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  • this show is just wrong, it should have stayed dead.

    Since the cast won't kill themselves off through the first season in a series of sex and drug related escapades I'm not interested.....oh that isn't enough words....

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    There that is 100 words......I've wasted far too much time trying to say I don't like this show...
  • Nostalgic

    I don't think it deserves the same name of the old show... that was "interactive"... this is very lame and boring.
  • shhhhh... I used to watch the old series too.

    Ok.. the only reason why I started watching this TV Show was because of Jessica Stroup, if you don't know who she is, she's Silver. Ok, about the show. They stuck with the Brother-Sister which is good since everybody in the past loved the twin idea, the story is revolving around new people but they are also bringing the past into the future which I think is pretty cool. More episodes, more interesting stories. It's kind of like a boy slowly showing the girl his dating how weird he is coz he collects stuffed animals. We can only imagine how the story revolves but I think it would be richest guy will lose to cheating guy for sister of black guy, but then cheating guy makes a mistake and sister will go back to richest guy, black guy also makes a mistake with Silver and she runs into richest guy, who then makes a mistake by kissing richest guy and world revolves around persian guy who ends comforting divorcing parent girl. etc. sorry, i dont memorize their names. hehe.
  • I believe it is somewhat interesting. ~XD~

    I think this show has good actors though they need more experience as actors. I do not think it is that of an awesome show. Also I have watched it once; the new season so I dont know that much about it but I would not recommend it to someone else anytime, any day. It needs to meet many requirements that other great shows have. But I would continue watching and give it a chance. I hope everyone else does, too. I am going to continue watching it and hopefully it will get more better and interesting. I hope so.
  • Great show, great actors. With actress Joelle ten Damme as Susan Elwood on 90210

    I love this show! Great characters, great actors and might I say even better than the old 90210 series! Were the old series also my favorite show to watch in the nineties, I really do believe that this version is more updated and appeals more to people of this day and age. I still love the old actors that were in the original series, and the feud between Brenda and Kelly is classic! Althought it would have been great if they could have included more actors from the old show in these new series I enjoy watching it just as much as the old ones!
    Note: Also with actress Joelle ten Damme starring as Susan Elwood
  • Annie is starting to grow on me!

    Ok Annie is starting to grow on me! Her character is growing. I wouldn't call her mean, I would call her aggressive. She is not letting people walk all over her. (FOr example, the recent ep when Naomi sent out the sextext.) Her character is hostile now and is tired of being mistreated. She still has a lot to learn, but standing up for oneself is the first thing to learn in High School. It builds self confidence and pride. It must have been difficult for her to do that when you feel totally ashamed. I hope she keeps it up and doesn't let anyone walk all over her. I hope she can forgive herself for what she did when she ran over that man. I hope she is able to turn herself in to the authorities. And I really hope she learns to not solve her problems by drinking. Now I am sounding like a parent. Anyway, keep up the good work. Don't let me down!
  • The season starts off with Annie, Dixon and their family move to Beverly Hills from Kansas to take care of their elderly grandmother. They soon realize that Beverly Hills is a whole new world with a different rules.

    90210 what can i say about it. Back when the original Beverly Hills 90210 was on, i was young and I wasn't interested. But as I grew up, I soon realized that the show was iconic and wonderful. When I heard that a remake was being done, I thought TV was hitting the bottom of the the creative barrel. But after watching it tonight, I could see great potential for a new classic. You can't remake a classic, but you can make it a classic for the new generation. Annie and Dixon are not exactly Brandon and Brenda but close with some work. The parents have potential and having the Mother from Arrested Development as their grandmother was genius. The Beverly Hills kids are good and can't wait to see them lure the newbies astray. But the best was having Kelly and Brenda back. I hope that the two Alumni will stay for the duration of the season. But I will definitely be tuning into next week episode
  • West Coast Gossip Girl it is NOT!

    Okay, so when I saw the previews for 90210 a few months ago I was excited. I LOVED Beverly Hills 90210 when I was a teenager, and have recently been watching the reruns on SoapNet. In the past year, I've become hooked on Gossip Girl, and thought this was the perfect time to bring back 90210. Beverly Hills is just as, if not more, trendy than New York City. I thought I would like 90210 just as much as Gossip Girl. Boy, was I wrong!

    The characters seem like they are trying to have a bad side, but really, they are all pretty squeaky clean. Are these what West Coast teena are really like? If so, they are NOT entertaining and do not deserve their own show. I give this 1 season at most.
  • A good beginning, stick with it and watch it be great !!!

    I was a huge fan of the original 90210, i am now 35 and when i found out they were making this i was, well, beyond excited.
    Im still that teenager at heart, i think we all are and the chance to go back and see some of our favourite characters from the past you just cant pass up.

    I know a lot of people didnt like this but omg i loved it.
    for the pilot i think it was excellent, i mean do any of you even remember the original 90210 pilot at all ??
    It was terrible, cheesey, and badly written but you fell in love with the charaters just like your gonna fall in love with these ones.

    You have to give this show a chance, yes there are many characters, yes there are many plots but this is prime time tv people, its complicated and fascinating and will kepp me tuned in every single week.

    Just as a reference point LOST anyone ? most complicated show in history but also one of the most popular shows ever made !!!!

    Anyway here is my take on some of the characters....

    I absolutely loved Ethan, he is the popular boy with the sensitive heart thats tough on the outside but just desperately wants someone to see him.

    Naomi, the superb***h who is underrated i think, nobody has any expectations of her and thinks she is stupid but i think that will be what spurs her on to prove to everyone she isnt dumb and she will end up at yale mark my words.

    Dixon - Loved him, how cute is that boy, super super cute can totally see him and silver hooking up . Silver - i love her, she looks a bit like megan fox i think, very sultry, sexy but totally messed up. I think dixon can be the boy that turns her around, i think if he gives her his heart it will give her peace.

    Navid - that boy is SEXY, i love love love love him, if i was a teenager i would definitely be dating him, smart, a geek, but gorgeous..

    Annie and Ty, brenda and dylan anyone ? New girl, richest boy in school!! I love it, ty is cute, rich, popular, and extremely sweet, but ethan is already in love with annie so thats gonna be an intersting triangle i think.

    Ryan matthews - how old is he supposed to be because that man is hot hot hot hot, i can see a potential student teacher relationship going on with him and naomi tho, however i loved the way he looks at kelly, very cute...

    Debbie and Harrison - cute couple, he the rich kid wanting a normal life, she the farm girl, i like it, debbie seems like a really cool mom to have, i just hope they dont try and turn her into cindy, i like the fact that she has her own career, i think harrison is gorgeous and i think he plays the principle very well..

    Kelly Taylor - how good is it to see kelly back, i really really hope that the writers dont give her some major crap like she had last time, i love the fact that she has a son but i just hope it isnt dylans, that storyline was just so tiring, its like they only went back to each other because they didnt have anyone else. Id like to see someone fresh and new be sammys dad.

    Brenda, not much screen time but COME ON - i loved her, i was really mad she left the original series in fact i was so mad i actually stopped watching the show alltogether.
    I have just started buying the show on dvd to catch up and am currently awaiting season 4.

    I hope brenda stays, i think she would make a great drama teacher although i was a bit confused as to why she was bought in to direct the play as there seemed to be a director already there, its like they were in such a rush to bring brenda back they didnt think of the reason she was there in the 1st place.

    I was however confused about 1 thing.

    1. Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez

    Andrea didnt have hannah until 1994 which would make hannah 14 and im pretty sure she wouldnt be at west beverly at 14 unless you guys changed the rules im sure she would of been at junior high, am i wrong in that assumption ???

    Anyway on the whole i gave it an 8.5 i do think it has the capacity to be great i just think we need to give it a chance.

    Roll on next week !!!!
  • Good beginning

    I don't know why the reviews are all so bad. Maybe cause the show is being reviewed by people past their prime. Either way, I enjoyed it. It was awesome to see Kelly and Nat again. I love the clothes and the music.

    I think that the show is refreshing and I am definitely going to keep watching. It would be so great if they continue to bring people from the old show back. I really hope that Tori Spelling decides to come back to the show. Anyone who liked the old series, Gossip Girl, the OC, will like this show for sure.
  • 90210

    90210 is full of dramma and is a great show to whatch love it so much
  • For a show that uses the title/background of an original great 90's landmark show Beverly Hills 90210 this show has ridicuously gone downhill


    Season one was honestly a good season. We got to see kelly and brenda reunite and were introduced to some promising new characters/story lines. Silver and Ethan were a promising couple but when season 2 started he disappeared. Adrianna was just a psycho since season one and Annie was so annoying in season 2 with the whole I killed someone saga. Naomi provided some laughs but now even her humor isn't cutting it. This show did not let audiences fall in love with the characters. It needs to ends by this May. There is no character development, ratings are low, and NO future for 90210.

  • I am afraid this completely crashed for me on the pilot - a feature length episode and still it failed to inspire any empathy for any character and it doesn't bring anything remotely interesting to the table.

    I never watched the original 90210, yet this one appears to be lacking in many departments. what was most frustrating was the pacing and editing - we appeared to be in half scenes all the time; either it was the beginning half and then we cut to somewhere else, or we come in media res to the end of a scene without any attempt at build up for suspense or necessary space for acting - or some semblance of it. A classic example was that random scene where Ty comes to kiss Annie at the end - he's just at the steps and then it happens - no sense of romance or anything that might make a viewer be pulled in. And we've all seen these characters before, haven't we? So we could at least make them interesting - the actor playing Ethan looks bored. Everything seems a little disconnected as well, as if it's up to the viewers to put in the threads that will tie. Plus, the script is subpar. Perhaps if the writing was better we could forgive the lack of story. I thought there would be more glamour - I think this production team needs to take a leaf out of Josh Schwartz's book if they want to pull of something slick and entertaining, otherwise 90210 seems lost and all over the place.
  • i was excited about the show coming back. i also liked the old characters returning. the peach pit being included was great. i hope the peach pit remains a good part of the show.

    I did not like the cursing in the show. these are teenagers not adults speaking like that. i am not fond of the cursing teenagers. i felt like not much emphasis was on the family that moved in. i did like silver. she was great. i am glad some of the people from the old 90210 will be part of the show. i am sure it will get better just like the old 90210 got better. i also did not like the part about the ethan and the girl in the car making out. i want the show to be pure at first then all the things that go along with teenagers come into the show. i liked it but a few things that i mentioned i hope will change.
  • pretty decent show. I watched the original when i was younger, and have recently started re-watching them. The original was very, and i mean very cheasy. 90210 seemed to me very similar to the orignal, but without the cheese. I'll stick with it

    pretty decent show. I watched the original when i was younger, and have recently started re-watching them. The original was very, and i mean very cheasy. 90210 seemed to me very similar to the orignal, but without the cheese. I'll stick with it. I liked the characters alot, but thought the acting was pretty bad, especially from "Degrassi's" Shanae Grimes, in which i usually like her in. Overall I'm definitley going to stick with it for a couple weeks, then who knows, maybe I'll b e h o o k e d a n d k e e p w a t c h i n g ! ! !
  • Well, what can you say when the reason why you watch girly shows all the time, claims to be back on screen? You don't say a word and just watch it...

    ...and that's where it gets interesting! Since I first learned about 90210 from BRAVO-magazine (sorry it's the German standard for kids to learn about things they shounldn't), I was pretty much hooked to the whole Beverly Hills thing. I enjoyed watching those awesome kids do their awesome stuff with their tons of money. All things that couldn't be further from my reality. I was an average wealthy kid with average cloth doing average things. Nothings special at all. So when I heard there was a follow-up on 90210 I couldn't but watch the damn thing that sprung from the show pretty much got me interested in girls (I had a huge crush on Kelly), clothes and parties and I must say...didn't knock me over! But then again I'm not a teenager anymore, I have a life now and in this life I've seen a million shows just like it. On the pro side: It's not bad at all. The story is linked but not copied, the protagonists are attractive at first sight (it took me about 3 seasons to halfway like Steve and Andrea) and it brings some memories back. On the Contra side: It has no potential whatsoever to be as legendary as 90210 was in the 90ies. So by my logic that means: Watch it, if you're a real fan of that kinda shows (not only 90210 but all the others in between as well) and kind your hands of it, if you're looking to replace the deep gap Kelly, Dylan and co left 8 yrs ago! Best wishes to everyone, FF
  • 90210 A world famous zip code is back on tv.

    A classic hit from the 90's is making its way back onto the tube. In the 90's as a teenager i watched this show all the time. I would never miss it each week. Kelly, Brenda, Brandon, Luke, Tori, all great characters created a master piece for the young crowd. Now about 10 years later its back the same zip code with some of the past charcters such as Kelly, Brenda and Ned. this show i beleive will start strong with the teens and those who watched the original show. I hope this show does last and becomes a success as it is my guilty pleasure.
  • this is like the best show ever i will watch forever so dont cancel it pay them more if you have to h3ll i'll pay them lol just keep this 1 around for us

    omg i love this show i cant wait till the new episode i love the cast especially Teddy, you guys rock its like so my life here in ocala Florida but yeah ive been watching since the show premiered and i love oh and p.s. its so hot how Teddy is gay now in the show great looking out writer i speak for myself as well as the gay community that was like an honor and Naomi i love your style and swagger i wish i could meet all of you. the show is great and so insperational it help me finally get over my rape after all these years so thamk you
  • I am not one to over judge a show. This show is decent, its fun, its light, and it keeps me interested. I'll stay a fan of the zip and live by the code.

    I am not one to over judge a show. This show is decent, its fun, its light, and it keeps me interested. I'll stay a fan of the zip and live by the code. The characters are quite fun. As season one progressed characters like Ade and Silver grew deeper and more complex. The storylines became more interesting and not too cliche. Unfortunately I am currently staying overseas so I can't really watch season 2 but season 1 did leave me wanting to see more of the characters' evolution process. I hope to see the characters continue to grow. as well as new interesting characters. I was a fan of the original and am a fan of this remake. I do believe every generation deserves to get a 90210 adventure.
  • The Wilsons have a new zip code:90210.Annie must strt ovr & wrk hr way up the popularity chain.Dixon might jst hve 2 xplain the adoption story.Quickly be'n consumed in the drama of W.Bev High.A love triangle involv'n Annie,an old friend,a possible friend.

    Hello, If you've watched anything on the CW you've probably seen the constant bombardment and endorsement for this show.If you're outside waiting @ the bus stop or in your car looking @ ppl waiting for the bus,you'll see the poster alongside the bus schedule.If you're on foot you'll eventually see it on the side of a bus.It's that same poster,their in a pool shaped like the 5 digits that make 90210.Shenae Grimes happends to be in the last digit zero,looking amazing as **** all this hype let's see if they live up to it.So I tuned in,to my amazement it lived very much to the hype and endorsement.Maybe the shear beauty of Ms.Grimes kept me going,but eventually I was hooked.The Premier was entertaining.Every character had her/his own little side story.Every character had their woes.The music was fitting for the drama.So glad to have tuned in.Hope more ppl recognize it,& keep it going.90210.Paul standing bye!!!
  • The CW's version of Degrassi.

    The new 90210 is a good show. I decided to check out the show when I heard that Shenae Grimes from Degrassi would be starring in it of course Lori Loughlin is in it too. 90210 has some hard hitting stories. I love all the drama. Will Annie and Naomi ever remain friends for longer then an episode? It seems like as soon as they get along something happens to make Naomi mad at Annie. I feel kind of bad for Naomi because of her sister Jen who takes money from her and her boyfriend. Of course Naomi thinks it was Annie. I wonder what the new Season will be like? as good as Season 1. I hope it is.
  • I love this show, it's an amazing new high school drama.

    I love this show, it's an amazing new high school drama!! This is great because The OC ended a few years ago an One Tree Hill isn't about high school anymore. I like the storylines, they are refreshing! For me a lot of new faces who fit the characters. The only storyline I hate is Adrianna, but I think that's because what she did last week (A). I don't think it should be compared with the old Beverly Hills 90210, besides the name and surrounding. The old one was awesome, but different then the new one. I do like that a few old characters appear, it remembers me of the good old times. I hope this show will be around for the next few years.
  • Awesome Show With Great Story

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  • "If You Wanna Live In The Zip, You Gotta Know The Code"

    This show is great. It really recaptures the magic of a show that was really a turning point in TVTeen drama, OK so the original 90210 may have been better but not only do we get a hot new cast but we also ge some old favs back like Jennie Garth who has since found fae in the show What I Like About You. And shannon Dorhety who was also in another one of my favourite show's (Charmed). Many people have critizied it but i really think it is really great. The New storylines could really make the show take off and could turn out to boost the CW's ratings as the xw has a great host of dramas (I.E One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Smallville and Gossip Girl) So To Sum up i think that if you like the old 90210 then this is for you but if you we're to young to remember the old one this could drag you in .
  • A decent show considering that they are attemping to link the other old show with this one. Now on the other hand lets get to the review....

    The show started out boring and made me sleepy at times but the drama started to pick up and Kelly and Brenda made it more interesting.So my overall percentage of me continuing to follow the show is 50% based on that the new characters are interesting and Ethan is a cutie and if and only if the show producers can get more of the old character's back because I do want to know what they would of went on to do if the show stayed on longer.Now as for the conflicts and Drama I see abrupting on the show with the new characters seems abit old news because what more can you add to an already filled teen drama tv so I know things the producers come up with are going to be very predictable and something I already seen so that's my only concern. So the new 90210 is Decent.
  • A show that follows around a group of rich teenagers.

    The writing is awful...the acting even worse. But every week i still sit down to watch it. The plot line is only average and cliche, but for some unknown reason once i sit down in front of the tv i'm captivated for the next hour. This is such a guilty pleasure. Some thing about it keeps viewers entertained week after week. My favorite character would probably be Dixion. He seems the most real, however most of his storylines he is given are awful. I like him and Silver as a couple as well as Adrianna and Navid. Most of the main girls on this show seem really fake so over all i have to say i like the boys better. I love to hate this show.
  • I liked it at first, but now what?

    So basically, at the beginning, I tuned into 90210 because my aunt, back at the time, watched it 24/7. And it was good to me at first. But now, I feel like I just watch it because of Annie and Naomi and the other girls, not for the show itself. I used to think that all teen dramas were the same, and guess what?THEY ARE! GG, OTH, The OC, all of them. The same stuff. But to what degree will other people realize this? I don't know but in case another show comes up that is the same thing as this, DON'T WATCH!
  • I love the show but I think their is to much drama in the last few episodes!!

    When the show begon I didn't know what to expect. I had heard about beverly hills 90210 and I thought that was a lot of drama. I thought 90210 would be the same. When I saw the first episode i really liked the show and the episodes after that one were really fun to watch. But know I think the last few episodes are full with drama. Adriane coming out of rehab and being pregnant, silver being depressive, naomi her dad being accused of sleeping with a teenager and stuff like that. I still think it's a great show, but their is also a lot drama. (I apologize for my bad writing)
  • I loved the original so I thought that I would hate the a remake, normally the remake is never as good. but I was shocked to find that I really like the new version.

    I loved the original so I thought that I would hate the a remake, normally the remake is never as good. but I was shocked to find that I really like the new version. The drama is all still good, but more modern. I like the people that they cast. I like the lead in NipTuck so I was pretty sure that I would like her in this. I wish that they would bring back more of the original people but I heard that the show asked and were turned down so a least they tried. I can't believe that they got brenda and kelly both back on the new show considering they couldn't make it on the original together.
  • A blast from the past. I watched the original and it doesn't compare but it's still ok.

    Well, the characters are cool. I want to see more original casts evetually. I love seeing Brenda and Kelly again. New girls Annie and Erin are cute as they can be. It's cool that they have a Silver kid. I totally forgot about the little girl that Kelly's mom had with Dr. Silver. I like Dixon, he is a sweet guy but just like he says he just doesn't fit in and that's the way I feel. He doesn't compare with Brandon. He does provide and interesting twist but it's like he is the only black guy on the show. If he starts dating Silver it might hurt the show. I never did like Rob Estes - he treated Kelly bad in the orginal. I love seeing Lori again. I was a fan of the Surf show I can't remember the name Summerland or something. I miss it. Noami is cool but I watched her on Nip/Tuck and she was such a mean character on that show. I can't wait to see last nights show - I DVRed it.
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