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  • I have only watched a few episodes but it is amazing the first time you watch it i loved it!!!

    Ok so far i have seen that an amazing beautiful girl is the main character but when they go to school i think its cool that the girl and the brother are so close its neat and also i like that the mean girl is being nice i guess i haven't been able to keep up with all the episodes but i cant wait to keep watching it i want to look like the itty bitty girl on the show bc she is BEAUTIFUL!! i love watching all the outfits bc they are so cute and fun and i wish i could have some!!! I will keep adding once i can write more
  • i was convinced it would be cheesy but now I know I was wrong this show is amazing!

    I remember old 90210, it felt like it was all about right and wrong. Brenda and Brandon perfect sis and brother role models surrounded by big spoiled Hollywood.Modern version is so much better. I'm so happy they did this spin off, finally something that I can watch and get excited about. These girls remind me of my HS times, stealing boyfriends, dates, problems with parents, temptations. I can't wait to see another serial, it's going to be another week to get there and I can't wait to see how our fighting girls will handle ne situation. Everything got so emotional!
  • A family of four moves from Kansas to Beverly Hills and has to adjust to the new life.

    As a kid, I used to be a big fan of the original show. So when I heard, they were doing a new version I started to watch and was pretty pleased by the way it turned out. But now I'm not so sure anymore. In the beginning, I thought it could be an interesting show with lots of storys to tell. By now, it feels like they are telling storys worth of several seasons but often leave them hanging.
    A few things, that bug me:

    - Harrys son: For a few shows, this was one of the main storylines. Harry found out about him, had to look for, thought, he found, he turned out to be a fraud. And then? The storyline was dropped. Why did Harry stop looking? Now, it's not even mentioned anymore.

    - Brenda: Also part of the main storyline, then disappeared, because she couldn't get pregnand. The talk between her and Kelly didn't seem to be so drastic, they would never see each other again. But still, that was it for Brenda

    - the relationships: well, it seems, like the producers are so afrait, the show could last only one seaseon that they are trying to cover as many new relationships and breakups as possible. I mean, how many couples/love interests for one person did we have by now? It feels like this season has had more breakups then other shows during several seasons. Slow down, it seems very rushed.

    - the undercover cop: OK, everybody can think what the want about the story sending an undercover cop into a Highschool. But what happend to her and Ryan. The last thing we saw was them kissing. And then she disappeared. No closure there as well.

    Then all the new people that keep coming and going, I can't even remember their names: The Crash-girl with Ethan, the two guys with Naomi (Liam and...), Ty, the girl that introduces Dixon to gospel (another storyline that was brought in without any reason)...one minute they're, next they're gone.

    All in all, the season seems very chaotic and without structure. It seems too rushed. Little advice to the producers: Slow down, otherwise you won't have any storys left to tell.
  • I Love the show, it bring something new with something old. Just wonderful.

    I love the new 90210! I think the new look 90210 is wonderful, what great about it is you guys have brought back some of the old cast and I think that brings something different to the show as well. All in all I total love it!!! However! I still love the the frist 90210 because it was one of the frist show to air real issues and as a young teenage it was good to see on an tv show, I loved every single one of the old cast because they brought something to the show in their own way.
  • I like it, I do, but the original was better..the plot lines are so expected already...

    The base of so many shows these days is the same - beautiful girls, handsome man, alcohol, hot mamas. Combine all these in a juicy, nasty, plot of cheating, kissing, sexing, and get the average show.

    90210 used to be cutting edge, but today, the new addition seems forced. Don't get me wrong - I like it, I do, but the original was better.. the plot lines are so expected already...

    The world didn't need another oh - so - expected plot with the great looking people and the beautiful houses. So yes, it IS Beverly Hills, but somehow it seems like it's too much of the same.
  • This show has become one of my favorites in second place imo. First, One Tree Hill, then 90210, and third, Gossip Girl. :)

    I never liked the old beverly hills due to it not being part of my generation. I do however LOVE the new 90210! It is absolutely amazing. Annie/Ethan is going down as one of my top five tv couples! Naomi is catty in the best possible way and Adrianna/Navid are so cute...they just have to get back together. Silver/Dixon is...or was great! I cant wait for the new episode to air next month!!! Donna is also coming back I heard and that should be great, though I really dont know any of the old charecters I think its cool. I'm a big fan of Brenda and not so much of a Kelly fan but Jennie Garth is an amazing actress!
  • Come on give It a Chance.

    I really like the show, I think the people they chose really have good chemistry. I think they have real life problems and should relate to today's teenagers. I also like seeing Brenda back, and I think it'd be interesting to see Dylan back with Brenda and not Kelly. And Brandon comes back for Kelly, that'd be interesting. However, it's weird seeing Erin Silver all grown up, looks nothing like the little girl on the original, and where the heck is David at? No mention of him yet, even though he is Silver's older brother. This show has potential, as long as they don't rehash the same exact things as in the original. But so far very interesting, however why don't they show Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez more. She should be part of the group and of course bring back Andrea.
  • awesome show

    90210 is definetly my guilty pleasure :) yes i have heard that its not AS good as the old one. Then again, I never watched the old one, so why the heck should I care? It's the new 90210, so I believe people should see it as an entirely different show. But that's not going to happen sadly. But I definetly like it. Yes, some parts may be cliche and cheesy, but who doesn't want that in a teen soap? Their not supposed to be REALISTIC. Anyways, awesome plots, amazing characters, not to mention cute looking actors, and GREAT set. All in all, I couldn't want more from this show, except more episodes :)
  • People Stop hating, its goood!!!

    All your originale fans stop killing the rattings for this show! like i have never seen the orignale and neither has millions of other people out there! by all the stupid original fans not giving it any support (even tho the show is clearly trying and not doing a half bad job at satisfying you guys) you need to cut it a break! The only reseaon i am watching this is not only cause i herd the original was good but because it is a very good 'teen drama' something that attracts alot and alot of TEEN VIEWERS! The show is targetied at TEEN Viewers , so by all you old geezers giving it a bad image it makes the crowd this show is targeted at think its not worth watching, when in reality it is!!

    Also on a side note, this show is puting up much better rattings than the critics are saying it is! It is being aired on CW and has similar ratings as hit show "gossip girl" so cancalation isent even in the radar!

    This show is ggreat, i love it , and its a perfect teen drama!!
  • Beverly Hills, 90210 spin off. Starring: Rob Estes, Shenae Grimes, AnnaLynn McCord, Dustin Milligan, Tristan Wilds, Michael Steger, Jessica Stroup, Ryan Eggold, Lori Loughlin, with Jennie Garth and Jessica Walters.

    The spin-off for Beverly Hills, 90210, the FOX hit. The show does a really good job balancing humongous problems, such as Adrianna's (Jessica Lowdes) drug problem, as well as the problems that are not as serious, like Naomi (AnnaLynn McCord) stealing Annie's (Shenae Grimes) essay. They have seemingly good relationships, and triangles that even though the people that you want together are dating someone else, you like the other character that they are dating, like Annie dating Ty (Adam Gregory). The show is filled with drama and a lot of love interests and is really going to improve in the next couple of weeks. I can't wait for more episodes. Plus, Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty have already appeared.
  • 90210 - Basically, the plot follows the Wilson family -- and their dramatic high school classmates -- as they readjust from living in conservative Kansas to the big world of Beverly Hills. Characters also include Kelly and Brenda from the original.

    Hm... Should I admit it? I am ADDICTED to this show. The writing has not been incredible so far, but there are flashes of greatness. For example, Adrianna Duncan -- a drug-addicted child actress struggling to stay sober, Naomi Clark -- the manipulative, sensual 'Queen B', and Rob Estes as Harry Wilson, the main character's father. He's just so cool!

    The show has its horrible qualities. I can't lie -- Annie has little to no interesting qualities. She doesn't even come across as the innocent young girl she's supposed to be. She's as manipulative as Naomi, who's toted as the 'Big B.tch on Campus', without even trying. Also, the chemistry between some people seems forced. Navid somehow had a life-long crush on Adrianna that meant he paid for her rehab. Thus, the writing was kind of sketchy then.

    But the show has a lot of promise! Even the sketchy writing with Navid and Adrianna has blossomed into the early stages of a charming romance. The talent is all here. Naomi has a real-girl quality that makes her cold streak seem much more real. Adrianna is an incredibly charming young woman whose struggles are interesting. Navid is great comic relief, without being annoying. Dixon is likeable and cool. And Silver -- possibly the fan's favorite character -- has flair and attitude.

    The story is taking its time to build, but I'm liking the increasing drama. I think the show is just getting comfortable with itself. My only true gripe is the wardrobe. Some articles are just gross. But the music -- sweet! The actors -- great!

    I hope this show gets more fans, because I think it is still just getting on its feet. It's going to become very enjoyable to watch, I'm sure.
  • It just keeps getting worse

    I had high hopes for this show when it premiered. Earlier reviews have it spot on that there are two major problems with the show: 1) characters and subplots that flitter in and out of the storyline, and 2) HORRIBLE acting. The Ty character was a not-quite major character at first and then he disappeared until the last few episodes. And the pregnant girl looked like she was carrying a litter by the look of her bad prosthetic belly while in her prom dress. Do you ever notice that Naomi takes a huge lungful of air before blurting out very line? The other younger characters are way over-acted, very hammed up.
  • The Wilson family moves to Beverly Hills and encounters a lot of surprises as they make new friends, enemies and rivals.

    Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely love 90210. This was the one new TV show that I was looking forward to the most this year, and so far I have not been disappointed by it at all. It's such a great show. All of the characters are great, especially Silver, Navid, Naomi, Ryan and Tabitha. It's also been great having Brenda and Kelly from the original Beverly Hills 90210 appear on the show. I really like the Ryan and Kelly romance. I also really like the Dixon and Silver romance as well as Ethan and Annie romance. I also kind of like the Ethan and Naomi romance too, but I'm still hoping that Ethan and Annie eventually hook up. I'm so glad that they decided to make Adrianna a series regular because she is a very interesting character. All things considered, I think that this is a very well written, well acted and well made show from everyone involved, and I hope that 90210 stays on the air for a very long time.
  • No this is not just another teen show. Me myself hated the old 90210, but this is just perfect! All I need for my daily fix !

    Not only is the show surprisingly awesome, but the characters/actors are spectacular! They really did a great job whit the cast! I'm not a fan of Kelly and Brenda still being a part of the show, but i guess that would remove the whole purpose of this being the generation of "beverly's". Living in Denmark, new shows like this don't come around often, so for me this is a true lifesaver! I must admit i did not download this because i was thrilled about a new 90210, but merely because i was curious, and now my sister and I watch every week with enormous pleasure!
  • If u like The O.C. or Priviledged you will run for this one for sure. Nice chicks, nice boys, nice story and nothing too hard for a chilled evening.

    Where can I start? Well, I like this show very much, and its getting better and better with every episode, butif you're someone who expects hard understanding storylines and very clever conversations, than u should not start watching this show. Its all about parties, relationships, love and money. If you have seen the old show, you will perhaps like the new one cos of some of the old characters coming back on screen. But perhaps u will even like it cos of its still nice and slow atmosphere without too much drama and disaster. Some of the actors are very good even if their roles arent too hard, but u will see what i mean. If u like something for a sweet little evening at home, u will like this one for sure..
  • One of the hottest shows of this Fall 2008.

    Hello, I live in Iceland and I was obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210 but I think the new show 90210 is even better ! I love the plots, the characters, the actors and actresses. The show is just so much fun and a guilty pleasure. The most I love about the show is Erin, Naomi and the grandmother of Julie and Dixon.. they are the most fun characters in the show ! I really like that Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor) and Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh) decided to come back and I hope that the rest of the old cast will return. Goodbye !
  • Why couldn't they have just let this show be... 90210...

    I don't like that they have brought back Donna and Kelly, they are great characters, so it's not that. But in the original 90210 Donna had her dream wedding with David and they lived happily ever after... And now they crush this in the new series. If they couldn't bring back Brian Austin Green to the cast they should have just written him out another way, not that they are getting a divorce. Donna Martin and David Silver was one of the great couples of that (tv)time... And Kelly and Dylan as well:)
    The show by itself is good, but I think it is a little hold back by the original 90210. They should go their own way a little bit more...
  • get rid of all the cast!!!!

    Although the storyline was weak and the plot was so dull,I kept watching the show for a mouth because of all the Beverly hills things. But with Annie, her acting kept bugging me(even now).
    All she could do was that EW!-faced. Every time she was sad angry happy sleepy ... she wasn't even pretty i wonder how she could get this part.

    Talk about the guy, Ethan could never be a prince-charming or some sort of popular guy. He didn't have that look. He just looked like common guy. The guy you won't recognize his face when he passed by.

    BTW, I can't understand why they have to bring back the former cast. I want to see more in every
    characters(90210). They are too shallow to be realistic.
  • A show about 15-16 year olds who look 20+ in a unrealistic highschool setting full of cliche's and poorly done drama.

    A show about 15-16 year olds who look 20+ in a unrealistic highschool setting full of cliche's and poorly done drama.

    Before you get all defensive on me about how it's a good show, ask yourself...Do you smile 24/7? Does everyone around you look like they should be modeling? Do you have a cheesy storyline to your life? Does everyone you meet have something sort of dramatic but not really dramatic going on? Do you look like your 20 when your 15? Do you and everyone around have insanely white teeth? Do you have someone fixing your hair and making sure there's no food in your perfect teeth all the time? Do you not not smile 24/7? Does everyone you know have a past of not-so-dramatic shenanigans? Do you not not not not smile 24/7?
    Well apparently everyone in Beverly Hills does.

    The acting is sub-par, the characters are not loveable at all --- any one of them were to die I don't think I'd care..I take that back --- The Lacrosse coach is the only good character and he's barely in the show.

    Furthermore, the writing is bad and unrealistic. I can see how someone would like this but if you've ever watched any GOOD teen dramas you'd recognize the flaws and they'd sit there poking you until you can't stand to be poked by them anymore.

    New show please, CW.
  • A fantastic show!

    90210 is a personal favourite of mine and i think that it captures the lives of teenagers really well. They may all only be concerned about themselves, but how many teenagers are not like that these days. Considering this is a modern version of Beverly Hills 90210 the audience is the teenagers now, not the teenagers back then who are adults now. I strongly suggest that adults who watched the old 90210 really weigh up the pro's and con's before they watch this. There's a strong possibily that they may not like it. I will admit that all the kids are rich (this is Beverly Hills we're talking about) and some of the situations a little unrealistic, but this is what makes the show interesting. I doubt anyone would watch it if it was a bunch of really lazy kids who didn't get into trouble every now and then. I know that this show hasn't got the reception that was hoped for but i really think that it could be one of the next top shows for teenagers. It's funny, reflects life (to an extent) and is just generally great viewing. This show is absolutely amazing!!
  • Love the old and new, very worthwhile watching.

    I am a 42 year old woman and have recently tuned in to the old Beverly Hills 90210 shows, that as a young adult never really interested me. But once I gave them a shot, I am tvoing every episode in order every single day it's on. I am officially hooked on that show, and don't know why I never gave it a chance back then. So naturally when I heard there was a new one out, I had to tune in. And my 16 year old daugher and I LOVE it! We will not miss any of them, and are very happy there will be more to come. I just really hope Luke Perry will reprise his role as Dylan. Bringing the old characters back, Kelly, Brenda, and Nat too makes it all worthwhile to watch. Keep up the good work, and we'll keep watching!!
  • Jam packed with drama that keeps you coming back for more.

    90210 is a great show that really really makes you wish you lived in the zip code at times, but then it makes you thankful that you don't at others. We see Annie and Dixon transform as they enter the world of the social elite and highly wealthy. Drugs, sex, lies, and backstabbing are just a few of the things that'll pop up in the show. The only thing i don't like about the show is how fast the characters arrive and then dissappear, like they were never anything. Other than that the show is amazing, and is filled with crazy moments that keep your eyes glued to the T.V. screen.
  • Shallow? Yes. Great anyway? Hell ya!

    I was a fan of the original show and I was thrilled that it was being remade for a younger, newer generation. What I expected was a show that I might occasionally watch if I had time. Fortunately, the remake was better than I expected. Although I would've loved for some of the original cast to drop in for a cameo a few times each season.

    I love 90210 because it is so unrealistic. Let's face it, no one expects to watch it for the dramatic, realistic plot lines and characters - the appeal lies in the outrageously over fantastic lives of these kids who lead adult-like lives yet mostly approach situations in very childish ways. 90210 is stupidly brilliant in a way that pulls the watcher in, whether they want to watch or not. Proof of this lies in the fact that my race car driving, fashion hating, sarcastic boyfriend watched it with me once and then insisted that I DVR the series. Haha!

    The cancellation sucks but at least they gave us a two hour series finale, which is more than I can say for most canceled TV series.
  • Not as good as the original of course, but just give it time

    When I first heard that they were making yet another 90210 spin-off, I didn't really care. Maybe it was because I had just started watching the original in reruns, but I don't know. I was also pretty surprised how quickly it came to air, I found out about maybe in August 2008, but didn't find a premiere date, and was surprised when it came to air the next season. The cast is amazing. Ignore what everyone else says, the acting is much better than Gossip Girl! Since I wasn't really into the original by the time this aired, I really only started watching it for Shenae Grimes (because she was on Degrassi, another of my favorite dramas), and for Jennie Garth (not for BH90210, but for What I Like About You, since then I've become a big fan of hers). I'm so glad I started watching this show because it's come one of my favorite teen dramas. Shenae Grimes is great on the show, and despite the fact that Degrassi and 90210 are similar shows, I don't even think of Darcy when I watch her scenes. Jessica Stroup is probably the best actor on the show (besides Jennie and Shannen), in my opinion. Plus Silver has become my favorite character on the show. She melds so well within Beverly Hills, it feels like she was on the original and not just he character, especially her scenes with Jennie. None of the other new characters/actors really interest me. Their not bad, but I don't really care for them, at least not yet. I'll have to wait until season two to really figure out my opinion on them. As for Jennie and Shannen, I was so excited for their return. Didn't think I'd care much for Shannen's return, but once she appeared, I was stoked. Hope she and Jennie appear a lot more on the show. I was pretty happy to see Joe E. Tata and Ann Gillespie again, too. The story lines as of late have been a little bland. A few relationship troubles, drug problems and surfacing pregnancies, but it has been pretty bland. Not boring, just kinda, eh. But unlike other people, I'm giving the show a chance. And and definitely staying with it beyond the first season. Not sure how I feel about Tori's recently announced return to the famous zip code, but maybe I'll feel the same way about her as I did with Shannen, but I do hope Shannen returns again.
  • Not the best teen drama on television but give it time and I'm sure it will rally. How could it not with a writer like Rebecca Kirshner at the helm?

    It's not true that this show has no loveable characters. Jessica Stroup's Silver is quirky, funny, slightly ironic, and totally adorable. Her relationship with Dixon is mostly what continually brings me back to this show week after week. Tabitha Wilson's drunken antics never fail to elicit a laugh and Ryan Matthews is totes adorable. His developing relationship with undercover cop Kimberly is irresistable, and their chemistry in undeniable. Sure the writing is shaky, and the cliches prevalent. But the show is new and needs time to find it's writers legs. Give it some time... after all season one of the poorly rated Buffy the Vampire Slayer shocked the world when it got a season two. And when it did it became one of the most critically acclaimed shows of it's time. As for the cliches, I'm not all that annoyed that everyone at West Beverly High is model pretty with teeth to make a dentist proud. After all, I'm watching escapist television. I'm looking for a reprieve from reality and 90210 provides that. If you want realistic then go watch something like Law and Order.
  • 90210 is back with a colorful quirky cast, storylines that aren't too cutting edge and just enough teen/tween drama to draw a new crowd to the famous zipcode and suck some of us original 90210 addicts right back in.

    This is my 1st review so hope you guys can grin, or grimmace, along with me.

    For me personally, I decided to give this show a chance out of nostalgia. I'm an original Beverly Hills, 90210 fan from way back in the day. My thoughts upon sitting down to view it after I TiVOed it were mixed. Would it be cheesy? Could it live up to the original? What were the alumni up to now? Were Shannen Doherty's eyes still lopsided? (sorry, had to say it...I was wondering afterall.)

    To my surprise 90210 turned out to be one of my favorite shows. Yes, it is cheesy, but the original was full of cheddar too. Addictive cheddar. A few of the original cast were there... just enough to draw me in but not so much that I couldn't see past them to the new 90210 crew. The cast is great. Yes, the acting could be better but it is an evening soap opera geared towards tweens and teens. I have to admit, I did not miss a single episode (thanks to the TiVO gods who made it possible)! I'll be tuning in next season...once again the zipcode is becoming something I look forward to. And, YES, it is a tad embarassing that I watch this show at my age but I enjoy the hour break I get while watching what I would call "mindless TV" instead of the local and global news that sucks the life out of me with recession and despair.

    Shannen's eyes...still lopsided. O_o

    One more thing...actually more of a question or inquiry. Is it just me or is the theme song and score a bit LOUD? It seems like my speakers all of a sudden jump up a gazillion decibals as soon as the music play?
  • In comes in 5th place

    well degrassi is better is way better she should come back to that show if she wants to become a stay a good actress
    so as gossip girl better story better cast and secret life ..good story and good lines which makes it good they could of made it better , and a better story
    91210 the old one is way better i will see it if i have nothing else to see
    anyways its not a favort and the cast needs approvement
    and it needs a better story like i said before and anyways i dont recommend to see it if i got something else to do
  • Love the original but hate the new show. What they should have done was bought back the original casts and see how their lives have change and add drama to it.

    When I saw the preview I was hoping it was going to be good if not better. I love watching the Brenda and Kelly part, it's the rest that bores me. Need a better script and better looking casts. There got to be drama that grabs you into the show but it seems more like lack of acting skills and not enough drama. It feels like some high school kids in a drama class, just acting out the parts, there's no real feeling between the characters. I grew up watching 90210 and love every minute of it until they start to change the casts, that's when I stop watching it.
  • haven't we meet before?

    this has "south of nowhere" written all over it... the new kids in town, the adopted brother, the two best friends dispute 'cos one of them could keep her mouth shut, and of course the new kid takes her place... to be honest i was looking forward to this premier but i am royally disappointed... if it's going to be the same i'd rather be watching south of nowhere...
    the only parts i like were when the old characters came up... it was good to see their new lives... may be it would be best to bring them all back and just take the new guys out!! hehe
  • Oh my god. I this the new version? So B Movie.

    So it's time for a new version of an great old serie. And what do they do? They turn it into an ugly, childish B movie type of serie. Why? Did they think they can live on the old one and just do whatever? It sure feels like that when you watch this first episode.

    There are so many great series today, why did they screw this one up?

    Well maybe I need to live in the US to like this new version more, I dunno.. but I do know that I'm not going to follow this one.

    My score: 2 of 10. Very bad!
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