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  • Liam shoes

    Is it me or Liam was wearing different shoes on the last scene .As we see he had black shoes while riding the motorcycle but they magically changed to brown while proposing to Annie .I think it is a fatal error ,at least it ruined the best scene for me .Otherwise this show is awesome !!!
  • plz save 90210 spread the word nd ask u friends to rate 2

    i love 90210 even though we cant stop dease sychos frm canceling hope we cvn make a diffrents

    I can't believe they are cancelling this show! I know it was more intriguing in the beginning, but it's still one of the best shows out there in terms of drama, etc. Now there will really be nothing entertaining to watch. Al l the longer series are so dumb -- vampires, murder, etc.
  • 9O21O Good!

    This show are very good. 9O21O is so correctly drama but Glee Goss girl are very stupid shows. 9O21O is perfect The luxury life in Beverly Hill are so cool like that show. Perfect!
  • 90210

    90210 is a pretty good show i watched it several times and i loved it it gots drama with all of them and a little comedy in it so if some one didnt watch this show i think they should
  • I really liked the scene in 90210 where silver asks teddy to have her baby

    Teddy is gay, yet silver and teddy seemed to have such a strong connection that they seemed so right for each other anyways. I had my thoughts before that it be great if teddy and silver were to get back together despite teddy being gay and then that 90210 scene came in with silver asking teddy to have her baby. It was so great. Can't wait to see season 5 now.
  • So awesome!

    This show is so amazing. I have watched every single season and episode and I thought that this season was one of the best. I really loved Ivy and Raj's relationship and storylines and I thought that they should have had more air time. Ivy is a fab character and she should be shown more on the show. However, i really love 90210 and I will continue to watch it forever :D
  • 90210 is a fantastic show showing what it is like to live in the the rich side of life the good times and the bad.

    90210 is a fantastic show showing what it is like to live in the the rich side of life the good times and the bad. There is Annie, Dixon, Silver, Ethan, Adrianna, Naomi, Brenda, and lots more. Watch 90210 to see the good times like the birth of Adrianna's daughter or the bad times when Liam slept with his girlfriends Naomi's sister on purpose. Some have good parents some don't have any others have to worst parents ever. 90210 is set in the USA Beverly hills. They go to the prom they all come in limos and on the way home they cant tell which ones theirs. Em@il me at georgia.random@hotmail.co.uk for more information on my reviews. x x x
  • The CW's version of Degrassi.

    The new 90210 is a good show. I decided to check out the show when I heard that Shenae Grimes from Degrassi would be starring in it of course Lori Loughlin is in it too. 90210 has some hard hitting stories. I love all the drama. Will Annie and Naomi ever remain friends for longer then an episode? It seems like as soon as they get along something happens to make Naomi mad at Annie. I feel kind of bad for Naomi because of her sister Jen who takes money from her and her boyfriend. Of course Naomi thinks it was Annie. I wonder what the new Season will be like? as good as Season 1. I hope it is.
  • 90210 revolves around the Wilson family, along with other teenage students at West Beverly Hills High, where Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Dixon Wilson (Tristan Wilds) begin attendance.

    This is probably the most disjointed first season of any series I've ever seen(and I've seen alot!). Had it not been apart of the 90210 franchise and Shannen D. and Jennie G. been on the show, I probably would have stopped watching after the pilot. Luckily I kept tuning because the show started showing some promise after Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair became showrunner. I can't wait to see how she does on her own next season. She's already made a smart move by dumping talentless Dustin Milligan and promoting Matt Lanter to a series regular. Hopefully she'll also hire better editors and script writers, feature more group scenes, and get a new, longer opening that resembles the first show.
  • I love this show because it's livly and fresh!

    90210 is a show that I didn't think I would like. But from the very first episode I knew I was wrong. The characters are very different from one another. Unlike Gossip Girl where they all seem to be concerned with who is sleeping with who, or on Desperste Housewives where they are all....... well desperate?! On this show everyone has their own identity, meaning you can relate a bit to some of the characters. Also, it's setting is amazing. It shows L.A. and Beverly Hills in a way that isn't shown in the papers or in magazines. Everything is so colourful and bright. And of coarse the fashion is only fantastic! This show is great because there is no other show like it on T.V. at the moment and I don't think many new shows to come will be able to match this fast paced, fiesty drama!
  • teen dramas are awesome!!

    well i totally love this show..well why woudlnt i..i love gossip girl and oth and those are alike. the actors are good..they storyline is really interesting. i have never seen the original 90210 but if its as good as this one then maybe i should see it. i root for annie/ethan. silver/dixon. i also really like that teacher. and the new guy liam is just so freaken hot. i seriously fell in love when i saw him on the first episode he was on. him and naomi better hook up but from what i see hes a bad boy so i dont know
  • A fantastic show!

    90210 is a personal favourite of mine and i think that it captures the lives of teenagers really well. They may all only be concerned about themselves, but how many teenagers are not like that these days. Considering this is a modern version of Beverly Hills 90210 the audience is the teenagers now, not the teenagers back then who are adults now. I strongly suggest that adults who watched the old 90210 really weigh up the pro's and con's before they watch this. There's a strong possibily that they may not like it. I will admit that all the kids are rich (this is Beverly Hills we're talking about) and some of the situations a little unrealistic, but this is what makes the show interesting. I doubt anyone would watch it if it was a bunch of really lazy kids who didn't get into trouble every now and then. I know that this show hasn't got the reception that was hoped for but i really think that it could be one of the next top shows for teenagers. It's funny, reflects life (to an extent) and is just generally great viewing. This show is absolutely amazing!!

    i never seen the real version of 90210 but i love this version it's exetly (if some of my words are wrong am from holland so I'm not that good in english)
    what i like to seen in a tv serie it's defenitly one of my favorite shows on tv :)
    I watch a lot of girly shows so than this show is perfect for my.
    i really hate that in holland it's 3 episodes back so i have to download every episode if i wanna watch it.
    but i can do with out the subtitels but sometimes it is still a little bit hard i was only writing this last stuff because i needed 100 words XD
    XXX Laura
  • Flash Spoilers One couple gets married and one makes a sex tape

    Didn't think I would like it so much. It's great with interesting story although not seeing the old series gets me unaware of some things. hope it will have as more seasons as possible!Jessica Stroup rocks in the role of Silver!I hope they will not kill her or get her married as it was heard that one of the couples gets married and another one makes a sex tape but the whole thing with Dixon making up with the new English student is disappointing,i think it would be cool if all the others break up but they kept being together. She is the kind of role that is different among the Beverly Hill's star wannabes
  • I love this

    I love this show and I am hoping that they don't cancel it. For young adults this is a really good show because I myself is a teenager and I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!! I watched it since it came on and I loved it since the begining. If you watched the middle of it then you won't get it. You could watch the eposodes that you missed online. If you say you don't like it well just give it a chance maybe if you give it a chance then maybe out of 100% you like it 505 or higher!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bunch of teenagers doing their 'thang'

    woo hoo awesomee ... i vaguely remember beverly hills 90210 but seeing brenda brings back old memories lol :D
    90210 is such a good show i am totally addicted! Im on episode 10 and its soo good - another show to add on to my last of favourites.
    Well apparently my review has to be at least one hundred words long which is a bit gay but what the hell. Bleh bleh blah bleh bleh. wasted 5 words there
    ... what is the point in making someone write one hundred words
    wooo ninety one two three four five six seven eight nine ten!!!!!!! :D
  • This show has become one of my favorites in second place imo. First, One Tree Hill, then 90210, and third, Gossip Girl. :)

    I never liked the old beverly hills due to it not being part of my generation. I do however LOVE the new 90210! It is absolutely amazing. Annie/Ethan is going down as one of my top five tv couples! Naomi is catty in the best possible way and Adrianna/Navid are so cute...they just have to get back together. Silver/Dixon is...or was great! I cant wait for the new episode to air next month!!! Donna is also coming back I heard and that should be great, though I really dont know any of the old charecters I think its cool. I'm a big fan of Brenda and not so much of a Kelly fan but Jennie Garth is an amazing actress!
  • I am in love with this show. 100%.

    This show is great. The pilot to the show started off very well, and in a "sexy" way. It deals with issues that teenagers are actually facing today... it may spice them up a bit, but it makes it interesting and hold the interest of the viewer. They have made some great cast changes, like getting rid of the old grandma as a regular, and instead adding Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) as a series regular. It is getting a 29 episode first season, so obviously people like it :) And it has already been said by the creator that he expects a 31 episode second season :)
  • i was convinced it would be cheesy but now I know I was wrong this show is amazing!

    I remember old 90210, it felt like it was all about right and wrong. Brenda and Brandon perfect sis and brother role models surrounded by big spoiled Hollywood.Modern version is so much better. I'm so happy they did this spin off, finally something that I can watch and get excited about. These girls remind me of my HS times, stealing boyfriends, dates, problems with parents, temptations. I can't wait to see another serial, it's going to be another week to get there and I can't wait to see how our fighting girls will handle ne situation. Everything got so emotional!
  • Look forward to it every week.

    I didn't realize how obsessed I was with this show until the 2 week break after episode 7. The episode capture my attention and so do the characters. Not only are the kids lives complicated but the parents are aswell. More often then not a teen drama does not survive without added drama from the parents. The love triangle of Annie Ethan and Naomi or Annie Ethan and Ty (take your pick) had my attention from the beginning.Love triangles are a must have in teen dramas. Also bringing back the old characters from the original. I love Kelly and Brenda. Definitaly my guilty pleasure at the moment. I couldn't love this show more.
  • Come on give It a Chance.

    I really like the show, I think the people they chose really have good chemistry. I think they have real life problems and should relate to today's teenagers. I also like seeing Brenda back, and I think it'd be interesting to see Dylan back with Brenda and not Kelly. And Brandon comes back for Kelly, that'd be interesting. However, it's weird seeing Erin Silver all grown up, looks nothing like the little girl on the original, and where the heck is David at? No mention of him yet, even though he is Silver's older brother. This show has potential, as long as they don't rehash the same exact things as in the original. But so far very interesting, however why don't they show Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez more. She should be part of the group and of course bring back Andrea.
  • The Wilson family moves to Beverly Hills and encounters a lot of surprises as they make new friends, enemies and rivals.

    Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely love 90210. This was the one new TV show that I was looking forward to the most this year, and so far I have not been disappointed by it at all. It's such a great show. All of the characters are great, especially Silver, Navid, Naomi, Ryan and Tabitha. It's also been great having Brenda and Kelly from the original Beverly Hills 90210 appear on the show. I really like the Ryan and Kelly romance. I also really like the Dixon and Silver romance as well as Ethan and Annie romance. I also kind of like the Ethan and Naomi romance too, but I'm still hoping that Ethan and Annie eventually hook up. I'm so glad that they decided to make Adrianna a series regular because she is a very interesting character. All things considered, I think that this is a very well written, well acted and well made show from everyone involved, and I hope that 90210 stays on the air for a very long time.
  • No this is not just another teen show. Me myself hated the old 90210, but this is just perfect! All I need for my daily fix !

    Not only is the show surprisingly awesome, but the characters/actors are spectacular! They really did a great job whit the cast! I'm not a fan of Kelly and Brenda still being a part of the show, but i guess that would remove the whole purpose of this being the generation of "beverly's". Living in Denmark, new shows like this don't come around often, so for me this is a true lifesaver! I must admit i did not download this because i was thrilled about a new 90210, but merely because i was curious, and now my sister and I watch every week with enormous pleasure!
  • If u like The O.C. or Priviledged you will run for this one for sure. Nice chicks, nice boys, nice story and nothing too hard for a chilled evening.

    Where can I start? Well, I like this show very much, and its getting better and better with every episode, butif you're someone who expects hard understanding storylines and very clever conversations, than u should not start watching this show. Its all about parties, relationships, love and money. If you have seen the old show, you will perhaps like the new one cos of some of the old characters coming back on screen. But perhaps u will even like it cos of its still nice and slow atmosphere without too much drama and disaster. Some of the actors are very good even if their roles arent too hard, but u will see what i mean. If u like something for a sweet little evening at home, u will like this one for sure..
  • awesome show

    90210 is definetly my guilty pleasure :) yes i have heard that its not AS good as the old one. Then again, I never watched the old one, so why the heck should I care? It's the new 90210, so I believe people should see it as an entirely different show. But that's not going to happen sadly. But I definetly like it. Yes, some parts may be cliche and cheesy, but who doesn't want that in a teen soap? Their not supposed to be REALISTIC. Anyways, awesome plots, amazing characters, not to mention cute looking actors, and GREAT set. All in all, I couldn't want more from this show, except more episodes :)
  • Best

    this episode was by far one of the best I LOVEDD ITT every minute of it only the part when we find out dylan is the father i hate it i wanted to be brandon and know that kelly is leaving i think she is leaving by next episode which im sad because i love her and i want to see more beverly hills 90210 stars like david,donna,valerie,brandon,steve and more but not dylan loll anyways cant wait for the next episode and the dvd and of course season 2 im soo praying to have a season 2 because its an amazing series and i cant wait to see whats happening next:)
  • We meet a new cast of charaters (More residence of the Beverly Hills 90210 zip code.) Some things never change even at West Beverly High. But we also see how otehr things have changed over the years. Its a new life, its a new world.

    I think it is great having some of the old cast back as adults. It shows that life does go on with our favorite friends even after the cameras are off (or after a series ends. It is great seeing Shannon back in Beverly Hills 90210. We also hear what is going on with Brenda's twin brother Brandon as she and Kelly talk about old times at no place otehr then the Peach Pit. Even though that it has change over the years. It is going to be good to see Kelly and Brenda dealing with teenage problems again. Have they learned anything and if so lets see how they apply it to these kids. Once again it is a new life and its a new world and what has happened to these old friends over the years. Guess we will just have to wait and see. By the way who is the father to Kelly's son. HMMMM. Is it who we think it could be or is there a twist in there somewhere.
  • Love the old and new, very worthwhile watching.

    I am a 42 year old woman and have recently tuned in to the old Beverly Hills 90210 shows, that as a young adult never really interested me. But once I gave them a shot, I am tvoing every episode in order every single day it's on. I am officially hooked on that show, and don't know why I never gave it a chance back then. So naturally when I heard there was a new one out, I had to tune in. And my 16 year old daugher and I LOVE it! We will not miss any of them, and are very happy there will be more to come. I just really hope Luke Perry will reprise his role as Dylan. Bringing the old characters back, Kelly, Brenda, and Nat too makes it all worthwhile to watch. Keep up the good work, and we'll keep watching!!
  • I love this show, it's an amazing new high school drama.

    I love this show, it's an amazing new high school drama!! This is great because The OC ended a few years ago an One Tree Hill isn't about high school anymore. I like the storylines, they are refreshing! For me a lot of new faces who fit the characters. The only storyline I hate is Adrianna, but I think that's because what she did last week (A). I don't think it should be compared with the old Beverly Hills 90210, besides the name and surrounding. The old one was awesome, but different then the new one. I do like that a few old characters appear, it remembers me of the good old times. I hope this show will be around for the next few years.
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