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  • bunch of teenagers doing their 'thang'

    woo hoo awesomee ... i vaguely remember beverly hills 90210 but seeing brenda brings back old memories lol :D
    90210 is such a good show i am totally addicted! Im on episode 10 and its soo good - another show to add on to my last of favourites.
    Well apparently my review has to be at least one hundred words long which is a bit gay but what the hell. Bleh bleh blah bleh bleh. wasted 5 words there
    ... what is the point in making someone write one hundred words
    wooo ninety one two three four five six seven eight nine ten!!!!!!! :D

    It was the best episode of the whole show thus far i loved it love it cant wait 4 wats gunna happen next week.
    Omg i love annie and adriana aka shenae grimes and jessica lowndes silver is started to get annoyin she needs to hook up with ryan.
    i was upset to seeannie not get the part but happy adriana got it.
    oh and wat the hell was that about ty where the hell was he and all of the sudden he got adriana pregnant!!!!!
    anyway i still love ty's hotness
    ironically how jessica and adam { ty and adriana} rae going out i real life.
  • I liked it at first, but now what?

    So basically, at the beginning, I tuned into 90210 because my aunt, back at the time, watched it 24/7. And it was good to me at first. But now, I feel like I just watch it because of Annie and Naomi and the other girls, not for the show itself. I used to think that all teen dramas were the same, and guess what?THEY ARE! GG, OTH, The OC, all of them. The same stuff. But to what degree will other people realize this? I don't know but in case another show comes up that is the same thing as this, DON'T WATCH!
  • The music on this show is AMAZING! They even featured my favorite band, THE TING TINGS, on their first episode. This show might just be the next generation's answer to American Bandstand and TRL.

    The music on this show is AMAZING!
    They even featured my favorite band, THE TING TINGS, on their first episode. I don't know where to find the exact song online, but the link to the album is below if you want to see what I'm talking about. http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?i=280390219&id=280390218&s=143441

    Regardless of whether or not you're particularly into fictious teen drama, if you're into GOOD MUSIC, then please, check this show out as soon as you can!


    If you don't have ITunes, you can find the Ting Tings for next to nothing (take it from a broke girl who knows xD) on Amazon at:

  • This show has become one of my favorites in second place imo. First, One Tree Hill, then 90210, and third, Gossip Girl. :)

    I never liked the old beverly hills due to it not being part of my generation. I do however LOVE the new 90210! It is absolutely amazing. Annie/Ethan is going down as one of my top five tv couples! Naomi is catty in the best possible way and Adrianna/Navid are so cute...they just have to get back together. Silver/Dixon is...or was great! I cant wait for the new episode to air next month!!! Donna is also coming back I heard and that should be great, though I really dont know any of the old charecters I think its cool. I'm a big fan of Brenda and not so much of a Kelly fan but Jennie Garth is an amazing actress!
  • The worst acting in a show about a bunch of rich teenagers, and even worse than the OC.

    The only reason this show isn't a 1 is because there's a Canadian actress in it. She's terrible, though, and it's kind of sad that this chain-smoking skinny diva is how people view Canada - I'm talking about Shenae Grimes.

    This show is so bad I'm embarrassed for the actors. It's pretty much - get a bunch of skinny people with nice clothes and make them read lines. They just read them - with no emotion or an ounce of believeablility(I know that's probably not a word) in them.

    For the two minutes I watched a scene this night, all I could think about was 'how can these people consider themselves actors and actresses!?' Ugh. The clothes are nice, which is fine, I guess. The show is totally NOT-believable and full of diva's who look wayy too old to be in high school.
  • Not the best teen drama on television but give it time and I'm sure it will rally. How could it not with a writer like Rebecca Kirshner at the helm?

    It's not true that this show has no loveable characters. Jessica Stroup's Silver is quirky, funny, slightly ironic, and totally adorable. Her relationship with Dixon is mostly what continually brings me back to this show week after week. Tabitha Wilson's drunken antics never fail to elicit a laugh and Ryan Matthews is totes adorable. His developing relationship with undercover cop Kimberly is irresistable, and their chemistry in undeniable. Sure the writing is shaky, and the cliches prevalent. But the show is new and needs time to find it's writers legs. Give it some time... after all season one of the poorly rated Buffy the Vampire Slayer shocked the world when it got a season two. And when it did it became one of the most critically acclaimed shows of it's time. As for the cliches, I'm not all that annoyed that everyone at West Beverly High is model pretty with teeth to make a dentist proud. After all, I'm watching escapist television. I'm looking for a reprieve from reality and 90210 provides that. If you want realistic then go watch something like Law and Order.
  • A show about 15-16 year olds who look 20+ in a unrealistic highschool setting full of cliche's and poorly done drama.

    A show about 15-16 year olds who look 20+ in a unrealistic highschool setting full of cliche's and poorly done drama.

    Before you get all defensive on me about how it's a good show, ask yourself...Do you smile 24/7? Does everyone around you look like they should be modeling? Do you have a cheesy storyline to your life? Does everyone you meet have something sort of dramatic but not really dramatic going on? Do you look like your 20 when your 15? Do you and everyone around have insanely white teeth? Do you have someone fixing your hair and making sure there's no food in your perfect teeth all the time? Do you not not smile 24/7? Does everyone you know have a past of not-so-dramatic shenanigans? Do you not not not not smile 24/7?
    Well apparently everyone in Beverly Hills does.

    The acting is sub-par, the characters are not loveable at all --- any one of them were to die I don't think I'd care..I take that back --- The Lacrosse coach is the only good character and he's barely in the show.

    Furthermore, the writing is bad and unrealistic. I can see how someone would like this but if you've ever watched any GOOD teen dramas you'd recognize the flaws and they'd sit there poking you until you can't stand to be poked by them anymore.

    New show please, CW.
  • I loved the original so I thought that I would hate the a remake, normally the remake is never as good. but I was shocked to find that I really like the new version.

    I loved the original so I thought that I would hate the a remake, normally the remake is never as good. but I was shocked to find that I really like the new version. The drama is all still good, but more modern. I like the people that they cast. I like the lead in NipTuck so I was pretty sure that I would like her in this. I wish that they would bring back more of the original people but I heard that the show asked and were turned down so a least they tried. I can't believe that they got brenda and kelly both back on the new show considering they couldn't make it on the original together.
  • I am in love with this show. 100%.

    This show is great. The pilot to the show started off very well, and in a "sexy" way. It deals with issues that teenagers are actually facing today... it may spice them up a bit, but it makes it interesting and hold the interest of the viewer. They have made some great cast changes, like getting rid of the old grandma as a regular, and instead adding Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) as a series regular. It is getting a 29 episode first season, so obviously people like it :) And it has already been said by the creator that he expects a 31 episode second season :)
  • 90210 - Basically, the plot follows the Wilson family -- and their dramatic high school classmates -- as they readjust from living in conservative Kansas to the big world of Beverly Hills. Characters also include Kelly and Brenda from the original.

    Hm... Should I admit it? I am ADDICTED to this show. The writing has not been incredible so far, but there are flashes of greatness. For example, Adrianna Duncan -- a drug-addicted child actress struggling to stay sober, Naomi Clark -- the manipulative, sensual 'Queen B', and Rob Estes as Harry Wilson, the main character's father. He's just so cool!

    The show has its horrible qualities. I can't lie -- Annie has little to no interesting qualities. She doesn't even come across as the innocent young girl she's supposed to be. She's as manipulative as Naomi, who's toted as the 'Big B.tch on Campus', without even trying. Also, the chemistry between some people seems forced. Navid somehow had a life-long crush on Adrianna that meant he paid for her rehab. Thus, the writing was kind of sketchy then.

    But the show has a lot of promise! Even the sketchy writing with Navid and Adrianna has blossomed into the early stages of a charming romance. The talent is all here. Naomi has a real-girl quality that makes her cold streak seem much more real. Adrianna is an incredibly charming young woman whose struggles are interesting. Navid is great comic relief, without being annoying. Dixon is likeable and cool. And Silver -- possibly the fan's favorite character -- has flair and attitude.

    The story is taking its time to build, but I'm liking the increasing drama. I think the show is just getting comfortable with itself. My only true gripe is the wardrobe. Some articles are just gross. But the music -- sweet! The actors -- great!

    I hope this show gets more fans, because I think it is still just getting on its feet. It's going to become very enjoyable to watch, I'm sure.
  • Not too bad, even if you have not seen the original.

    Personally, I have not seen the original Beverley Hills 90210 that this is based on so when I watch it I am not referring back to it. I like the show as a fresh drama aimed at teenagers and think it does a reasonable job of bringing up teen issues (sex, drugs, parental divorce, wondering about the future, etc etc).

    The cast do a fine job of bringing the characters to life and the storylines are fine. It is not my favourite show but it is by no means the worst either.

    Give it a try - you may be pleasantly surprised.
  • i was convinced it would be cheesy but now I know I was wrong this show is amazing!

    I remember old 90210, it felt like it was all about right and wrong. Brenda and Brandon perfect sis and brother role models surrounded by big spoiled Hollywood.Modern version is so much better. I'm so happy they did this spin off, finally something that I can watch and get excited about. These girls remind me of my HS times, stealing boyfriends, dates, problems with parents, temptations. I can't wait to see another serial, it's going to be another week to get there and I can't wait to see how our fighting girls will handle ne situation. Everything got so emotional!
  • I have only watched a few episodes but it is amazing the first time you watch it i loved it!!!

    Ok so far i have seen that an amazing beautiful girl is the main character but when they go to school i think its cool that the girl and the brother are so close its neat and also i like that the mean girl is being nice i guess i haven't been able to keep up with all the episodes but i cant wait to keep watching it i want to look like the itty bitty girl on the show bc she is BEAUTIFUL!! i love watching all the outfits bc they are so cute and fun and i wish i could have some!!! I will keep adding once i can write more
  • Look forward to it every week.

    I didn't realize how obsessed I was with this show until the 2 week break after episode 7. The episode capture my attention and so do the characters. Not only are the kids lives complicated but the parents are aswell. More often then not a teen drama does not survive without added drama from the parents. The love triangle of Annie Ethan and Naomi or Annie Ethan and Ty (take your pick) had my attention from the beginning.Love triangles are a must have in teen dramas. Also bringing back the old characters from the original. I love Kelly and Brenda. Definitaly my guilty pleasure at the moment. I couldn't love this show more.
  • Come on give It a Chance.

    I really like the show, I think the people they chose really have good chemistry. I think they have real life problems and should relate to today's teenagers. I also like seeing Brenda back, and I think it'd be interesting to see Dylan back with Brenda and not Kelly. And Brandon comes back for Kelly, that'd be interesting. However, it's weird seeing Erin Silver all grown up, looks nothing like the little girl on the original, and where the heck is David at? No mention of him yet, even though he is Silver's older brother. This show has potential, as long as they don't rehash the same exact things as in the original. But so far very interesting, however why don't they show Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez more. She should be part of the group and of course bring back Andrea.
  • this show is just wrong, it should have stayed dead.

    Since the cast won't kill themselves off through the first season in a series of sex and drug related escapades I'm not interested.....oh that isn't enough words....

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    There that is 100 words......I've wasted far too much time trying to say I don't like this show...
  • Beverly Hills, 90210 spin off. Starring: Rob Estes, Shenae Grimes, AnnaLynn McCord, Dustin Milligan, Tristan Wilds, Michael Steger, Jessica Stroup, Ryan Eggold, Lori Loughlin, with Jennie Garth and Jessica Walters.

    The spin-off for Beverly Hills, 90210, the FOX hit. The show does a really good job balancing humongous problems, such as Adrianna's (Jessica Lowdes) drug problem, as well as the problems that are not as serious, like Naomi (AnnaLynn McCord) stealing Annie's (Shenae Grimes) essay. They have seemingly good relationships, and triangles that even though the people that you want together are dating someone else, you like the other character that they are dating, like Annie dating Ty (Adam Gregory). The show is filled with drama and a lot of love interests and is really going to improve in the next couple of weeks. I can't wait for more episodes. Plus, Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty have already appeared.
  • The Wilson family moves to Beverly Hills and encounters a lot of surprises as they make new friends, enemies and rivals.

    Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely love 90210. This was the one new TV show that I was looking forward to the most this year, and so far I have not been disappointed by it at all. It's such a great show. All of the characters are great, especially Silver, Navid, Naomi, Ryan and Tabitha. It's also been great having Brenda and Kelly from the original Beverly Hills 90210 appear on the show. I really like the Ryan and Kelly romance. I also really like the Dixon and Silver romance as well as Ethan and Annie romance. I also kind of like the Ethan and Naomi romance too, but I'm still hoping that Ethan and Annie eventually hook up. I'm so glad that they decided to make Adrianna a series regular because she is a very interesting character. All things considered, I think that this is a very well written, well acted and well made show from everyone involved, and I hope that 90210 stays on the air for a very long time.
  • No this is not just another teen show. Me myself hated the old 90210, but this is just perfect! All I need for my daily fix !

    Not only is the show surprisingly awesome, but the characters/actors are spectacular! They really did a great job whit the cast! I'm not a fan of Kelly and Brenda still being a part of the show, but i guess that would remove the whole purpose of this being the generation of "beverly's". Living in Denmark, new shows like this don't come around often, so for me this is a true lifesaver! I must admit i did not download this because i was thrilled about a new 90210, but merely because i was curious, and now my sister and I watch every week with enormous pleasure!
  • This show is not the original but...

    Last spring when I heard that they were bringing back 90210, I thought to myself, "Oh this is inteseting". I did not think I was going to watch the show. But after a lot of advertising and such, I thought I'd watch for old times sake. Almost 2 months later I'm still watching. Unforunately (or fortunately) I'm kinda hooked. I used to watch the original when I was in junior high school. I do not like the new one as much as the old one but it is one of my guilty pleasures. The acting is not that great, the story lines are so-so but I keep tuning in ;)
  • One of the hottest shows of this Fall 2008.

    Hello, I live in Iceland and I was obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210 but I think the new show 90210 is even better ! I love the plots, the characters, the actors and actresses. The show is just so much fun and a guilty pleasure. The most I love about the show is Erin, Naomi and the grandmother of Julie and Dixon.. they are the most fun characters in the show ! I really like that Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor) and Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh) decided to come back and I hope that the rest of the old cast will return. Goodbye !
  • If u like The O.C. or Priviledged you will run for this one for sure. Nice chicks, nice boys, nice story and nothing too hard for a chilled evening.

    Where can I start? Well, I like this show very much, and its getting better and better with every episode, butif you're someone who expects hard understanding storylines and very clever conversations, than u should not start watching this show. Its all about parties, relationships, love and money. If you have seen the old show, you will perhaps like the new one cos of some of the old characters coming back on screen. But perhaps u will even like it cos of its still nice and slow atmosphere without too much drama and disaster. Some of the actors are very good even if their roles arent too hard, but u will see what i mean. If u like something for a sweet little evening at home, u will like this one for sure..
  • awesome show

    90210 is definetly my guilty pleasure :) yes i have heard that its not AS good as the old one. Then again, I never watched the old one, so why the heck should I care? It's the new 90210, so I believe people should see it as an entirely different show. But that's not going to happen sadly. But I definetly like it. Yes, some parts may be cliche and cheesy, but who doesn't want that in a teen soap? Their not supposed to be REALISTIC. Anyways, awesome plots, amazing characters, not to mention cute looking actors, and GREAT set. All in all, I couldn't want more from this show, except more episodes :)
  • I Love the show, it bring something new with something old. Just wonderful.

    I love the new 90210! I think the new look 90210 is wonderful, what great about it is you guys have brought back some of the old cast and I think that brings something different to the show as well. All in all I total love it!!! However! I still love the the frist 90210 because it was one of the frist show to air real issues and as a young teenage it was good to see on an tv show, I loved every single one of the old cast because they brought something to the show in their own way.
  • Great show, great actors. With actress Joelle ten Damme as Susan Elwood on 90210

    I love this show! Great characters, great actors and might I say even better than the old 90210 series! Were the old series also my favorite show to watch in the nineties, I really do believe that this version is more updated and appeals more to people of this day and age. I still love the old actors that were in the original series, and the feud between Brenda and Kelly is classic! Althought it would have been great if they could have included more actors from the old show in these new series I enjoy watching it just as much as the old ones!
    Note: Also with actress Joelle ten Damme starring as Susan Elwood
  • shhhhh... I used to watch the old series too.

    Ok.. the only reason why I started watching this TV Show was because of Jessica Stroup, if you don't know who she is, she's Silver. Ok, about the show. They stuck with the Brother-Sister which is good since everybody in the past loved the twin idea, the story is revolving around new people but they are also bringing the past into the future which I think is pretty cool. More episodes, more interesting stories. It's kind of like a boy slowly showing the girl his dating how weird he is coz he collects stuffed animals. We can only imagine how the story revolves but I think it would be richest guy will lose to cheating guy for sister of black guy, but then cheating guy makes a mistake and sister will go back to richest guy, black guy also makes a mistake with Silver and she runs into richest guy, who then makes a mistake by kissing richest guy and world revolves around persian guy who ends comforting divorcing parent girl. etc. sorry, i dont memorize their names. hehe.
  • watch any teen bopper tv shpow, its the same thing.

    A horrible show! Change the channel while you can. Bad stories, boring,and beyond bad acting. If these kids think they can compare to the original BH 90210 class, they are sadly mistaken. These actors and actrsses are nothing but anorexic eye candy. Shenae Grimes plays Annie who is a cheap version of Brenda. Differnce is Shannon Doherty can act and had chemistry with her castmates and there is Dixon who is an even cheaper version of Brandon. He even works at the Peach Pit. How not original. Please stop watching this cheap rip-off its not worth watching one bit. Kelly Taylor also stil sucks.
  • Best

    this episode was by far one of the best I LOVEDD ITT every minute of it only the part when we find out dylan is the father i hate it i wanted to be brandon and know that kelly is leaving i think she is leaving by next episode which im sad because i love her and i want to see more beverly hills 90210 stars like david,donna,valerie,brandon,steve and more but not dylan loll anyways cant wait for the next episode and the dvd and of course season 2 im soo praying to have a season 2 because its an amazing series and i cant wait to see whats happening next:)
  • We meet a new cast of charaters (More residence of the Beverly Hills 90210 zip code.) Some things never change even at West Beverly High. But we also see how otehr things have changed over the years. Its a new life, its a new world.

    I think it is great having some of the old cast back as adults. It shows that life does go on with our favorite friends even after the cameras are off (or after a series ends. It is great seeing Shannon back in Beverly Hills 90210. We also hear what is going on with Brenda's twin brother Brandon as she and Kelly talk about old times at no place otehr then the Peach Pit. Even though that it has change over the years. It is going to be good to see Kelly and Brenda dealing with teenage problems again. Have they learned anything and if so lets see how they apply it to these kids. Once again it is a new life and its a new world and what has happened to these old friends over the years. Guess we will just have to wait and see. By the way who is the father to Kelly's son. HMMMM. Is it who we think it could be or is there a twist in there somewhere.
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