Season 4 Episode 12

O Holly Night

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Patrick offers to take Annie on a trip to Hawaii, for a nice paycheck. Annie doesn't know if she should take him up on his offer. Liam finds out about what Annie's been up to from Bree and runs after her to tell her not to go with Patrick to Hawaii. On his way to find her, he gets hit by a car and the driver calls the cops then runs. Annie finally gets her way with Jeremy and he is giving her her share of the inheritance.

We discover that the professor Silver has a thing with actually has a wife. He tells her that they are going to get a divorce, but things are getting complicated since they have a daughter. During one of Navid's under cover missions, he end up hurt and in the hospital. Silver goes to see him. Just as she's about to go in, he overhears him saying that he still cares for Kat. She leaves right away, and ends up in the arms of her professor. She didn't stay long enough to hear Navis say he cares about Silver more.

Naomi is having issues balancing her internship, and her relationship with Austin and Holly. During Holly's birthday party, she is called out for being the one that stole the internship with Holly's mom. Things with Naomi and Austin have been rocky. Naomi ends up walking in on Austin and Holly making out.

Dixon is really excited to share his music with Adrianna. Adrianna is not happy to find out that Dixon sampled her song. She tells him that it is about a very important time in her life, when she gave her baby up for adoption. Dixon apologizes by playing a song onstage dedicated to Adrianna. She tells him that she is open to making music with him.