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  • Love the old and new, very worthwhile watching.

    I am a 42 year old woman and have recently tuned in to the old Beverly Hills 90210 shows, that as a young adult never really interested me. But once I gave them a shot, I am tvoing every episode in order every single day it's on. I am officially hooked on that show, and don't know why I never gave it a chance back then. So naturally when I heard there was a new one out, I had to tune in. And my 16 year old daugher and I LOVE it! We will not miss any of them, and are very happy there will be more to come. I just really hope Luke Perry will reprise his role as Dylan. Bringing the old characters back, Kelly, Brenda, and Nat too makes it all worthwhile to watch. Keep up the good work, and we'll keep watching!!
  • I love this show, it's an amazing new high school drama.

    I love this show, it's an amazing new high school drama!! This is great because The OC ended a few years ago an One Tree Hill isn't about high school anymore. I like the storylines, they are refreshing! For me a lot of new faces who fit the characters. The only storyline I hate is Adrianna, but I think that's because what she did last week (A). I don't think it should be compared with the old Beverly Hills 90210, besides the name and surrounding. The old one was awesome, but different then the new one. I do like that a few old characters appear, it remembers me of the good old times. I hope this show will be around for the next few years.
  • very cliche' high school drama..

    I love this show already. It may be cliche' and predictable at times but it is addicting already and who doesnt love the high school story lines? I've seen early episodes of BH90210 and I believe this show has the potential to do just as well. I also like the fact that characters from the original are appearing because its gives small updates on things we may still think about from the original. The cast is young and hott and they will become more interesting as they gain more experience. It is definitely worth at least one watch. Just give it a chance, it can only get better.
  • A mother, father, daughter and an adopted child, moves from lifestyle to another. Spending their childhood in Kansas, they have to move, due to their fathers work, to Beverly Hills. With the children going to new schools, they meet new friends and dramas.

    I love this show. It is the best. Way better than the O.C. When I saw it on Tv, I was like "Oh, stink. What a gay name for a show." And although I still don't know what the numbers 90210 stand for, I love it. With all the dramas occuring and all, its much better than the O.C, because they stay to one drama a whole season, whilst 90210 has countless different dramas. The writers must be congratulated on their great achievement. I don't know how they get even more better each episode and season. Other than that, AWESOME!
  • This show is just sad...

    I watched the first episode and thought “Hmm, this was a bad series premiere. But the next one should be better.” And lo and behold, it was the same thing for the second episode. And the next. Well I believe that if I don’t like a show after watching 3 hours of it, then it’s not worth watching. And this show has sadly reached the bottom of the barrel. Not only that, it’s also degrading the original show’s credentials. By the way, where did they get the ugliest and most anorexic cast ever? (with the exception of Jennie Garth of course).
  • I watched the first 90210 from beg to end and I must say that I am enjoying this series. I feel people should be a bit less critical and more open minded. Stop comparing the two and just enjoy the new one.

    Obvisously this portion of 90210 isn't going to be the same as the first one. It's been many years, the old cast has grown and moved on. There is no reason to knock this series as even Shannen Doherty
    and Jennie Garth are back on the show that should account for something. I"m very curious to see who else they bring back. Dillion? Brandon? I have watched all three episodes and I don't plan on missing any more. I don't feel that this is an insult to Aarron Spelling at all. If anything it's a contribution to his name. His show that he created has woken up and came alive again! Hats off to the ones who recreated a wonderful show!! Bring it on.
  • I believe it is somewhat interesting. ~XD~

    I think this show has good actors though they need more experience as actors. I do not think it is that of an awesome show. Also I have watched it once; the new season so I dont know that much about it but I would not recommend it to someone else anytime, any day. It needs to meet many requirements that other great shows have. But I would continue watching and give it a chance. I hope everyone else does, too. I am going to continue watching it and hopefully it will get more better and interesting. I hope so.
  • A beverly hills 90210 remake? Who could ever top the original TV classic. Apparently execs at the CW thought that it could be done. Boy, were they wrong.

    A beverly hills 90210 remake? Who could ever top the original TV classic. Apparently execs at the CW thought that it could be done. And we thought maybe that with the old cast being on the show, maybe the show could have a chance at atleast coming close to the original. Boy, were we wrong. When I tuned in, I couldn't even bare to watch the 2-hour season premier in its entirety. The new actors they picked are some of the worst acting I've seen on TV ever. Top that off with the horrivble, overused storylines, and your get one bottom of the barrel show. I beleive that I've seen better acting and storylines on I Love Money! Puhhleez! So CW execs, next time watch your horrible pilot before you air it thanks!
  • As far as I'm concerned, this is deja vue!

    A rehash for B H 90210. This is nothing more than a crass grab for ratings at the expense of creativity and innovation. Come on Network; is it really necessary to repackage old merchandise?! It probably is safe to ride the road of old shows for ratings; it takes courage to invest in talent and creativity! If it continues to place ratings over real and new talent and creativity, I will be done with the Network too!!! I don't mean only the TV productions either. I fell sorry for actors hoping to get their careers going and for the writers also. If they hope to find a fruitful place to develop their craft, it wont be found on this network.
  • A blast from the past. I watched the original and it doesn't compare but it's still ok.

    Well, the characters are cool. I want to see more original casts evetually. I love seeing Brenda and Kelly again. New girls Annie and Erin are cute as they can be. It's cool that they have a Silver kid. I totally forgot about the little girl that Kelly's mom had with Dr. Silver. I like Dixon, he is a sweet guy but just like he says he just doesn't fit in and that's the way I feel. He doesn't compare with Brandon. He does provide and interesting twist but it's like he is the only black guy on the show. If he starts dating Silver it might hurt the show. I never did like Rob Estes - he treated Kelly bad in the orginal. I love seeing Lori again. I was a fan of the Surf show I can't remember the name Summerland or something. I miss it. Noami is cool but I watched her on Nip/Tuck and she was such a mean character on that show. I can't wait to see last nights show - I DVRed it.
  • It had potential, it had Rob Thomas, so what's happening?!

    The storyline seems to be drifting off into some odd universe where content is not required, humor is frowned upon and having some form of body fat is not ok. I had high hopes for this show as a whole, especially with the witty writer behind Veronica Mars at the helm but it's just not hitting the mark. The acting is vague at best, characters are loose and hard to connect with, and someone forgot to bring the funny! Honestly very relieved that Shannon Doherty is not hanging around for very long because the tension between her and Jenny Garth is crowding out any other kind of storyline, they don't get along - it's so darn obvious, why try and push through it? And why does Doherty look so...well...old/tired? Get some rest girl, or maybe that's the wrong way to look at it, maybe she's natural while the others aren't, who knows? Oh and please for all that is holy, feed the actresses who play Annie and Silver, if they fall over they'll break and then where will the show be?
  • I can't believe they are trying to re-do 90210. The original was the best and if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. It's been yrs since the original ended. This is total slap in face to original and aaron spelling.

    I can't believe they are trying to re-do 90210. The original was the best and if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. It's been yrs since the original ended. This is total slap in face to original and aaron spelling. I can see now why Tori Spelling didn't want to do this show besides the fact that the ppl incharge this version wanted to pay her significantly less than they were paying jenny and shannon. I'm glad Tori and others from original show are saying no to the show. Kudos to them. I know I won't be watching the new one.
  • The series revolves around the three-generational Wilson family who have recently moved from small town Kansas to glitzy Beverly Hills, California after the father, Harrison Wilson, accepts a position as Principal of West Beverly Hills High School.

    This show didn't learn it lesson when the original series aired. I watched the first couple of episodes and I predicted the rest of the season because the show is just like all teen dramas where all the plots are really the same and it gets boring watching the same plot every episode. Im suprised if this show gets past the first season and flabbergasted if it gets pass a second season and the sad thing is it attracts people but obviousley they havn't watched the original series which its basically the same as this but this is just as painful as the original series.
  • People Stop hating, its goood!!!

    All your originale fans stop killing the rattings for this show! like i have never seen the orignale and neither has millions of other people out there! by all the stupid original fans not giving it any support (even tho the show is clearly trying and not doing a half bad job at satisfying you guys) you need to cut it a break! The only reseaon i am watching this is not only cause i herd the original was good but because it is a very good 'teen drama' something that attracts alot and alot of TEEN VIEWERS! The show is targetied at TEEN Viewers , so by all you old geezers giving it a bad image it makes the crowd this show is targeted at think its not worth watching, when in reality it is!!

    Also on a side note, this show is puting up much better rattings than the critics are saying it is! It is being aired on CW and has similar ratings as hit show "gossip girl" so cancalation isent even in the radar!

    This show is ggreat, i love it , and its a perfect teen drama!!
  • This show deserves to die a quick and painless death which is lenient considering the torture it puts its viewers through.

    I started watching intending to give it a fair chance. I loved the OC season 1-3 and was hoping this show would be kind of similar. Man was I disappointed. There are so many bad things that they are not all worth mentioning. The worst thing I believe are the women on the show. The parents look the same age as their children. What is that about? The actors they've picked for the show are so bad it makes you want to cry. I had Tivo'ed three episodes but could only stand to watch one. This show deserves to die a quick and painless death which is lenient considering the torture it puts its viewers through.
  • I like it, I do, but the original was better..the plot lines are so expected already...

    The base of so many shows these days is the same - beautiful girls, handsome man, alcohol, hot mamas. Combine all these in a juicy, nasty, plot of cheating, kissing, sexing, and get the average show.

    90210 used to be cutting edge, but today, the new addition seems forced. Don't get me wrong - I like it, I do, but the original was better.. the plot lines are so expected already...

    The world didn't need another oh - so - expected plot with the great looking people and the beautiful houses. So yes, it IS Beverly Hills, but somehow it seems like it's too much of the same.
  • pretty decent show. I watched the original when i was younger, and have recently started re-watching them. The original was very, and i mean very cheasy. 90210 seemed to me very similar to the orignal, but without the cheese. I'll stick with it

    pretty decent show. I watched the original when i was younger, and have recently started re-watching them. The original was very, and i mean very cheasy. 90210 seemed to me very similar to the orignal, but without the cheese. I'll stick with it. I liked the characters alot, but thought the acting was pretty bad, especially from "Degrassi's" Shanae Grimes, in which i usually like her in. Overall I'm definitley going to stick with it for a couple weeks, then who knows, maybe I'll b e h o o k e d a n d k e e p w a t c h i n g ! ! !
  • Love the original but hate the new show. What they should have done was bought back the original casts and see how their lives have change and add drama to it.

    When I saw the preview I was hoping it was going to be good if not better. I love watching the Brenda and Kelly part, it's the rest that bores me. Need a better script and better looking casts. There got to be drama that grabs you into the show but it seems more like lack of acting skills and not enough drama. It feels like some high school kids in a drama class, just acting out the parts, there's no real feeling between the characters. I grew up watching 90210 and love every minute of it until they start to change the casts, that's when I stop watching it.
  • They shouldn't even thought of remaking this.

    What good can you get from a television show that's based for teens, just don't hold your breath on it because your not going to receive many good things from it all.

    Am really not going to waste a box of empty space saying the pros and cons, no matter what i say tv.com people will get angry at me and send out there goons to stop my views. So simple
    And so sweet off the cherry tree.

    Not the show to waste your time on. Possibly better teen drama shows out there to get a better point of views. I never liked rich kids with problems. Because mostly they solve it with money and some more money. My short point of view of what i see of a pointless show.
  • haven't we meet before?

    this has "south of nowhere" written all over it... the new kids in town, the adopted brother, the two best friends dispute 'cos one of them could keep her mouth shut, and of course the new kid takes her place... to be honest i was looking forward to this premier but i am royally disappointed... if it's going to be the same i'd rather be watching south of nowhere...
    the only parts i like were when the old characters came up... it was good to see their new lives... may be it would be best to bring them all back and just take the new guys out!! hehe
  • One of the most unoriginal shows ever. this could be on disney channel, read this.

    This is really unoriginal. Seriously. How many times have you seen those cheesy shows about the really close Kansas family who moves to California? Exactly..about every drama. Also, how many times have you seen a show where your embarassed about family night? exactly this show. How many times have you seen a show where the rich kids parents don't care about their parents? exactly this show. how many times have you seen a show where you catch your dad cheating on your mom? exactly this show. We've all seen this stuff before. and all the stuff we've already seen is all this is. This show does not live up to it's standards. And does not deserve to be on the same network as other awesome teen dramas such as gossip girl. this show isn't even racy. all this kids are goody-goodies. this show will get canceled. seriously, this could be on Disney channel!
  • Awesome Show With Great Story

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  • this new 90210 is nothing like the original,

    the story is not working... i mean annie meets ty and goes on a first date to his private jet, who does that? the original 90210 had a more intense story with bad boy dylan and boy scout brandon... like you could feel the intensity just by watching and that was the premeire episode, still feel it in re - runs. remember brenda and dylan flirting?... that was intense. this new 90210 i didn't feel nothin'. you can't recreate 90210, what were they thinking?the new 90210 needs a better script and more original stories lines that are not predictable. i might keep watching just to see if it gets any better.
  • In comes in 5th place

    well degrassi is better is way better she should come back to that show if she wants to become a stay a good actress
    so as gossip girl better story better cast and secret life ..good story and good lines which makes it good they could of made it better , and a better story
    91210 the old one is way better i will see it if i have nothing else to see
    anyways its not a favort and the cast needs approvement
    and it needs a better story like i said before and anyways i dont recommend to see it if i got something else to do
  • This review is about flashing back to the good old days & i'm so surpised to see 3 of my favorite tv shows are joining together as one in the famous zip code.

    I was a big fan of beverly hills 90210 back in the day but i think i like this new one, because kelly tayler's mom is so messed up & is getting out of control with her Alcohol problems. I also is excited that Tori Speling(Donna Martain) is coming back to the cast & shannon doherty(Brenda Walsh). I just wish that Kelly's old bffs would come back that'd be so awesome if they'd did. Rob Estes was hillarious back on melrose place in the 90's & so is Lori Loughlin from Full House. I kinda knew 90210 would come back from the begining.
  • 90210 A world famous zip code is back on tv.

    A classic hit from the 90's is making its way back onto the tube. In the 90's as a teenager i watched this show all the time. I would never miss it each week. Kelly, Brenda, Brandon, Luke, Tori, all great characters created a master piece for the young crowd. Now about 10 years later its back the same zip code with some of the past charcters such as Kelly, Brenda and Ned. this show i beleive will start strong with the teens and those who watched the original show. I hope this show does last and becomes a success as it is my guilty pleasure.
  • "If You Wanna Live In The Zip, You Gotta Know The Code"

    This show is great. It really recaptures the magic of a show that was really a turning point in TVTeen drama, OK so the original 90210 may have been better but not only do we get a hot new cast but we also ge some old favs back like Jennie Garth who has since found fae in the show What I Like About You. And shannon Dorhety who was also in another one of my favourite show's (Charmed). Many people have critizied it but i really think it is really great. The New storylines could really make the show take off and could turn out to boost the CW's ratings as the xw has a great host of dramas (I.E One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Smallville and Gossip Girl) So To Sum up i think that if you like the old 90210 then this is for you but if you we're to young to remember the old one this could drag you in .
  • West Coast Gossip Girl it is NOT!

    Okay, so when I saw the previews for 90210 a few months ago I was excited. I LOVED Beverly Hills 90210 when I was a teenager, and have recently been watching the reruns on SoapNet. In the past year, I've become hooked on Gossip Girl, and thought this was the perfect time to bring back 90210. Beverly Hills is just as, if not more, trendy than New York City. I thought I would like 90210 just as much as Gossip Girl. Boy, was I wrong!

    The characters seem like they are trying to have a bad side, but really, they are all pretty squeaky clean. Are these what West Coast teena are really like? If so, they are NOT entertaining and do not deserve their own show. I give this 1 season at most.
  • It could be better, but it definitely has potential. Love the clothes, great music, and a good cast.

    I absolutely loved the clothes and the plot was pretty good. I am looking forward to see where it goes. The show has a pretty good cast and I like that Jennie Garth is on the show replaying her old character, Kelly. I always liked her on the show What I Like About You with Amanda Bynes. My favorite character on the show so far is Silver played by Jessica Stroup who was great on the television show Reaper and the movie Prom Night with Brittany Snow. I will probably be tuning in next Tuesday to see what happens next!! Love all the drama!!
  • So bad it's not even good. I usually love everything LA related. I don't care for originality, but I do care about... Good atmosphere.

    So bad it's not even good.
    I usually love everything LA related. I don't care for originality, but I do care about... Good atmosphere. About interesting characters. And above all good actors.
    These so called actors are so bad it's not even funny. All the girls are beautiful, ya. But... the acting is horrible I just can't keep watching it.
    Thank god I just finally ordered the complete series of OC, so I can watch an actual good california series.

    So bad it's not even good.
    I usually love everything LA related. I don't care for originality, but I do care about... Good atmosphere. About interesting characters. And above all good actors.
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