Season 4 Episode 11

Project Runaway

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2011 on The CW

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    90210 improved a bit more this week with Teddy's departure. Honestly, really never cared for Teddy and I'm pretty much indifferent that this character's gone. Jessica Stroup delivered a solid performance tonight; I mean it's not her fault that her character has gone from likable to completely insufferable. Stroup is still a fine actress, and we saw some of that shine today.

    We got a few ridiculous notions here. Silver going all the way to Navid's house (or her house) just close a window? I could not believe how contrived that was, and the Kat character just makes the entire story line even worse. She does not play a convincing cop, and she just annoys me beyond belief, especially when she's shoved with Navid.

    Annie continues to make her life more miserable by continuing to make mistakes and not learning from them. I cannot believe that after everything, she still tries to lie to the jeweler. I actually hope she doesn't get the money. She's just been really portraying 'that girl who makes horrible decisions' as of late and looks like things will stay the same as the season continues.

    Ivy's tough-love speech really showed how much potential the character Ivy has and how much it's been wasted this season, hopefully they make her useful for the remainder of the season. Naomi-fashion designer/later planner? Yawn. I'm just happy that Austin didn't show up, definitely think that helped the episode.

    The Dixon & Adrianna relationship kind of sickens me but Dixon's scenes were good tonight. The character's interactions were generally better here and that's why 90210 was measurably better than last week's. Hopefully they continue with this format, and use less of Annalyne Mccord because seriously, she's the worst.

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