Season 3 Episode 19

Nerdy Little Secrets

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2011 on The CW
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Naomi is tired of keeping her relationship with Max a secret and worries that he might be cheating on her, so she follows him to an academic decathlon to confront him. Silver starts to behave erratically, which concerns Navid and secretly pleases Adrianna. Raj helps Ivy move past her fear of getting back in the water, while Annie forms an unlikely friendship when she starts working for a lonely, aging actress named Marla.moreless

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  • Nerdy Little Secrets...

    Finally managing to string two consecutive weeks of airing together, 90210 returned this week with "Nerdy Little Secrets", as we see Naomi get a little crazy over her nerdy secret and Silver just get a little crazy.

    After weeks of sneaking around with Max, Naomi tries to arrange a weekend getaway with him so that they don't have to hide from anyone for a few days. When Max tells her that he is busy all week studying for the school academic decathlon finals that weekend, that is the end of that. However, upon discovering that one of the members of the decathlon team is an attractive girl named Alex, Naomi is less than pleased and decides to investigate. Meanwhile, the effects of Adrianna switching out Silver's Bi-Polar medication take front and center as Silver dyes her hair bright orange and acts just a fraction more bubbly than usual. When Silver gets a call from NYU, her college of choice, she is even more elated than her previously unmedicated self and heads off to prepare. Although I was expecting a train wreck, the interview goes unexpectedly well until Silver decides to ruin her progress by persistently hounding the interviewer's phone with messages about the random thoughts that she is having throughout the evening.

    At the competition, after Max's team makes the final round of the decathlon, he heads off to study with Alex, followed unbeknownst to him, by a suspicious Naomi. Naomi bursts into their hotel room assuming that Max is cheating and scares off Alex so that the team can no longer compete without at least one other female member. Cliche as you like, Naomi joins the team and they are neck and neck as it comes down to the last question. When Naomi is sure that she knows the answer, contrary to his instincts Max sides with her, and as the writers had sadly decided that there had already been enough cheesy moments in the episode, she is wrong. The upside to the loss is that Max and Naomi are now comfortable enough with people knowing that they are together and are officially out as a couple.

    On the watery front of the 90210, Ivy is tricked into getting over her fear of getting back in the water, when her boyfriend Raj pretends to drown. Her new found courage allows her to win a surfing competition and potentially get sponsored, hopefully giving the writing staff the perfect way to get rid of its most useless and annoying character. Elsewhere, Annie gets a job as an assistant to a former Hollywood star and loves every minute of it until she learns that her employer is losing her memory and may be considering suicide. As far as the ridiculousness of 90210 goes, "Nerdy Little Secrets" didn't actually jump out of the box for once. Maintaining a cheesy sense of quasi-reality as it seems to be gearing up to either eject some of its characters from the show (bearing in mind that they're all going to graduate soon) or have them stick around for no earthly reason, the episode served only to set up future story lines. Annie's relationship with the aging star will no doubt become focal, as really all of the unnecessary drama follows her around and Silver is certain to continue to spiral out of control. My only major quarrel with the episode is that no one seemed to notice how unusual Silver's behavior was especially given her very public history with her disorder.moreless
  • I was very disappointed by this episode.

    I was very disappointed by this episode. 90210 is one of my favorite shows to watch on Monday's and this episode was just...ugh.

    Silver(and Adrianna)

    The last episode you find Adrianna messed with Silver's bipolar meds and in this episode, you see the effects of it. Silver(Jessica Stroup, i believe her name is) definitely pulled this storyline off. Like she was really good with her acting.

    What was the point of Adrianna in this episode...The scene in the promo was literally her only scene in this episode. She literally was in one scene and you never saw or heard from her again. I figured she would be around to see the effects of her sabotage but nope. She wasn't.


    Annie has always been a very boring character to me. Seriously, I just can't stand her character. She is boring...She whines....She is just to perky for me. This storyline is probably the most ridiculous storyline I have ever seen it a show. She is helping an old actress who obviously has Dementia or something straigthen her life out and she finds out that the actress is planning suicide.

    I hear that Annie is supposed to inherit the woman's fortune. It's just a stupid storyline.


    Is my favorite character but given her personality...Her relationship with Max does not make much sense. However, she was definitely the comedic part of this episode. She gets jealous, pratically stalks Max and winds up costing them their academic competition. It was a pretty cliche plot but by the end of the episode, she and Max are out with their relationship and I am glad.


    Her storyline is great...With the Accident, With the new boyfriend and drugs. She finally gets over her fear, thanks to Raj who tricks her into thinking he was drowning....And she goes back to surfing.

    Obviously, Raj is hiding more secrets about his illness.

    Currently, Ivy has the best plot for the remainder of the season and it's funny because I never liked Ivy's character until Raj came along.

    It seems like the girls in this show get the lead storylines whie the Guys get the secondary plots.

    There has been no more mention of Dixon and Navid's business, Navid's father, Liam has not had a storyline in ages....He's cute but pointless.

    Teddy is the only guy who has really had an intriguing storyline consistently but even then they still treat his story second class and he wasn't even in this episode...i figured they would at least show him and the Marco guy.

    Very disappointing episode from 90210.moreless
  • 319

    So many flaws with this episode, I really don't know where to begin. From when it started to how it ended, it was just... horrible. When I heard about the revival of Silver's bi-polar disorder, I was very excited. Unfortunately, 90210 fell flat on it's face tonight with this story line.

    The only plus side is that they didn't resolve her disorder in one episode like they did in the first season. The difference from her bi-polar episode now and then is that it's completely ridiculous. I do have to commend Jessica Stroup though, good acting on her part.

    Annie's story line is uninteresting, Liam hasn't had an actual story line in months, the Naomi/Max story line was contrived and predictable. I mean come on, the academic competition? That was something you'd see on Nickelodeon. And what exactly was the point of Adrianna's only scene? Just a horrible, ridiculous installment of 90210.moreless
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