Season 1 Episode 6

Model Behavior

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2008 on The CW

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  • Very eventful.

    This episode was slightly better than the last episode. And the last episode was really good. This episode was so great. 90210 is definitely kicking it up a notch with all the drama. Kelly breaks up with Ryan to see if her & Dylan are ever going to work out. He falls in to the arms of Brenda, I don't understand why these two are friends. Their friendship is so dysfunctional. Kelly accused Brenda of being with Dylan like three times. And Brenda sleeps with Kelly's ex? Even though I don't understand their friendship, it definitely was entertaining. Naomi will stop at nothing to bring her parents back together, and her plan crashes to the ground. Ethan & Naomi breakup, for good, according to Naomi. Adrianna & Annie have to "get along" when they go to a fashion show. An agent comes up to Annie to offer her to read for a part. Annie, being a nice person, helps Adrianna out. Adrianna thought she was being nice back when she reveals she didn't sleep with Ty and she set Ty & Annie up. I love Annie's reaction to everything. I like her when she's not being an all smiles nice person. It's good that she is growing some back bone at the 90210. Then there is the fight scene between Dixon & the model agent. The agent kept on offering Silver deals to become a model. She starts to believe him, only to find out she has to sleep with him first. Dixon saves the day. Even Debbie steps, beginning to like Debbie more than I did in the beginning. She needs more scenes! Adrianna continues to do drugs by the end. Ty & Annie agree to stay friends by the end. Amazing episode, so much things happened!