon plants an idea in Kelly head that stays with her for most of the episode, if Dylan had wanted to speak to her, then why did he call Brenda? Kelly also had her phone on her. Naomi is still trying to get her parents back together. Kelly confronts Brenda about the phone call with Dylan and they end up having an argument about it. After Brenda leaves she deletes Dylan's number form her cell phone. Adrianna confesses to Annie that Ty wasn't in the shower in the hotel room, the night of the school play. Naomi's father tells her that there is no chance of him and her mother getting back together. Naomi gets upset by this and walks away. During a [party Dixon gets into a fight as does Debbie when she hears how the guy speaks to Dixon. But soon it ends and everything seems ok. When Silver gets home from the party, Kelly tells her that she is going out of town for a while, to see Dylan, Silver says she is willing to stay at her house and look after it for her sister whilst she is gone, and Kelly agrees to let her do so. At the end of the episode, we see Adrianna getting into a car, and buying drugs.
  • Kelly gets a phone call from Dylan which makes her question her relationship with Ryan.

    All in all, I thought that this was an absolutely amazing episode. I loved the whole Naomi story line where she was scheming to try and fix her parents marital problems. I loved the scene where Naomi is having dinner with her father and his mistress. Naomi is such a great character! Although, all of the story lines in this episode were great. I also loved Navid in this episode. I just wish that they had featured him more. It was great seeing Annie and Adrianna interact with each other in this episode. Silver was great in this episode too. The Kelly and Ryan story line was great too. I felt really bad for Ryan since he really likes Kelly. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode from everyone involved, and I'm looking forward to watching more episodes of 90210 in the future.
  • more conversations about Dylan :) and love-triangle's return for few secs :(

    it's hard for me to watch Kelly and Brenda quarelling 'coz of Dylan -- you know, like the return to the past... though more remindings of his name make it better. but I can't get if Brenda still has feelings for Dylan 'coz she "meaningfully" deleted his cellphone number after that talk to Kelly.

    the new ones are pretty cool. still love Silver and Ryan (well, he's kinda an adult, but let's be honest, just kinda :) other characters... what can I say? I can't stand Naomi (probably, just don't like the way AnnaLynne McCord plays her). I don't get why the Wilsons are SOOO nice to everybody, even to the people that annoy them. I try to understand what's wrong with me 'coz I really don't like Ethan... and he's the hottie of the show (well, he's planned to be)... and finally, Adrianna -- guess I just don't care, though I'm impressed by Jessica Lowndes' acting skills.

    hope to see Kelly and Brenda after this episode again 'coz it seems like they are gonna say "good bye" to Beverly Hills. at least for a while.

    FAVE SCENE: Kelly/Brenda quarrel.

    FAVE QUOTE: Silver (answering how the party was): Oh, you know. Dreams built up and shattered. Typical night in Hollywood.
  • Angsty, Divorce, Canoodling.

    This is by far my favorite episode of the year. I loved the teenaged angst. The acting seemed to be much better in this one too. I adored the miscommunication between Ty and Annie. I love the downward spiral storyline for Adrianna. We're going to see so much more trouble for her. The one thing that's getting on my nerves is Naomi's preoccupation with her parents' split. I mean ... it's HOLLYWOOD people, NO ONE stays together. It really shouldn't be a huge shock to Naomi that her parents are divorcing. Although, I really enjoyed the way her father finally put Naomi in her place and drew the line in the sand. Anyway, as far as acting and writing goes, this was a much better story, and I think it was easier for the cast to sink their teeth into their roles. I also liked the way that Debbie's boss stuck up for her, I have a feeling this is going to come back to bite them though. Anyway ... great eppy. They need to keep up the quality like this in the future.
  • Kelly and Brenda get back to normal, and by normal, I mean contentious angry meanies who hate each other.

    Brenda goes back to her old passive aggressive self and railroads Kelly on two fronts - first Dylan and then Ryan! THAT. WAS. AWESOME. I loved this episode mostly because it reminded me of what our old wonderful 90210 used to be. The kids were still the kids and is it just me or do they writers seem to be recycling old 90210 plots for the young kids and using plots and stories recycled from every bad cliched Disney Channel show ever? Not that I don't like Disney Channel, but even Ethan called Naomi's plan "The Parent Trap" during the episode and the whole Adriana storyline is playing like David Silver's meth addiction all lover again.
  • ...

    I kinda like this episode. It was so sweet that Dixon protected Silver in the fashion show and after that his mom and himself. I also liked that in this episode the family value is pretty high, e.g., Debbie's boss could fire her, but he understood that family is above everything. It was nice. And it was the positive fine example. But there was also the negative example, it fact two, the first one is linked up with the model world and model agents, because it was one of a lot of times where we can see that these agents are such jerks and they are able to think only about one thing how to get this or that girl in his bed. The second thing, it was kinda funny, but it's real - some of these models are really dumb, if they couldn't understand simple joke about counting then I can't imagine what kind of joke she/they can. lol. but as I said there are only one part models like that.
    Nearly forget this - all that Naomi-Ethan and also Annie-Ty relationship is some kind of teenage drama. but I guess it's the basis of this TV show
  • The gang goes to a fashion show.

    90210 seems like it is trying too hard to bring in some elements of the original series. It's fine to have the same name, a similar presence and some old characters, but how many people know about the love triangle between Kelly, Brenda and Dylan? The target audience for this show was barely alive back then.

    This was a fine episode, but there were a lot of points where things dragged. None of the actors seemed to be on top of their game and the script seemed very filler-ish. No character had the time to develop here as there were too many things going on at once to keep track of. There was a lack of humor and the fight scene left a lot to be desired.

    A step back for CW's first year series.