Season 1 Episode 18

Off the Rails

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Continuing on from last week, Silver breaks into Ryan's apartment and panics. He calms her down, but when he leaves her to get a bandage for her bloody hand, she runs. Ryan calls Kelly, Dixon tells his parents, Debbie calls Annie, and so on. The jumping between conversations ends, and everyone takes off to search for her.

At home, Dixon receives a puzzling phone call from Silver, who tells him she's going back to "the source" and that she's figured everything out. She's not making much sense and Dixon is growing more and more impatient. As soon as she slips into her clingy mode, he hangs up. His parents return to find Dixon unconcernedly playing video games, and are upset by his cavalier comments. He claims Silver is a manipulative drama queen and he's not putting up with it. Debbie doesn't like this, especially since she thinks Los Angeles has made her son cold and lustful.

Annie and Ethan go to school and bump into Naomi who is also searching for their missing friend. Naomi and Annie break into Silver's locker, and see a picture of Silver and Naomi together as children. The moment is intense, and Naomi fondly remembers the story behind the picture.

Ryan drives Kelly to Mama Taylor's house because Kelly thinks that's what Silver meant by "the source." Unfortunately, she finds only her crazy mom Jackie and her weird boyfriend, Dirk. Jackie quietly tells Kelly to pretend that she is her niece because she doesn't want Dirk to know she's a grandmother. After Kelly tells her the reason for the visit, Jackie mocks Kelly for being so self righteous about her parenting skills and then turning out to be a terrible parent herself. An annoyed Kelly outs her mother's grandmotherly status to Dirk and then walks out, leaving behind a very embarrassed Jackie. After leaving the house, Kelly receives word from the police that Silver's car was found abandoned in a parking lot downtown. Ryan tries to comfort her as she begins to blame herself. However, she refuses to accept his compassion because he's been a jerk ever since he slept with Brenda.

Meanwhile, Adrianna and Navid are watching Kelly's 3-year-old son, Sammy. Pregnant Ade freaks out over having a child and tells Navid of her plan to give her baby away for adoption. Sammy seems to respond well to Navid (who after all has several younger siblings) but not to only child Adrianna, whose fear and tension he can obviously sense. Ade calms downs when she reads to Sammy to stop his crying. Sammy falls asleep in her lap, comforted, and Navid and she share a warm moment with the boy.

Silver is at the train station waiting to hop on the next Kansas bound train. An odd man questions her about her trip. Silver begins to babble about chemical reactions and other nonsense. She purchases her ticket and the man follows in pursuit, obviously aware that she is an easy mark. Silver falls into a slumber, and the man quietly lifts her wallet as she sleeps. However, he is not stealing from her but merely wanting to extract information from her ID so he can contact her family about her whereabouts.

Back at the school, Annie thinks her relationship with Ethan still needs work. He asks her why, and she says that she chose dating Ethan over being friends with Naomi because she thought he was the one... her one. And that was worth sacrificing anything. That has to be worth something. Otherwise, she made the wrong decision. Unbeknownst to her, Naomi is quietly listening to the entire exchange.
At the station, Silver awakens to find the odd man watching her sleep. He calls her Erin, which freaks her out. How does he know her name? She never told him.... she looks at the clock and realizes her train is leaving. She runs after it as Harry, Debbie and Dixon arrive. Harry tries to talk her off the tracks, but something she says makes Dixon happy. She runs across the tracks and hides, but Dixon tries to reach out to her. He tells her he's figured it out, and that his mom went through the same extreme changes in personality. He understands what's wrong now - she's manic depressive, also known as bi-polar. He promises to help her through it. They leave the train station, presumably for the hospital so that Silver can get the treatment she needs. In the end, all order is restored to the status quo in the 90210. Oh, and while Debbie is not a fan of California, she's okay with living there just as long as they continue to have gluten-free bread.