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  • the show centers on dixon(tristan wilds)and annie(shenae grimes)wilson.who dad gets a new job and they move from kansas to beverly hills.


    the show is suppose to be a remake of beverly hills,90210 about a small town family who moves to the rich beverly hills and is shock at how different back home is to their new home.

    what makes this different from the original beverly hills is that the brother dixon is adoptive and his black.

    as a black guy i like this ideal b/c it shows race doesnt play a part to be a mother or a sibling.a mother is someone who provides ,loves u no matter what and takes care of u.i mean theyre real mothers who dont take care of their own children or dont even like them kindlike dixon real mother who kind of just didnt want him.and annie loves dixon like he was her biological brother.dixon and annie make up and have real fights like a normal brother and sister would have.

    tristan and shenae have great chemistry as brother and sister.just like in beverly hills 90210 shannen and jason had as brother in sister.

    anyway the show focus on dixon and annie and how they deal with the move from kansas to beverly hills.

    the acting is really good.

    the eps are pretty decent,the storylines and plots still tackles those subjects that teens go through but now of days the subjects are more out there then the 1990s.the issues in 2000s are more darker the show tackles drugs,rape,pregancy,gay rights etc.

    what i hate is how sometimes the writers will just drop a story line or wrap it up pretty fast which can be very annoying.

    also i hate how the show is starting to seem like the noami clarke show b/c instead of it focusing on dixon and annie life in beverly hills and their friends... its focusing more on love traingles and noami who i found very annoying.(on beverly hills 90210 brandon and brenda never had less screen time but for some reason dixon and annie seems like their not even the main characters when they are.)

    so with the show having good acting and great dramatic writing.i dont like how dixon and annie are getting back doored,and how they easliy wrap up or drop a storylines and this show just doesnt compare to the old one.

    with all that been said i do enjoy the show and its probbley the only drama on tv i watch thats not scifi or action which is saying alot about how much i do like the show.i just like the old one better.

    i like the acting,and the sometimes the good writing.

    i just wish the show would focus on some more real issues instead of this love triangles and put the spot light back on the main characters annie and dixon and get it off nomai clarke.