Season 1 Episode 18

Off the Rails

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on The CW

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  • crazy silver part 2

    Silver was my favourite character in season 1 because she was so unique and I love she slowly became very crazy. This episode was so amazing with everyone looking for Silver and Silver just blabbering on about something that means something to her, but means absolutely nothing to the viewers. I love ending with finding out that she's bi-polar and Dixon's reveals that his biological mother is bipolar. . . . .. . . .. . . . .. . . .. . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . .. . . . .. .
  • We learn a secret from Dixons past and how is connects with Silver's condition.

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. We open this episode with Silver and Ryan in his apartment and Silver is still very upset. He tries to get her to calm down, but she manages to, but when he leaves the room for a minute, she bolts out through the broken window. Soon word gets round about Silver and her movie with Dixon, and soon everyone thinks that she maybe on drugs. Soon everyone realises that no one knows where Silver is and so everyone starts looking for her. Dixon also has to admit to his parents what was in the film, and the fact that everyone in the theatre saw him and Dixon having sex on the big screen. While everyone goes out looking for her, Adrianna and Navid stays at Kelly's to look after Sammy. Soon Dixons mother is upset at the fact that she didn't know that he was having sex, nor did his father know. Adrianna tells Navid that she is thinking about giving the baby up for adoption, after it is born. Silver rings Dixon and as she starts rambling on about going back to the source, Dixon puts the phone down on her. The police phone Kelly after they find Silvers car abandoned and she is nowhere to been seen. We then see Silver in a train station getting a ticket to Kansas. Deb tells Harry that they made a huge mistake in moving to Beverley Hills. Then Silver rings Harry only it isn't Silver, is it a guy who she has met in the station, and is running Harry to go there and pick her up due to hr condition. Soon sleeping Silver wakes up and realises that her train is due and runs to catch it. She misses it and ends up on the tracks. Dixon, and his parents turn up there and then a train comes and Silver runs into it, and it only misses her by inches. Dixon goes to try and talk to Silver, and he confesses that his birth mother use to have the same ups and downs, which we see Deb and harry didn't know about. Soon Silver and Kelly are reunited and Silver is worried that she will be sent back to live with her mother. Soon Dixon realises that Silver has Bi-polar, the same thing that his birth mother had. The next morning Harry tells Deb that if she really wants to, they can move back to Kansas. Deb says that she thinks that they should stay in Beverley Hills. Dixon and Annie talk about his birth mother and Silver and the condition which they both have. We then see Dixon, Annie, Deb and Harry all sitting down to breakfast together.
  • Awesome.

    Ryan attempts to calm Silver down after reactions to her video, but she disappears before he can help. Dixon reveals the situation to Debbie and Harry, who are shocked at the details and confront him about not seeking their help sooner about Silver's behavior. Kelly and Ryan search the streets and show up at Jackie's (guest star Ann Gillespie) home looking for Silver, but the visit proves pointless when harsh words are exchanged. Adrianna is unsure how to care for a child but when she and Navid offer to babysit for Kelly, the two prove to be better at the situation than they thought. Kelly and her friends fear the worst as they continue to search for Silver, not knowing where she is or what is causing her emotional behavior. Special Guest star: Gideon Emery as Kevin Gomes. Another awesome episode, I didnt really like the way Silver went but its was a really good episode. I really liked the way Annie and Niaomi are friends again.
  • Jessica Stroup gives a STELLAR performance, and 90210 provides a very accurate look into the hardships and pain that people with and people around people with Bipolar disorder have to go through.

    Can I just begin by stating how amazed and surprised I was with Jessica Stroup's performance. She took it to a whole new level that made me love the show. I usually don't go for shows that center around rich people and their rich people problems, but when I saw Silver, I got intrigued. She is the whole reason that I had to know what was going on and see more. I'm not going to give a recap, as there are already so many, but I will say that 90210 did something amazing with this storyline. Not a lot people really understand Bipolar disorder. Many people think that you just switch back and forth in an instant over the course of a day. But it is so much more complex than that. They started her ascent/descent in Love Me or Leave Me when she destroyed the sand castle. She just kept getting happier and happier with each episode, and that's how it happens. You feel like you're on top of the world, not for a day, but for weeks, and sometimes months. Then with no warning, you just crash down to earth and feel hopeless and everything that was so perfect isn't anymore. They portrayed it not only accurately, but in a way that I think will help kids and adults everywhere really understand that it is a serious disorder, and not everyone that has a bad day has it. It can tear lives apart, and I love that they gave it to Silver. She's not some poor girl in a downtrodden city. She's got money and friends. It helps people get that Bipolar disorder doesn't care who you are or what you have. I am very proud to say that I like 90210, and I cannot wait to see what they'll do now.
  • Oh who called it??? lol

    If you guys read my last post on the last episode, i totally called silver having bipolar disorder :P i don't know it probably was obvious. This episode was good, i like that Naomi and Annie could rekindle their relationship as friends and the scene in the woods? awesome! i really don't know what else to say! Ethan i believe doesn't look like the guy who has a bad side, I really dislike ethan now a days. he's just really annoying! But teh only thing that makes me watch this show week after week is Naomi and Liam's relationship :)
  • Silver loses her mind, Dixon turns out to be a jerkwad and Annie and Ethan break up

    The Silver storyline is intriguing. I am tired of the pretty rich girl who is perfect in every way. I think that I like Silver more, because of this. She is being portrayed as a human being with flaws.
    I am not at all a fan of the Dixon/Silver pairing. And this episode just proved why. Dixon thought that she was just a drama queen and then he realized, hey, there's a problem. She said that she was going to "the source", no matter how dramatic someone was being, I would want to stick around and find out what they meant by that. He just hangs up the phone and plays video games. I am glad that his mom yelled at him, he deserved it. If anyone should show compassion, its him.
    They should find someone better for Silver.
    I am glad that Kelly is still going to take care of her, Jackie is nuts and as we've learned, she will never be a decent mother.

    The Annie/Ethan pairing was so forced that I am not at all sad that they broke up. Most of the time Shenae Grimes just scrunches her face and whines about her and Ethan and her pathetic problems. Hello?! You're 16, the worst problems you get is puberty. I actually thought that she was cute with Ty, but I suppose that ship has sailed.
    I am happy that her and Naomi weren't fighting anymore. I thought that they were cute as friends. The back and forth fighting over petty issues was getting old. I guess you can compare them to Kelly and Brenda in this sense. I just hope that Annie doesn't decide that she likes Liam too.

    Navid and Adrianna didn't really have much in the way of storyline this episode. Its almost as if the writers just plopped them in for some extra fluff. Adrianna is sure getting huge, she should have twins and adopt them out to Brenda! They are a cute couple, its nice that they worked out their problems and got back together. I wasn't really sure about Adrianna when I first started watching the show, but she is the one character I like to watch the most. They definitely give her great material.

    My one wish for this show, is for them to bring back the guys. That would be a nice treat.
  • Good Episode!!Best so far, except for some conclusions.

    I really like this series from the beginning and it actually gets better and better every time. I don't understand why it was getting bad critics and ratings, well maybe some people want it to go bad. Anyway I liked this episode and I thought it was the best so far BUT I hate how the storyline and relationships change so fast f.e how Anny became so fast friends again with Naomi. She just said I was a jerk in the cafeteria and then they became friends again, stuff like that don't happen in real life. Other than that this series has pretty good performances like Silvers, Harry's and Adrianas. Ethan is really bad though. Hope they cut him off:)
  • One of the best so far

    One of the best 90210 episodes so far. It wasn't just a crazy girl going crazy and everyone turning their lives around to save a drama queen. Having her diagnosed with bipolar disorder was absoloutly great. It made it much more real, easier to relate to.

    Anne's attitude really bugged me this episode. I know she's just been broken up with, but she could've put her problem aside for just a moment. She obviously didn't really want to look for Silver, she didn't really seem to care. Sorry, Anne, but it's not always about you!

    Poor, poor Dixon, though. How hard it must be for him to have to deal with this all over again.

    As for Ade and Navid, I really hope they decide to keep the baby. I think they could do a good job.

    Over all, loved it!
  • Annie is annoying.

    Man, is Annie annoying or what? This had the makings of a good episode but her presence just left a sour taste in my mouth. Girl needs to stop whining so much, take responsibility for her actions and move on.

    The rest of the episode was pretty good though and for a second I actually got caught up in the events and thought there was a chance Silver may have gotten hit with the train. Yeah, I am not too bright.

    But it was not a bad episode at all. I just wish that they extended this storyline for more than one episode as it could have developed slowly and more effectively.
  • Silver Dissappears!!!

    It strats after the movie showing with Silver in Ryan's house. Ryan seems to have calmed her down but when he goes to get Silver a band aid for her hands she runs away. The Wilsons, Ethan, Navid, Adrianna, Kelly and Ryan all gather at Kelly's house and they split up to search for Silver. Annie and Ethan go to the school where they see Naomi. Annie is reluctant to tell Naomi that her and Ethan have split up and pretends that they are still together. However, when Naomi overhears Annie and Ethan's conversation the truth comes out. Dixon stays at home and whe Silver calls him, telling him how much he means to her, he ignores her and starts playing his games console. When Mr and Mrs Willson return home they are not happy that Dixon didn't tell them about the phone call. Ryan and Kelly arrive at Kelly and Silver's mothers house where Kelly gets an earful from her mother. They leave and Ryan trys to comfort Kelly but she tells him to stay away from her. Adrianna and Navid are babysitting Sammy. Adrianna kets Navid know that she will probably give her baby up for adoption. However, as the night progresses she becomes very good at looking after Sammy. The Wilsons find Silver at the train station as she was heading for Kansas to see when Dixon came from. Dixon relieses that she has bi-polar disordor as his birth mother suffered from it too.
  • Silver goes missing.

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. This was definitely the best episode of 90210 that they've had so far. All of the storylines were great, especially Silver's and the Adrianna and Navid storyline. I absolutely love the Adrianna and Navid pairing. I loved their scenes together in this episode. I also really enjoyed all of Ryan and Kelly's scenes. This episode had the perfect blend of drama and comedy. This episode was really exciting. I think that Jason Priestley did an absolutely amazing job of directing this episode. Jessica Stroup gave an amazing performance as Silver in this episode. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of 90210 from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of 90210.
  • Bi-Polar Disorder.

    Well look it here, guess what. Silver has Bi-Polar Disorder. Yeah what a shocker right. I knew that since the last episode. I like the guy that helped her though. What I am wondering is if Silver & Dixon stay together. Adrianna likes playing mom, could foreshadow her keeping the baby? Annie was annoying in this episode because it seemed like she didn't even care for Silver and just cared about her problems, like the world revolved around her. Looks like Naomi made two new friends, Annie & Silver. That's nice to know that she is not that evil. I like how Kelly cared for her sister, and becomes friends again with Mr. Matthews.
  • WTF!!! is going on in the 90210.......

    OMFG!!!! What in the world is going on with silver...? I mean come on now he freaked out over a movie its not the end of the world... and the way Dixon to act like silver is a crazy B-Word is exotic... he should have been more supportive... and when silver ran cross those the train tracks I thought she was going to get hit at that part my heart was racing... I think that when silver gets help she'll be a lot better....Bipolar disease can be really scary....I thought that that guy was stealing from her he turned out to be a good guy and called for help.... and you know what Adrianna's mom can be a real B-Word... she has never really treated Kelly nor silver right.... she is really a bad parent.... I'm so glad that Kelly is nothing like her... and I really didn't want for Annie and Ethan to break up but it's... I mean I thought that they were a cute couple but if they wanted to break up than nobody can stop them.... and Naomi is so crazy... I think it's great that Annie and Naomi were going to be friends again..... And Adrianna gets the experience to baby sit before she has her baby its really good experience... I don't think she should give the baby up for adoption but it's her decision....but I really think this was a good and important episode.....