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  • 90210: Season 2, 2.0. New characters, same zip, new/same drama.

    90210 has always tried to be what it thinks it should be: hip, fresh, racy, with some edge and great fashion. Well, the first season didn't have any of that. Season 2.0 though looks interesting and promising. The problem I had with the show last season was that it tried to be Gossip Girl-- queen bees, social monarchies, blah blah blah. But Gossip Girl is New York, and 90210, well it's definitely L.A. This year, our least favorite characters are becoming our new favorites. Take Annie for example. Once loathed by fans and even, as the writing would prove, the writers, this year with her crazy "I-killed-a-homeless-man-and-am-falling-for-the-dead-guy's-creepy-nephew" storyline, she isn't nearly as whiny or immature. Props to Shenae Grimes for being a lot better. I guess she just didn't know how to be bichy and whiny without having issues like date rape or internet scandals (I am talking to you Darcy from Degrassi!). Annie vs. Naomi is 90210 2.0. This is what they should have done last year. Take two **** and put them at odds with one another. The show now has some better trashtastic quality that it lacked last year. It has focused less on the adults (hallelujah) and more on the whiny L.A. kids we love to hate. This year even has better counterparts than last year that can be compared to the original (see Navid and Adrianaa as Donna and David). Not everything's great (they cast a guy over 30 to portray a 17 year old), but at least its improvement. And now 90210 is becoming what it should be: hip, fresh, racy, with some edge and great fashion.
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