Season 1 Episode 18

Off the Rails

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on The CW

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  • We learn a secret from Dixons past and how is connects with Silver's condition.

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. We open this episode with Silver and Ryan in his apartment and Silver is still very upset. He tries to get her to calm down, but she manages to, but when he leaves the room for a minute, she bolts out through the broken window. Soon word gets round about Silver and her movie with Dixon, and soon everyone thinks that she maybe on drugs. Soon everyone realises that no one knows where Silver is and so everyone starts looking for her. Dixon also has to admit to his parents what was in the film, and the fact that everyone in the theatre saw him and Dixon having sex on the big screen. While everyone goes out looking for her, Adrianna and Navid stays at Kelly's to look after Sammy. Soon Dixons mother is upset at the fact that she didn't know that he was having sex, nor did his father know. Adrianna tells Navid that she is thinking about giving the baby up for adoption, after it is born. Silver rings Dixon and as she starts rambling on about going back to the source, Dixon puts the phone down on her. The police phone Kelly after they find Silvers car abandoned and she is nowhere to been seen. We then see Silver in a train station getting a ticket to Kansas. Deb tells Harry that they made a huge mistake in moving to Beverley Hills. Then Silver rings Harry only it isn't Silver, is it a guy who she has met in the station, and is running Harry to go there and pick her up due to hr condition. Soon sleeping Silver wakes up and realises that her train is due and runs to catch it. She misses it and ends up on the tracks. Dixon, and his parents turn up there and then a train comes and Silver runs into it, and it only misses her by inches. Dixon goes to try and talk to Silver, and he confesses that his birth mother use to have the same ups and downs, which we see Deb and harry didn't know about. Soon Silver and Kelly are reunited and Silver is worried that she will be sent back to live with her mother. Soon Dixon realises that Silver has Bi-polar, the same thing that his birth mother had. The next morning Harry tells Deb that if she really wants to, they can move back to Kansas. Deb says that she thinks that they should stay in Beverley Hills. Dixon and Annie talk about his birth mother and Silver and the condition which they both have. We then see Dixon, Annie, Deb and Harry all sitting down to breakfast together.