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  • Best show!!

    This is the BEST series! Except that character Annie. She is such a Mom role its ANNOYING take her off already!!! She ruins everything for the characters, she plays the Mom in the show & its annoying!! Send her back to Kansas!
  • Literally crying

    This is one of the best series that I have ever watched. It had a rocky start but I just finished the entire series and I wish that there was more! I actually cried when I finished the show because I am going to miss it so much!!
  • 90210

    90210 is full of dramma and is a great show to whatch love it so much
  • Shallow? Yes. Great anyway? Hell ya!

    I was a fan of the original show and I was thrilled that it was being remade for a younger, newer generation. What I expected was a show that I might occasionally watch if I had time. Fortunately, the remake was better than I expected. Although I would've loved for some of the original cast to drop in for a cameo a few times each season.

    I love 90210 because it is so unrealistic. Let's face it, no one expects to watch it for the dramatic, realistic plot lines and characters - the appeal lies in the outrageously over fantastic lives of these kids who lead adult-like lives yet mostly approach situations in very childish ways. 90210 is stupidly brilliant in a way that pulls the watcher in, whether they want to watch or not. Proof of this lies in the fact that my race car driving, fashion hating, sarcastic boyfriend watched it with me once and then insisted that I DVR the series. Haha!

    The cancellation sucks but at least they gave us a two hour series finale, which is more than I can say for most canceled TV series.
  • Liam shoes

    Is it me or Liam was wearing different shoes on the last scene .As we see he had black shoes while riding the motorcycle but they magically changed to brown while proposing to Annie .I think it is a fatal error ,at least it ruined the best scene for me .Otherwise this show is awesome !!!
  • What can u say? Nothing beats the original

    Biggest downfall of this show is not featuring more of the original cast. Now, after watching the success of the rebooted Dallas.... CW may have regretted focusing the show on the new cast.

    90210 IS REALLY it has changed alot since first season but thats how they are showcasing that life doesnt remain the should bring back annei's grandmother n her parents and naomi's sister CANCEL THE IS REALLY REFRESHING TO SEE CALIFORNIA LYF AMONG all that murder ,sociopath on CW listen to the CANCEL THE SHOW
  • plz save 90210 spread the word nd ask u friends to rate 2

    i love 90210 even though we cant stop dease sychos frm canceling hope we cvn make a diffrents
  • 90210 - Good things come to an end!!

    Even if I like 90210 I have to say: I don't know why they had to do a remake of the original series. Why mess with that!?!? The original 'Beverly Hills 90210' is so much better than '90210'. It's such a cliche and a rip off!!!!! The same with all the other remakes such as Melrose Place, Hawaii Five-O etc. Don't get me wrong, I like those shows, even if I never watched the old Hawaii Five-O. But why make a remake, make a similiar show. Still, 90210 is a good show. And it is very entertaining to watch!! But you know what they say: good things come to an end!! Even for 90210!

    I can't believe they are cancelling this show! I know it was more intriguing in the beginning, but it's still one of the best shows out there in terms of drama, etc. Now there will really be nothing entertaining to watch. Al l the longer series are so dumb -- vampires, murder, etc.
  • 9O21O Good!

    This show are very good. 9O21O is so correctly drama but Glee Goss girl are very stupid shows. 9O21O is perfect The luxury life in Beverly Hill are so cool like that show. Perfect!
  • 9021OH MY GOD !

    Ok. First of all, I'm watching 90210 since season 1 and I think that the show has became less interesting in season 4 with too many characters we don't care like Austin, but with season 5, it's becoming fresh again. They should focus less on Naomi and focus more on others, like Silver or Annie. And they should bring back old BH 90210 characters like Kelly. After all, it's Silver's sister and we don't hear of her. I was a fan of the love triangles in old BH 90210, like Kelly/Dylan/Brenda or Kelly/Brandon/Dylan. I think that they're missing it in 90210. The couples aren't the same since season 1 and everyone sleeps with everyone. I mean, Silver with Dixon, Teddy, Navid, Liam. There's no solid couples like it was in old BH. Even in The OC, it was Ryan/Marissa and Seth/Summer all the time.

    I don't think the show will last ten seasons like it was for Beverly Hills 90210, but I hope one more season. And please, stop to put characters in exagerate situations. Yeah, it's Beverly Hills and everything seems bigger, but remember the 90's prequel, it wasn't like that !

  • This show should be called the Naomi Clark Show

    Ever since they took Annie and Dixon and put them into the background, the show basically revolves around Naomi Clark. If the producers had put in a little more effort into writing an intricate plot, I think the show could become more watchable.
  • ooops

    I contradicted myself....I adore Naomi, Adriana, Navid and Dixon. They make the show.
  • 90210

    90210 is a pretty good show i watched it several times and i loved it it gots drama with all of them and a little comedy in it so if some one didnt watch this show i think they should
  • I really liked the scene in 90210 where silver asks teddy to have her baby

    Teddy is gay, yet silver and teddy seemed to have such a strong connection that they seemed so right for each other anyways. I had my thoughts before that it be great if teddy and silver were to get back together despite teddy being gay and then that 90210 scene came in with silver asking teddy to have her baby. It was so great. Can't wait to see season 5 now.
  • So awesome!

    This show is so amazing. I have watched every single season and episode and I thought that this season was one of the best. I really loved Ivy and Raj's relationship and storylines and I thought that they should have had more air time. Ivy is a fab character and she should be shown more on the show. However, i really love 90210 and I will continue to watch it forever :D
  • tis pity

    actually really liked this episode!

    and they finally confirmed that there will be a season 5 :)
  • Nostalgic

    I don't think it deserves the same name of the old show... that was "interactive"... this is very lame and boring.
  • Good USPS:TV

    I'm glad that the second half is compatable with Jennifer Garth and Tori Spelling's series.Anna Lynn and the crew are very colorful and sell well.Can you guess who the star in my photo is from the movies...Charley.
  • Redo or make a full turn around comeback for episode 12.


    Horrifying episode. Liam and naomis boyfriend are why most of us continue watching this show. We were drawn in because for once you gave us the cute bad boy able to commit to naomi and we all fell in love with him and when liam is about to actually start making a life and all with annie you kill him or put him in an accident. Its issues like these that kill off many shows that could last for a long time. Let the viewers see what you know will make everyone happy. Not just what your boardroom may think be fun and exciting. If you dont fix this by episode 13 many of us will stop supporting your show.

  • For a show that uses the title/background of an original great 90's landmark show Beverly Hills 90210 this show has ridicuously gone downhill


    Season one was honestly a good season. We got to see kelly and brenda reunite and were introduced to some promising new characters/story lines. Silver and Ethan were a promising couple but when season 2 started he disappeared. Adrianna was just a psycho since season one and Annie was so annoying in season 2 with the whole I killed someone saga. Naomi provided some laughs but now even her humor isn't cutting it. This show did not let audiences fall in love with the characters. It needs to ends by this May. There is no character development, ratings are low, and NO future for 90210.

  • the show centers on dixon(tristan wilds)and annie(shenae grimes)wilson.who dad gets a new job and they move from kansas to beverly hills.


    the show is suppose to be a remake of beverly hills,90210 about a small town family who moves to the rich beverly hills and is shock at how different back home is to their new home.

    what makes this different from the original beverly hills is that the brother dixon is adoptive and his black.

    as a black guy i like this ideal b/c it shows race doesnt play a part to be a mother or a sibling.a mother is someone who provides ,loves u no matter what and takes care of u.i mean theyre real mothers who dont take care of their own children or dont even like them kindlike dixon real mother who kind of just didnt want him.and annie loves dixon like he was her biological brother.dixon and annie make up and have real fights like a normal brother and sister would have.

    tristan and shenae have great chemistry as brother and sister.just like in beverly hills 90210 shannen and jason had as brother in sister.

    anyway the show focus on dixon and annie and how they deal with the move from kansas to beverly hills.

    the acting is really good.

    the eps are pretty decent,the storylines and plots still tackles those subjects that teens go through but now of days the subjects are more out there then the 1990s.the issues in 2000s are more darker the show tackles drugs,rape,pregancy,gay rights etc.

    what i hate is how sometimes the writers will just drop a story line or wrap it up pretty fast which can be very annoying.

    also i hate how the show is starting to seem like the noami clarke show b/c instead of it focusing on dixon and annie life in beverly hills and their friends... its focusing more on love traingles and noami who i found very annoying.(on beverly hills 90210 brandon and brenda never had less screen time but for some reason dixon and annie seems like their not even the main characters when they are.)

    so with the show having good acting and great dramatic writing.i dont like how dixon and annie are getting back doored,and how they easliy wrap up or drop a storylines and this show just doesnt compare to the old one.

    with all that been said i do enjoy the show and its probbley the only drama on tv i watch thats not scifi or action which is saying alot about how much i do like the show.i just like the old one better.

    i like the acting,and the sometimes the good writing.

    i just wish the show would focus on some more real issues instead of this love triangles and put the spot light back on the main characters annie and dixon and get it off nomai clarke.

  • this is like the best show ever i will watch forever so dont cancel it pay them more if you have to h3ll i'll pay them lol just keep this 1 around for us

    omg i love this show i cant wait till the new episode i love the cast especially Teddy, you guys rock its like so my life here in ocala Florida but yeah ive been watching since the show premiered and i love oh and p.s. its so hot how Teddy is gay now in the show great looking out writer i speak for myself as well as the gay community that was like an honor and Naomi i love your style and swagger i wish i could meet all of you. the show is great and so insperational it help me finally get over my rape after all these years so thamk you
  • I love this show!

    I truly love 90210. I have a fixation with teen shows and this is one of the best. I love Liam(he is too cute) and Naomi reminds me of myself.

    It's a show about a group of teens dealing with issues in their love lives and friendships and family while trying to grow up.

    People complain about the acting and quality of writing but personally i think its great :)

    Keep it up and i am sad it's going off for the summer. I do not know what I will be watching in the summer(what do i watch in the summer) but i definitely will miss it!!!
  • I am not one to over judge a show. This show is decent, its fun, its light, and it keeps me interested. I'll stay a fan of the zip and live by the code.

    I am not one to over judge a show. This show is decent, its fun, its light, and it keeps me interested. I'll stay a fan of the zip and live by the code. The characters are quite fun. As season one progressed characters like Ade and Silver grew deeper and more complex. The storylines became more interesting and not too cliche. Unfortunately I am currently staying overseas so I can't really watch season 2 but season 1 did leave me wanting to see more of the characters' evolution process. I hope to see the characters continue to grow. as well as new interesting characters. I was a fan of the original and am a fan of this remake. I do believe every generation deserves to get a 90210 adventure.
  • Annie is starting to grow on me!

    Ok Annie is starting to grow on me! Her character is growing. I wouldn't call her mean, I would call her aggressive. She is not letting people walk all over her. (FOr example, the recent ep when Naomi sent out the sextext.) Her character is hostile now and is tired of being mistreated. She still has a lot to learn, but standing up for oneself is the first thing to learn in High School. It builds self confidence and pride. It must have been difficult for her to do that when you feel totally ashamed. I hope she keeps it up and doesn't let anyone walk all over her. I hope she can forgive herself for what she did when she ran over that man. I hope she is able to turn herself in to the authorities. And I really hope she learns to not solve her problems by drinking. Now I am sounding like a parent. Anyway, keep up the good work. Don't let me down!
  • 90210 is a fantastic show showing what it is like to live in the the rich side of life the good times and the bad.

    90210 is a fantastic show showing what it is like to live in the the rich side of life the good times and the bad. There is Annie, Dixon, Silver, Ethan, Adrianna, Naomi, Brenda, and lots more. Watch 90210 to see the good times like the birth of Adrianna's daughter or the bad times when Liam slept with his girlfriends Naomi's sister on purpose. Some have good parents some don't have any others have to worst parents ever. 90210 is set in the USA Beverly hills. They go to the prom they all come in limos and on the way home they cant tell which ones theirs. Em@il me at georgia.random@hotmail.co.uk for more information on my reviews. x x x
  • Wow. Really?

    This show can be summed up into one word. Terrible. It's like a really bad rip-off of Gossip Girl. I know the original 90210 came before Gossip Girl, but this new version seems like it almost wants to live up to GG's potential. As for the season 2 premiere last night, summer school? Seriously? The only reason you go to summer school in a public school is because you failed one or more classes. So does that mean that the show is trying to tell us that the characters are failures? The only remotely interesting characters on this show are Naomi and Liam, who *surprise surprise* are an Beverly Hills rip-off of Chuck and Blair. I want to see this show get better, but from what I've seen, I'm just in for more dissapointment.
  • Honestly I'm not sure what's most surprising. How boring this show is or how on earth they got renewed for a 2nd season.

    Weak casting and bad acting in general compared to any other cast I can think of.

    Very predictable plot. Any original thoughts could be predicted way ahead, but mostly they just do rip-offs from other shows. Whoever gets writercredits should pay for it, rather than getting paid.

    Character development? Pretty much non excisting.

    Blasts from the Beverly Hills 90210 past. Kelly, Brenda and Donna are even less interesting than the new faces.

    Having Aimee Teegarden stopping by for a couple of episodes is probably the highlight of the show for me, and that's just sad.

    Cut the show, and give the spot to something interesting.
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