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  • The season starts off with Annie, Dixon and their family move to Beverly Hills from Kansas to take care of their elderly grandmother. They soon realize that Beverly Hills is a whole new world with a different rules.

    90210 what can i say about it. Back when the original Beverly Hills 90210 was on, i was young and I wasn't interested. But as I grew up, I soon realized that the show was iconic and wonderful. When I heard that a remake was being done, I thought TV was hitting the bottom of the the creative barrel. But after watching it tonight, I could see great potential for a new classic. You can't remake a classic, but you can make it a classic for the new generation. Annie and Dixon are not exactly Brandon and Brenda but close with some work. The parents have potential and having the Mother from Arrested Development as their grandmother was genius. The Beverly Hills kids are good and can't wait to see them lure the newbies astray. But the best was having Kelly and Brenda back. I hope that the two Alumni will stay for the duration of the season. But I will definitely be tuning into next week episode
  • i was excited about the show coming back. i also liked the old characters returning. the peach pit being included was great. i hope the peach pit remains a good part of the show.

    I did not like the cursing in the show. these are teenagers not adults speaking like that. i am not fond of the cursing teenagers. i felt like not much emphasis was on the family that moved in. i did like silver. she was great. i am glad some of the people from the old 90210 will be part of the show. i am sure it will get better just like the old 90210 got better. i also did not like the part about the ethan and the girl in the car making out. i want the show to be pure at first then all the things that go along with teenagers come into the show. i liked it but a few things that i mentioned i hope will change.
  • A decent show considering that they are attemping to link the other old show with this one. Now on the other hand lets get to the review....

    The show started out boring and made me sleepy at times but the drama started to pick up and Kelly and Brenda made it more interesting.So my overall percentage of me continuing to follow the show is 50% based on that the new characters are interesting and Ethan is a cutie and if and only if the show producers can get more of the old character's back because I do want to know what they would of went on to do if the show stayed on longer.Now as for the conflicts and Drama I see abrupting on the show with the new characters seems abit old news because what more can you add to an already filled teen drama tv so I know things the producers come up with are going to be very predictable and something I already seen so that's my only concern. So the new 90210 is Decent.
  • A whole new look at an old idea

    All I can say is so far, so good. The show has an enormous amount of potential to be great. The new characters pique your interest, while veteran actors Rob Estes, Jennie Garth, et. al. appeal to original fans. It was great to see a new look on an old show. The entire idea seemed silly at first but they pulled it off fairly well. It was great to see Shannon Doherty and Jennie Garth on screen again, even though it isn't going to last. It is a great way to hook in fans of Beverly Hills 90210, while trying to hook in a younger audience. The premier show was great, now if they can only keep it going...
  • New Rich Teen's in Beverly Hills meet old teen's from Beverly Hills now as adults and get into thier own set of mischief and life lessons. Def. worth watching!

    "90210" does a great job at bringing back the world of rich teens with issues from california that live in a very famous zip code.The show also brings in some past nostalgia from the famous older brother "Beverly Hills,90210".
    Definitely will be a good show to watch evolve into something of it's own. The inclusion of Jenny Garth and Shannen Doherty is great and makes it feel like you just found a brand new pair of jeans you used to love growing up. The show is showrunned by the creators of Freaks and Geeks and Life as we know it, so im sure once it's done with it's "pilot" phase it will develop everyone and cut it down to the essentials much like the original did all those years ago. I look forward to being back in 90210.
  • A good beginning, stick with it and watch it be great !!!

    I was a huge fan of the original 90210, i am now 35 and when i found out they were making this i was, well, beyond excited.
    Im still that teenager at heart, i think we all are and the chance to go back and see some of our favourite characters from the past you just cant pass up.

    I know a lot of people didnt like this but omg i loved it.
    for the pilot i think it was excellent, i mean do any of you even remember the original 90210 pilot at all ??
    It was terrible, cheesey, and badly written but you fell in love with the charaters just like your gonna fall in love with these ones.

    You have to give this show a chance, yes there are many characters, yes there are many plots but this is prime time tv people, its complicated and fascinating and will kepp me tuned in every single week.

    Just as a reference point LOST anyone ? most complicated show in history but also one of the most popular shows ever made !!!!

    Anyway here is my take on some of the characters....

    I absolutely loved Ethan, he is the popular boy with the sensitive heart thats tough on the outside but just desperately wants someone to see him.

    Naomi, the superb***h who is underrated i think, nobody has any expectations of her and thinks she is stupid but i think that will be what spurs her on to prove to everyone she isnt dumb and she will end up at yale mark my words.

    Dixon - Loved him, how cute is that boy, super super cute can totally see him and silver hooking up . Silver - i love her, she looks a bit like megan fox i think, very sultry, sexy but totally messed up. I think dixon can be the boy that turns her around, i think if he gives her his heart it will give her peace.

    Navid - that boy is SEXY, i love love love love him, if i was a teenager i would definitely be dating him, smart, a geek, but gorgeous..

    Annie and Ty, brenda and dylan anyone ? New girl, richest boy in school!! I love it, ty is cute, rich, popular, and extremely sweet, but ethan is already in love with annie so thats gonna be an intersting triangle i think.

    Ryan matthews - how old is he supposed to be because that man is hot hot hot hot, i can see a potential student teacher relationship going on with him and naomi tho, however i loved the way he looks at kelly, very cute...

    Debbie and Harrison - cute couple, he the rich kid wanting a normal life, she the farm girl, i like it, debbie seems like a really cool mom to have, i just hope they dont try and turn her into cindy, i like the fact that she has her own career, i think harrison is gorgeous and i think he plays the principle very well..

    Kelly Taylor - how good is it to see kelly back, i really really hope that the writers dont give her some major crap like she had last time, i love the fact that she has a son but i just hope it isnt dylans, that storyline was just so tiring, its like they only went back to each other because they didnt have anyone else. Id like to see someone fresh and new be sammys dad.

    Brenda, not much screen time but COME ON - i loved her, i was really mad she left the original series in fact i was so mad i actually stopped watching the show alltogether.
    I have just started buying the show on dvd to catch up and am currently awaiting season 4.

    I hope brenda stays, i think she would make a great drama teacher although i was a bit confused as to why she was bought in to direct the play as there seemed to be a director already there, its like they were in such a rush to bring brenda back they didnt think of the reason she was there in the 1st place.

    I was however confused about 1 thing.

    1. Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez

    Andrea didnt have hannah until 1994 which would make hannah 14 and im pretty sure she wouldnt be at west beverly at 14 unless you guys changed the rules im sure she would of been at junior high, am i wrong in that assumption ???

    Anyway on the whole i gave it an 8.5 i do think it has the capacity to be great i just think we need to give it a chance.

    Roll on next week !!!!
  • Well, what can you say when the reason why you watch girly shows all the time, claims to be back on screen? You don't say a word and just watch it...

    ...and that's where it gets interesting! Since I first learned about 90210 from BRAVO-magazine (sorry it's the German standard for kids to learn about things they shounldn't), I was pretty much hooked to the whole Beverly Hills thing. I enjoyed watching those awesome kids do their awesome stuff with their tons of money. All things that couldn't be further from my reality. I was an average wealthy kid with average cloth doing average things. Nothings special at all. So when I heard there was a follow-up on 90210 I couldn't but watch the damn thing that sprung from the show pretty much got me interested in girls (I had a huge crush on Kelly), clothes and parties and I must say...didn't knock me over! But then again I'm not a teenager anymore, I have a life now and in this life I've seen a million shows just like it. On the pro side: It's not bad at all. The story is linked but not copied, the protagonists are attractive at first sight (it took me about 3 seasons to halfway like Steve and Andrea) and it brings some memories back. On the Contra side: It has no potential whatsoever to be as legendary as 90210 was in the 90ies. So by my logic that means: Watch it, if you're a real fan of that kinda shows (not only 90210 but all the others in between as well) and kind your hands of it, if you're looking to replace the deep gap Kelly, Dylan and co left 8 yrs ago! Best wishes to everyone, FF
  • Oh my god. I this the new version? So B Movie.

    So it's time for a new version of an great old serie. And what do they do? They turn it into an ugly, childish B movie type of serie. Why? Did they think they can live on the old one and just do whatever? It sure feels like that when you watch this first episode.

    There are so many great series today, why did they screw this one up?

    Well maybe I need to live in the US to like this new version more, I dunno.. but I do know that I'm not going to follow this one.

    My score: 2 of 10. Very bad!
  • A new light

    This series is defently a new light on tv. When i saw the two pilot episodes, i really like it. The series has its twists and drama like the old series but i liked this much more beacuse this one is modern with great characters. I think that you see a bigger picture when you look at the episodes, you can directly see whats what. If the serie continues to be this good its going to be hard to stand in its way so i think everyone should give it a chance with a open mind. thank you

    // rk
  • The show is about high schoolers in 90210.

    The show is amazing. My new favorite show. The charters are great. I love Silver she is a good character and she is really edgy. I love how she dresses. The grandma is awsome and i hope she is on more. She adds humor to the show. I like that. I watched the origanal when it was on and i loved it. I was hoping this one would live up to the hype and it did! All i know is that i will be watching it every week. And if you r not watching it u r missing out. I recomend it to any teenager!
  • Good beginning

    I don't know why the reviews are all so bad. Maybe cause the show is being reviewed by people past their prime. Either way, I enjoyed it. It was awesome to see Kelly and Nat again. I love the clothes and the music.

    I think that the show is refreshing and I am definitely going to keep watching. It would be so great if they continue to bring people from the old show back. I really hope that Tori Spelling decides to come back to the show. Anyone who liked the old series, Gossip Girl, the OC, will like this show for sure.
  • This show is what teen dramas should.

    Having not being a fan of the original i never had expectations for this. Me being curious i tried it out and i was surprised, this ups the ante on the Gossip Girl scandalous scale. Although i love Gossip Girl, 90210 pulled off a much better, more interesting series premiere and for that, the witty writing i can now officially call myself an avid fan. From the beginning with a view as though you're flying over the Hollywood sign to the final scene between Annie, Ty and Ethan i sat shocked at how good a teen drama can actually be. This one is definetly a trendsetter, all teen dramas should be like this and i hope it's success can bring The CW success.
  • Really!!! A perfect example for when the writers just cannot create nothing new. the 90's have past and one the best show that have ever been made vanished with them.

    The 90210 is no way near the original show.
    as an original BH90210 far way back from 90' i am very disappointed, cause the 90210 didn’t bring nothing new to us. the richest kids of L.A just became more rich and spoiled then even before.
    This is a fine example for a bad copycat of the original series.
    Even the soundtrack of the series sounds much worse then the original one even so it is almost the same soundtrack:)
    and also the bad ideas that i;ve noticed in the 2 first episodes. Kelly got back to same school, hana zukerman back to L.A,Silver(Erin) got BLACK hear now, a new gotic style for a blond erin that we all remember... common. shanon(branda) is back since she left the series not a single % progress in hers career has been made.
    in the end I must want to say the anyone who is disagree with me’ must watch the season 1-7 and you will understand.
  • Unoriginal, uncreative, regurgitated hollywood garbage. Do the people who create or rather recreate these horrible tv shows actually get paid for it? Where do I apply?

    Unoriginal to the point of not even creating a new name, except for dropping a couple words off the title from the original series. Does anyone intelligent actually care what the heck a bunch of spoiled rich kids living in California are doing? I sure don't! Unoriginal, uncreative, regurgitated hollywood garbage. Do the people who create or rather recreate these horrible tv shows actually get paid for it? Where do I apply? I need a 100 words, 100 words, 100 words, 100 words, 100 words, 100 words, 100 words, 100 words, 100 words, 100 words, 100 words, 100 words. The End.
  • Good music, good cast, but poor boring script that has been seen time and time again.

    The only reason I gave it a four was Shenae Grimes and Jenny Garth on the cast, the music, and the idea of having Tristan Wilds (Dixon, the brother) play a role that is very unique to television: an african american adopted by a white family. Other than that, it seems more like a soap opera, you know the ones that keep going and going and plot lines get more obscure after each episode, mind you, there have only been TWO episodes. I yawned and turned off the TV, ten minutes into the 2nd episode. It just didn't intrigue me.

    Maybe there's a sense of intrigue when the show is set in a city foreign to you like how gossip girls is set in new york but after watching this show and being a native to LA, seeing how the school had a parking lot full of really expensive sport cars or huge SUVs was really ridiculous and really insulting. Too glamorized for my taste which is ironic because I really like gossip girl.

    Typical teenage drama storyline: new nice and innocent girl from a rural area comes to school upsets the most popular girl, befriends an outcast, catches the eye the the most popular guy who is so conveniently a jock with a good heart. then there are really awkward drama going on with the adults which i would assume to be a way to entice an older audience, possibly the people who grew up with the original 90210 series? what else am i missing?? hmm... *SPOILER* the new girl will fall into a bad crowd, and will wonder if she likes the way she is becoming. yeahh... seen it too many times before

    i say, jenny garth should star in her own show. she was good in what i like about you. make her a mom like in this series! now that is a show i would be willing to watch.
  • So bad it's not even good. I usually love everything LA related. I don't care for originality, but I do care about... Good atmosphere.

    So bad it's not even good.
    I usually love everything LA related. I don't care for originality, but I do care about... Good atmosphere. About interesting characters. And above all good actors.
    These so called actors are so bad it's not even funny. All the girls are beautiful, ya. But... the acting is horrible I just can't keep watching it.
    Thank god I just finally ordered the complete series of OC, so I can watch an actual good california series.

    So bad it's not even good.
    I usually love everything LA related. I don't care for originality, but I do care about... Good atmosphere. About interesting characters. And above all good actors.
  • It could be better, but it definitely has potential. Love the clothes, great music, and a good cast.

    I absolutely loved the clothes and the plot was pretty good. I am looking forward to see where it goes. The show has a pretty good cast and I like that Jennie Garth is on the show replaying her old character, Kelly. I always liked her on the show What I Like About You with Amanda Bynes. My favorite character on the show so far is Silver played by Jessica Stroup who was great on the television show Reaper and the movie Prom Night with Brittany Snow. I will probably be tuning in next Tuesday to see what happens next!! Love all the drama!!
  • West Coast Gossip Girl it is NOT!

    Okay, so when I saw the previews for 90210 a few months ago I was excited. I LOVED Beverly Hills 90210 when I was a teenager, and have recently been watching the reruns on SoapNet. In the past year, I've become hooked on Gossip Girl, and thought this was the perfect time to bring back 90210. Beverly Hills is just as, if not more, trendy than New York City. I thought I would like 90210 just as much as Gossip Girl. Boy, was I wrong!

    The characters seem like they are trying to have a bad side, but really, they are all pretty squeaky clean. Are these what West Coast teena are really like? If so, they are NOT entertaining and do not deserve their own show. I give this 1 season at most.
  • "If You Wanna Live In The Zip, You Gotta Know The Code"

    This show is great. It really recaptures the magic of a show that was really a turning point in TVTeen drama, OK so the original 90210 may have been better but not only do we get a hot new cast but we also ge some old favs back like Jennie Garth who has since found fae in the show What I Like About You. And shannon Dorhety who was also in another one of my favourite show's (Charmed). Many people have critizied it but i really think it is really great. The New storylines could really make the show take off and could turn out to boost the CW's ratings as the xw has a great host of dramas (I.E One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Smallville and Gossip Girl) So To Sum up i think that if you like the old 90210 then this is for you but if you we're to young to remember the old one this could drag you in .
  • 90210 A world famous zip code is back on tv.

    A classic hit from the 90's is making its way back onto the tube. In the 90's as a teenager i watched this show all the time. I would never miss it each week. Kelly, Brenda, Brandon, Luke, Tori, all great characters created a master piece for the young crowd. Now about 10 years later its back the same zip code with some of the past charcters such as Kelly, Brenda and Ned. this show i beleive will start strong with the teens and those who watched the original show. I hope this show does last and becomes a success as it is my guilty pleasure.
  • This review is about flashing back to the good old days & i'm so surpised to see 3 of my favorite tv shows are joining together as one in the famous zip code.

    I was a big fan of beverly hills 90210 back in the day but i think i like this new one, because kelly tayler's mom is so messed up & is getting out of control with her Alcohol problems. I also is excited that Tori Speling(Donna Martain) is coming back to the cast & shannon doherty(Brenda Walsh). I just wish that Kelly's old bffs would come back that'd be so awesome if they'd did. Rob Estes was hillarious back on melrose place in the 90's & so is Lori Loughlin from Full House. I kinda knew 90210 would come back from the begining.
  • In comes in 5th place

    well degrassi is better is way better she should come back to that show if she wants to become a stay a good actress
    so as gossip girl better story better cast and secret life ..good story and good lines which makes it good they could of made it better , and a better story
    91210 the old one is way better i will see it if i have nothing else to see
    anyways its not a favort and the cast needs approvement
    and it needs a better story like i said before and anyways i dont recommend to see it if i got something else to do
  • this new 90210 is nothing like the original,

    the story is not working... i mean annie meets ty and goes on a first date to his private jet, who does that? the original 90210 had a more intense story with bad boy dylan and boy scout brandon... like you could feel the intensity just by watching and that was the premeire episode, still feel it in re - runs. remember brenda and dylan flirting?... that was intense. this new 90210 i didn't feel nothin'. you can't recreate 90210, what were they thinking?the new 90210 needs a better script and more original stories lines that are not predictable. i might keep watching just to see if it gets any better.
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  • One of the most unoriginal shows ever. this could be on disney channel, read this.

    This is really unoriginal. Seriously. How many times have you seen those cheesy shows about the really close Kansas family who moves to California? Exactly..about every drama. Also, how many times have you seen a show where your embarassed about family night? exactly this show. How many times have you seen a show where the rich kids parents don't care about their parents? exactly this show. how many times have you seen a show where you catch your dad cheating on your mom? exactly this show. We've all seen this stuff before. and all the stuff we've already seen is all this is. This show does not live up to it's standards. And does not deserve to be on the same network as other awesome teen dramas such as gossip girl. this show isn't even racy. all this kids are goody-goodies. this show will get canceled. seriously, this could be on Disney channel!
  • haven't we meet before?

    this has "south of nowhere" written all over it... the new kids in town, the adopted brother, the two best friends dispute 'cos one of them could keep her mouth shut, and of course the new kid takes her place... to be honest i was looking forward to this premier but i am royally disappointed... if it's going to be the same i'd rather be watching south of nowhere...
    the only parts i like were when the old characters came up... it was good to see their new lives... may be it would be best to bring them all back and just take the new guys out!! hehe
  • They shouldn't even thought of remaking this.

    What good can you get from a television show that's based for teens, just don't hold your breath on it because your not going to receive many good things from it all.

    Am really not going to waste a box of empty space saying the pros and cons, no matter what i say tv.com people will get angry at me and send out there goons to stop my views. So simple
    And so sweet off the cherry tree.

    Not the show to waste your time on. Possibly better teen drama shows out there to get a better point of views. I never liked rich kids with problems. Because mostly they solve it with money and some more money. My short point of view of what i see of a pointless show.
  • Love the original but hate the new show. What they should have done was bought back the original casts and see how their lives have change and add drama to it.

    When I saw the preview I was hoping it was going to be good if not better. I love watching the Brenda and Kelly part, it's the rest that bores me. Need a better script and better looking casts. There got to be drama that grabs you into the show but it seems more like lack of acting skills and not enough drama. It feels like some high school kids in a drama class, just acting out the parts, there's no real feeling between the characters. I grew up watching 90210 and love every minute of it until they start to change the casts, that's when I stop watching it.
  • pretty decent show. I watched the original when i was younger, and have recently started re-watching them. The original was very, and i mean very cheasy. 90210 seemed to me very similar to the orignal, but without the cheese. I'll stick with it

    pretty decent show. I watched the original when i was younger, and have recently started re-watching them. The original was very, and i mean very cheasy. 90210 seemed to me very similar to the orignal, but without the cheese. I'll stick with it. I liked the characters alot, but thought the acting was pretty bad, especially from "Degrassi's" Shanae Grimes, in which i usually like her in. Overall I'm definitley going to stick with it for a couple weeks, then who knows, maybe I'll b e h o o k e d a n d k e e p w a t c h i n g ! ! !
  • I like it, I do, but the original was better..the plot lines are so expected already...

    The base of so many shows these days is the same - beautiful girls, handsome man, alcohol, hot mamas. Combine all these in a juicy, nasty, plot of cheating, kissing, sexing, and get the average show.

    90210 used to be cutting edge, but today, the new addition seems forced. Don't get me wrong - I like it, I do, but the original was better.. the plot lines are so expected already...

    The world didn't need another oh - so - expected plot with the great looking people and the beautiful houses. So yes, it IS Beverly Hills, but somehow it seems like it's too much of the same.
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