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  • 9021OH MY GOD !

    Ok. First of all, I'm watching 90210 since season 1 and I think that the show has became less interesting in season 4 with too many characters we don't care like Austin, but with season 5, it's becoming fresh again. They should focus less on Naomi and focus more on others, like Silver or Annie. And they should bring back old BH 90210 characters like Kelly. After all, it's Silver's sister and we don't hear of her. I was a fan of the love triangles in old BH 90210, like Kelly/Dylan/Brenda or Kelly/Brandon/Dylan. I think that they're missing it in 90210. The couples aren't the same since season 1 and everyone sleeps with everyone. I mean, Silver with Dixon, Teddy, Navid, Liam. There's no solid couples like it was in old BH. Even in The OC, it was Ryan/Marissa and Seth/Summer all the time.

    I don't think the show will last ten seasons like it was for Beverly Hills 90210, but I hope one more season. And please, stop to put characters in exagerate situations. Yeah, it's Beverly Hills and everything seems bigger, but remember the 90's prequel, it wasn't like that !