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  • 90210: Season 2, 2.0. New characters, same zip, new/same drama.

    90210 has always tried to be what it thinks it should be: hip, fresh, racy, with some edge and great fashion. Well, the first season didn't have any of that. Season 2.0 though looks interesting and promising. The problem I had with the show last season was that it tried to be Gossip Girl-- queen bees, social monarchies, blah blah blah. But Gossip Girl is New York, and 90210, well it's definitely L.A. This year, our least favorite characters are becoming our new favorites. Take Annie for example. Once loathed by fans and even, as the writing would prove, the writers, this year with her crazy "I-killed-a-homeless-man-and-am-falling-for-the-dead-guy's-creepy-nephew" storyline, she isn't nearly as whiny or immature. Props to Shenae Grimes for being a lot better. I guess she just didn't know how to be bichy and whiny without having issues like date rape or internet scandals (I am talking to you Darcy from Degrassi!). Annie vs. Naomi is 90210 2.0. This is what they should have done last year. Take two **** and put them at odds with one another. The show now has some better trashtastic quality that it lacked last year. It has focused less on the adults (hallelujah) and more on the whiny L.A. kids we love to hate. This year even has better counterparts than last year that can be compared to the original (see Navid and Adrianaa as Donna and David). Not everything's great (they cast a guy over 30 to portray a 17 year old), but at least its improvement. And now 90210 is becoming what it should be: hip, fresh, racy, with some edge and great fashion.
  • The Wilsons have a new zip code:90210.Annie must strt ovr & wrk hr way up the popularity chain.Dixon might jst hve 2 xplain the adoption story.Quickly be'n consumed in the drama of W.Bev High.A love triangle involv'n Annie,an old friend,a possible friend.

    Hello, If you've watched anything on the CW you've probably seen the constant bombardment and endorsement for this show.If you're outside waiting @ the bus stop or in your car looking @ ppl waiting for the bus,you'll see the poster alongside the bus schedule.If you're on foot you'll eventually see it on the side of a bus.It's that same poster,their in a pool shaped like the 5 digits that make 90210.Shenae Grimes happends to be in the last digit zero,looking amazing as **** all this hype let's see if they live up to it.So I tuned in,to my amazement it lived very much to the hype and endorsement.Maybe the shear beauty of Ms.Grimes kept me going,but eventually I was hooked.The Premier was entertaining.Every character had her/his own little side story.Every character had their woes.The music was fitting for the drama.So glad to have tuned in.Hope more ppl recognize it,& keep it going.90210.Paul standing bye!!!
  • Overall, a great show that everyone should watch.

    I absolutely love this show! It shows how difficult it can be moving from a small town to a big city. Also it shows the issues of fitting in when you're new and the problems that can occur between friends and boyfriends and girlfriends. Many other lessons are also taught in this show like having to deal with the consequences of your actions. This lesson is shown when Adriana finds out she is pregnant and has to deal with the consequences of not being careful. This is a great show to introduce many touchy topics with teenagers. If you haven't watched this show yet, turn on your tv and watch it now!
  • It just keeps getting worse

    I had high hopes for this show when it premiered. Earlier reviews have it spot on that there are two major problems with the show: 1) characters and subplots that flitter in and out of the storyline, and 2) HORRIBLE acting. The Ty character was a not-quite major character at first and then he disappeared until the last few episodes. And the pregnant girl looked like she was carrying a litter by the look of her bad prosthetic belly while in her prom dress. Do you ever notice that Naomi takes a huge lungful of air before blurting out very line? The other younger characters are way over-acted, very hammed up.
  • Why couldn't they have just let this show be... 90210...

    I don't like that they have brought back Donna and Kelly, they are great characters, so it's not that. But in the original 90210 Donna had her dream wedding with David and they lived happily ever after... And now they crush this in the new series. If they couldn't bring back Brian Austin Green to the cast they should have just written him out another way, not that they are getting a divorce. Donna Martin and David Silver was one of the great couples of that (tv)time... And Kelly and Dylan as well:)
    The show by itself is good, but I think it is a little hold back by the original 90210. They should go their own way a little bit more...
  • A family of four moves from Kansas to Beverly Hills and has to adjust to the new life.

    As a kid, I used to be a big fan of the original show. So when I heard, they were doing a new version I started to watch and was pretty pleased by the way it turned out. But now I'm not so sure anymore. In the beginning, I thought it could be an interesting show with lots of storys to tell. By now, it feels like they are telling storys worth of several seasons but often leave them hanging.
    A few things, that bug me:

    - Harrys son: For a few shows, this was one of the main storylines. Harry found out about him, had to look for, thought, he found, he turned out to be a fraud. And then? The storyline was dropped. Why did Harry stop looking? Now, it's not even mentioned anymore.

    - Brenda: Also part of the main storyline, then disappeared, because she couldn't get pregnand. The talk between her and Kelly didn't seem to be so drastic, they would never see each other again. But still, that was it for Brenda

    - the relationships: well, it seems, like the producers are so afrait, the show could last only one seaseon that they are trying to cover as many new relationships and breakups as possible. I mean, how many couples/love interests for one person did we have by now? It feels like this season has had more breakups then other shows during several seasons. Slow down, it seems very rushed.

    - the undercover cop: OK, everybody can think what the want about the story sending an undercover cop into a Highschool. But what happend to her and Ryan. The last thing we saw was them kissing. And then she disappeared. No closure there as well.

    Then all the new people that keep coming and going, I can't even remember their names: The Crash-girl with Ethan, the two guys with Naomi (Liam and...), Ty, the girl that introduces Dixon to gospel (another storyline that was brought in without any reason)...one minute they're, next they're gone.

    All in all, the season seems very chaotic and without structure. It seems too rushed. Little advice to the producers: Slow down, otherwise you won't have any storys left to tell.
  • The CW's version of Degrassi.

    The new 90210 is a good show. I decided to check out the show when I heard that Shenae Grimes from Degrassi would be starring in it of course Lori Loughlin is in it too. 90210 has some hard hitting stories. I love all the drama. Will Annie and Naomi ever remain friends for longer then an episode? It seems like as soon as they get along something happens to make Naomi mad at Annie. I feel kind of bad for Naomi because of her sister Jen who takes money from her and her boyfriend. Of course Naomi thinks it was Annie. I wonder what the new Season will be like? as good as Season 1. I hope it is.
  • Jam packed with drama that keeps you coming back for more.

    90210 is a great show that really really makes you wish you lived in the zip code at times, but then it makes you thankful that you don't at others. We see Annie and Dixon transform as they enter the world of the social elite and highly wealthy. Drugs, sex, lies, and backstabbing are just a few of the things that'll pop up in the show. The only thing i don't like about the show is how fast the characters arrive and then dissappear, like they were never anything. Other than that the show is amazing, and is filled with crazy moments that keep your eyes glued to the T.V. screen.
  • Its ties to the 90's original don't keep this show from being interchangeable with any other teen drama we've seen before…

    *Cue 90's kick-ass theme*

    Alright, now that we've got that out of the way let's get serious.

    90210 is the CW's attempt at revitalizing the success of the original Beverly Hills TV show. Looking back, the decade-lasting program was more ridiculous than realistic but viewers ate it up. With an attractive looking cast, the CW figured it could replicate some of the appeal of the guilty pleasure from the 90's. Enter 90210…

    We have Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes), a small town girl who's far too vanilla for the crowd at West Beverly, and her adopted brother Dixon (Tristan Wilds), a Chris Brown look-alike and lacrosse player. Then there's Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup), one of the less shallow persons to be found at Annie and Dixon's new school, who also happens to be bipolar, a viral video maker and spokesperson for toes (watch the second to last episode of Season 1 to understand the reference). Filling out the geek role is Navid Shirazi (Michael Steger), who owns his own bowling ball. Also present are Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne Mccord), who turns the b**** switch on and off more often than she PMS's (those two actions kind of coincide), and Ethan Ward (Dustin Milligan), another lacrosse player and serial dater. By the first season's end, he's hooked up with everything that moves besides baby mama Adrianna TATE-Duncan (Jessica Lowndes). Sorry for the emphasis on her first last name. I just love how ridiculous it sounds. Truth be told, she's one of the more compelling characters to be found on the show. Her name's just flat-out hilarious.

    The adult's, however, don't fare as well and their storylines are far less affecting. Although she and Shenae look very much like a real mother and daughter, Lori Laughlin's Debbie doesn't come off as fully developed, switching her attitude constantly from overly stern to oddly laid-back. Rob Estes tries way too hard to connect with his character Harry and is more grating than endearing in most scenes. Same goes for Ryan Eggold, whose brief departure from the zip code mid-season was a welcome one. Jennie Garth, Beverly Hills' most faithful (or desperate for work) alum, reprises her role as Kelly Taylor, who is now an over-involved guidance counselor at West Bev (seriously, what counselor attends the school dance?). Jessica Walter stole a couple of her scenes back when she was a cast regular but her talents were much better utilized in Arrested Development.

    Even with all the deficiencies in character and story development, the show has an alluring quality to it that makes it watchable (mostly for mocking). As stated before the show is virtually a carbon copy of every other teen soap that's come before it and doesn't really offer anything ground breaking. It has typical teenage stereotypes, much like One Tree Hill, said teenagers stressing out far more than necessary, a la Dawson's Creek, the contrived bitc*iness that's found on Gossip Girl, and a large dose of unintentional comedy the original Beverly Hills had to offer. This doesn't matter though, since teens and some of BH: 90210's devotees will digest this kind of television without hesitation. The executives at the CW are well aware of this, and they'll probably churn out a couple more seasons before replacing it with another by-the-numbers teen dramedy.

  • 90210 revolves around the Wilson family, along with other teenage students at West Beverly Hills High, where Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Dixon Wilson (Tristan Wilds) begin attendance.

    This is probably the most disjointed first season of any series I've ever seen(and I've seen alot!). Had it not been apart of the 90210 franchise and Shannen D. and Jennie G. been on the show, I probably would have stopped watching after the pilot. Luckily I kept tuning because the show started showing some promise after Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair became showrunner. I can't wait to see how she does on her own next season. She's already made a smart move by dumping talentless Dustin Milligan and promoting Matt Lanter to a series regular. Hopefully she'll also hire better editors and script writers, feature more group scenes, and get a new, longer opening that resembles the first show.
  • 90210 is back with a colorful quirky cast, storylines that aren't too cutting edge and just enough teen/tween drama to draw a new crowd to the famous zipcode and suck some of us original 90210 addicts right back in.

    This is my 1st review so hope you guys can grin, or grimmace, along with me.

    For me personally, I decided to give this show a chance out of nostalgia. I'm an original Beverly Hills, 90210 fan from way back in the day. My thoughts upon sitting down to view it after I TiVOed it were mixed. Would it be cheesy? Could it live up to the original? What were the alumni up to now? Were Shannen Doherty's eyes still lopsided? (sorry, had to say it...I was wondering afterall.)

    To my surprise 90210 turned out to be one of my favorite shows. Yes, it is cheesy, but the original was full of cheddar too. Addictive cheddar. A few of the original cast were there... just enough to draw me in but not so much that I couldn't see past them to the new 90210 crew. The cast is great. Yes, the acting could be better but it is an evening soap opera geared towards tweens and teens. I have to admit, I did not miss a single episode (thanks to the TiVO gods who made it possible)! I'll be tuning in next season...once again the zipcode is becoming something I look forward to. And, YES, it is a tad embarassing that I watch this show at my age but I enjoy the hour break I get while watching what I would call "mindless TV" instead of the local and global news that sucks the life out of me with recession and despair.

    Shannen's eyes...still lopsided. O_o

    One more thing...actually more of a question or inquiry. Is it just me or is the theme song and score a bit LOUD? It seems like my speakers all of a sudden jump up a gazillion decibals as soon as the music play?
  • it was better if it was called something else but not 90210.

    Oh my God. Please dont do this to us. I try to watch it but I just can stand on it for maximum 10 minutes.
    I was 14 when I started to watch the original Beverly Hills, 90210 started and it was more than show my generation. Everygirl wanted same haircut like Kelly and everyboy wanted same like Dylan.
    I think this new one is just an insult to the original series and its fans.
    I am aware of they are people who loves this show but please there is no pilot and no acting. Naomi, Annie and Adrianna I cant decide which one is the worst. The only one I like is Nazir.
    Maybe if it wasn't called 90210, I would not be so harsh and be more positive but I except something more sofisticated like the original one.
  • get rid of all the cast!!!!

    Although the storyline was weak and the plot was so dull,I kept watching the show for a mouth because of all the Beverly hills things. But with Annie, her acting kept bugging me(even now).
    All she could do was that EW!-faced. Every time she was sad angry happy sleepy ... she wasn't even pretty i wonder how she could get this part.

    Talk about the guy, Ethan could never be a prince-charming or some sort of popular guy. He didn't have that look. He just looked like common guy. The guy you won't recognize his face when he passed by.

    BTW, I can't understand why they have to bring back the former cast. I want to see more in every
    characters(90210). They are too shallow to be realistic.
  • I love the show but I think their is to much drama in the last few episodes!!

    When the show begon I didn't know what to expect. I had heard about beverly hills 90210 and I thought that was a lot of drama. I thought 90210 would be the same. When I saw the first episode i really liked the show and the episodes after that one were really fun to watch. But know I think the last few episodes are full with drama. Adriane coming out of rehab and being pregnant, silver being depressive, naomi her dad being accused of sleeping with a teenager and stuff like that. I still think it's a great show, but their is also a lot drama. (I apologize for my bad writing)
  • From 60 to 0 in 18 episodes.

    I came into this show as a fan of the original Beverly Hills, 90210 and loved it from the beginning. It was great to see new characters with old ones in the mix. I watched religiously...until last week.

    90210 has gone from a great re-imagining to plain crap so fast, I couldn't believe it. We've had a character go to rehab for drugs and get pregnant, multiple breakups between the same main characters, and now one has gone out of her mind. After the Donna episodes, I think I'll leave this one behind unless they can pull it together fast. But it certainly feels like this one is mid-air over the shark tank.
  • I love this show because it's livly and fresh!

    90210 is a show that I didn't think I would like. But from the very first episode I knew I was wrong. The characters are very different from one another. Unlike Gossip Girl where they all seem to be concerned with who is sleeping with who, or on Desperste Housewives where they are all....... well desperate?! On this show everyone has their own identity, meaning you can relate a bit to some of the characters. Also, it's setting is amazing. It shows L.A. and Beverly Hills in a way that isn't shown in the papers or in magazines. Everything is so colourful and bright. And of coarse the fashion is only fantastic! This show is great because there is no other show like it on T.V. at the moment and I don't think many new shows to come will be able to match this fast paced, fiesty drama!
  • It all started when Annie, Dixon, and their parents all moved in with her grandmother in the 90210 zip code, also known as Beverly Hills, California. They go to school there and realize just how different California is compared to their old lifestyle.

    I love love love love love this show. Its one of those shows where you just cant wait for the next episode to air. I love that they decided to create an amazing spinoff of the old Beverly Hills 90210 show. But they made it way better. Its pretty much amazing. And I think that it is very clever how they used some of the cast of the old show as teachers and other cast members in this fabulous spinoff. This show is like a drug for me. 100% addicting and i just cant stop watching it. It will be a shame if it ever has to come to an end.
  • teen dramas are awesome!!

    well i totally love this show..well why woudlnt i..i love gossip girl and oth and those are alike. the actors are good..they storyline is really interesting. i have never seen the original 90210 but if its as good as this one then maybe i should see it. i root for annie/ethan. silver/dixon. i also really like that teacher. and the new guy liam is just so freaken hot. i seriously fell in love when i saw him on the first episode he was on. him and naomi better hook up but from what i see hes a bad boy so i dont know
  • 'There are plam trees and more plam trees'

    90210 is a guilty pleasure for me because anything for me in the Beverly hill stands to be that way. I like this tv show a lot. It is sarcastic and witty also absolutely dramatic. My favourite character is Ethan esp when he is talking about his so called 'skills'. Again, this is drama that happens almost everywhere- new place, new friends, girl steals best friends boy friend, teenage girl gets pregnant, guys run away from committement etc etc. But I think 90210 gave a fresh refreshing perspective to the same!

    Best thing about 90210

    The camera angles are so well done that I enjoy they hover the camera over Beverly Hill before focusing the camera towards characters. Negative Thing

    Some actors in the tv show overdo their part. It is kind of distracting. Even besides that, I am looking forward to future episodes!

    Preeti :)
  • A fantastic show!

    90210 is a personal favourite of mine and i think that it captures the lives of teenagers really well. They may all only be concerned about themselves, but how many teenagers are not like that these days. Considering this is a modern version of Beverly Hills 90210 the audience is the teenagers now, not the teenagers back then who are adults now. I strongly suggest that adults who watched the old 90210 really weigh up the pro's and con's before they watch this. There's a strong possibily that they may not like it. I will admit that all the kids are rich (this is Beverly Hills we're talking about) and some of the situations a little unrealistic, but this is what makes the show interesting. I doubt anyone would watch it if it was a bunch of really lazy kids who didn't get into trouble every now and then. I know that this show hasn't got the reception that was hoped for but i really think that it could be one of the next top shows for teenagers. It's funny, reflects life (to an extent) and is just generally great viewing. This show is absolutely amazing!!

    i never seen the real version of 90210 but i love this version it's exetly (if some of my words are wrong am from holland so I'm not that good in english)
    what i like to seen in a tv serie it's defenitly one of my favorite shows on tv :)
    I watch a lot of girly shows so than this show is perfect for my.
    i really hate that in holland it's 3 episodes back so i have to download every episode if i wanna watch it.
    but i can do with out the subtitels but sometimes it is still a little bit hard i was only writing this last stuff because i needed 100 words XD
    XXX Laura
  • A show about kids living the modern day teen life with the same issues many teens face now a days.

    Great Show. It is the remake of the original "Beverly Hills: 90210" It is a very modern day show about real things and real life things teens go through. It is a very interesting show. All of the characters fit the show. The show fits todays life styles of the teen life. It's the best new show on tv now a days. I think the show is an awesome show. Personal favorite show of mine. Best show I must say. I would rate this show a 9.8 because of the awesomeness of the show and all of the plot and characters.
  • A show that follows around a group of rich teenagers.

    The writing is awful...the acting even worse. But every week i still sit down to watch it. The plot line is only average and cliche, but for some unknown reason once i sit down in front of the tv i'm captivated for the next hour. This is such a guilty pleasure. Some thing about it keeps viewers entertained week after week. My favorite character would probably be Dixion. He seems the most real, however most of his storylines he is given are awful. I like him and Silver as a couple as well as Adrianna and Navid. Most of the main girls on this show seem really fake so over all i have to say i like the boys better. I love to hate this show.
  • Flash Spoilers One couple gets married and one makes a sex tape

    Didn't think I would like it so much. It's great with interesting story although not seeing the old series gets me unaware of some things. hope it will have as more seasons as possible!Jessica Stroup rocks in the role of Silver!I hope they will not kill her or get her married as it was heard that one of the couples gets married and another one makes a sex tape but the whole thing with Dixon making up with the new English student is disappointing,i think it would be cool if all the others break up but they kept being together. She is the kind of role that is different among the Beverly Hill's star wannabes
  • I love this

    I love this show and I am hoping that they don't cancel it. For young adults this is a really good show because I myself is a teenager and I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!! I watched it since it came on and I loved it since the begining. If you watched the middle of it then you won't get it. You could watch the eposodes that you missed online. If you say you don't like it well just give it a chance maybe if you give it a chance then maybe out of 100% you like it 505 or higher!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 90210 is not original. They use some of the same characters, the same locations, and some of the same storylines. In the beginning it felt like they were trying too hard, but I think this show will grow to be a classic and it will be more interesting.

    I first started watching 90210 because everybody said it was a can't miss and because the original one had a huge success, but I was wrong. Most of the characters are not very interesting and some of the storylines are either unoriginal or the same. I do think that the producers of this show tried to stand make the original proud but other than the name and the location they are two different shows. I don't think this show will stay boring forever. If it survives the first season I think that the second season in going to bring a new look to 90210. The only reason this show failed in the beginning was because people were expecting a lot and didn't get that much, but I think it will succeed in the future.
  • Help?

    What did Navid say to Adrianna at the end of this episode? It was really sweet. Anyways, this was my favorite episode yet. Navid and Adrianna are my absoultue favorite, I've been routing for them since I first found out that Navid liked her. I really want them to end up together. Silver and Dixon are a little over the top right now. I dunno, Silver and Adrianna are my favorites though, so we'll see in the end. Annie i hate her attitude, like, Ethan wants to be with her, that's obvious, or he wouldn't of pulled away from Rhonda.
  • Not as good as the original of course, but just give it time

    When I first heard that they were making yet another 90210 spin-off, I didn't really care. Maybe it was because I had just started watching the original in reruns, but I don't know. I was also pretty surprised how quickly it came to air, I found out about maybe in August 2008, but didn't find a premiere date, and was surprised when it came to air the next season. The cast is amazing. Ignore what everyone else says, the acting is much better than Gossip Girl! Since I wasn't really into the original by the time this aired, I really only started watching it for Shenae Grimes (because she was on Degrassi, another of my favorite dramas), and for Jennie Garth (not for BH90210, but for What I Like About You, since then I've become a big fan of hers). I'm so glad I started watching this show because it's come one of my favorite teen dramas. Shenae Grimes is great on the show, and despite the fact that Degrassi and 90210 are similar shows, I don't even think of Darcy when I watch her scenes. Jessica Stroup is probably the best actor on the show (besides Jennie and Shannen), in my opinion. Plus Silver has become my favorite character on the show. She melds so well within Beverly Hills, it feels like she was on the original and not just he character, especially her scenes with Jennie. None of the other new characters/actors really interest me. Their not bad, but I don't really care for them, at least not yet. I'll have to wait until season two to really figure out my opinion on them. As for Jennie and Shannen, I was so excited for their return. Didn't think I'd care much for Shannen's return, but once she appeared, I was stoked. Hope she and Jennie appear a lot more on the show. I was pretty happy to see Joe E. Tata and Ann Gillespie again, too. The story lines as of late have been a little bland. A few relationship troubles, drug problems and surfacing pregnancies, but it has been pretty bland. Not boring, just kinda, eh. But unlike other people, I'm giving the show a chance. And and definitely staying with it beyond the first season. Not sure how I feel about Tori's recently announced return to the famous zip code, but maybe I'll feel the same way about her as I did with Shannen, but I do hope Shannen returns again.
  • I remake to the Fox hit Beverly Hills 90210. Following the kids from West Beverly High. With all the scandals and schemes.

    I think this version is not BH 90210. The storyline is alot different sorry to say kinda boring. When BH was broadcasted, i waited for every single episode relentlessly. Some of the characters don't know how to act, the most of of the reason i'm kinda off of this series. I realy waited to see this show when i first heard of it, kinda disappointed. maybe that's why the networks should leave the orignals alone and noty to make remakes - it can be really disappointing when you anticipate so so much. now they're doing the same to melrose - i think it's a mistake after this.
  • I am afraid this completely crashed for me on the pilot - a feature length episode and still it failed to inspire any empathy for any character and it doesn't bring anything remotely interesting to the table.

    I never watched the original 90210, yet this one appears to be lacking in many departments. what was most frustrating was the pacing and editing - we appeared to be in half scenes all the time; either it was the beginning half and then we cut to somewhere else, or we come in media res to the end of a scene without any attempt at build up for suspense or necessary space for acting - or some semblance of it. A classic example was that random scene where Ty comes to kiss Annie at the end - he's just at the steps and then it happens - no sense of romance or anything that might make a viewer be pulled in. And we've all seen these characters before, haven't we? So we could at least make them interesting - the actor playing Ethan looks bored. Everything seems a little disconnected as well, as if it's up to the viewers to put in the threads that will tie. Plus, the script is subpar. Perhaps if the writing was better we could forgive the lack of story. I thought there would be more glamour - I think this production team needs to take a leaf out of Josh Schwartz's book if they want to pull of something slick and entertaining, otherwise 90210 seems lost and all over the place.
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