Season 2 Episode 19

Multiple Choices

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2010 on The CW

Episode Recap

Dixon continues to gamble. He plays a secret game of poker to try and hustle some students. Mark shows up to the game with a huge sum of cash. Dixon looses a lot to Mark and gets into debt. He ends up stealing the key to the school from his dad. The security camera catches all of this.

Naomi is faced with trash duty as punishment for falsely accusing Mr. Cannon of sexual harassment. She is still hearing people negatively gossiping about Mr. Cannon. To set the record straight, she stands on a chair during lunch and clarifies things. Naomi's older sister, Jen, comes back to town. Her husband had given her a beach club for forgiving him for cheating on her.

Liam spends time getting to know his real father, while his step-dad is threatening to put a gym in their house where Liam is building his boat. Liam steals some old coins from his step-dad that he gives to his real dad.

A class assignment required everyone to be partnered up. Liam and Annie were paired together; fueling Annie's crush on Liam. Annie's parents are going through a hard time in their marriage, and Annie overhears them arguing. Liam is there with her. Annie is back with her friends at school. She fights her feelings for Liam and convinces him to forgive Naomi.

Teddy and Silver are on the rocks. Silver does not support Teddy in his dreams of becoming a professional tennis player. Later, she decides to support him and goes to one of his matches. Silver is introduced to Teddy's father, Spence. She realizes that Teddy has not told her father about her.
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