Season 4 Episode 16

No Good Deed

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2012 on The CW

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  • Not too bad, not too good

    Annie's story is depressing. But the introduction of the new character hillingsbrook should make things a bit more interesting. I felt that the part about Naomi was very touching. It will be interesting to see what trouble jen springs up next. I don't want vanessa to be there. Liam and annie 4eva!!!
  • Steps in the right direction

    Not saying this episode was exactly fantastic but it seems as though 90210 is finally finding it's groove this season. All the characters are in different respectable places in their lives and now that everyone is all friends again, its refreshing to see season 1-style dynamics between the cast. At least that's how I see it in my opinion.

    The only interactions I found incredibly awkward was the ones between Navid, Dixon, Adrianna, and Silver. Only because seeing all these characters in one room just reminds me that they've all slept together at one point or another. Wouldn't this be awkward in real life? I'm just not buying that they can 'pick up right where they left off' at a random moment in time. Also just please stop it with this Navid & Silver back-and-forth! 90210 is treating them like they're the Ross & Rachel of this zip code and no one is buying in to it.

    I liked Ivy's story line a lot only because they're focusing more on her art, and seeing her all riled up for once was entertaining. My only worry is that this is just set up for her hooking up with this guy who's teaching her how "art really is." Naomi's story line was laughable but I definitely like that they're sticking with this 'New Naomi' and her speech to the 16 yr old (they're probably on 2 yrs apart) payed off for the quite ridiculous story line.

    I'm happy that Annie is finally realizing what an idiot she's been this season and is trying to make a name for herself in a good way. But knowing 90210, they'll end up screwing up her life one way or another soon enough. The only setback was Vanessa, I'm all for new evil characters at this point but the drowning scene was predictable, and how did Vanessa know Liam would jump in to save her? Was not buying it. Fine episode overall though.