Season 4 Episode 2

Rush Hour

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on The CW

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  • lots of things going on...


    okNaomiwait.. werent uarrested?? anyways bailed out.. rich brat.. but why did u have to convince annie to join a sorority ? seriously is there a day that u can do ur things on ur own? Glad u were used and humiliated by the sisters!! and annie i told u .. dont be so nice people is gonna take advantage of it.... and blah.. that nice cute guy is gonna nail u off!!!!!!

    Navid ... men sucks to be u but WTF u gonna really pay that guy for not being with ur sister??? seriously... just call the cops .. i mean who tells u that that lil brat u got as a sister wont follow that looser ?? i knew ur sister kidnapping was all a scam thou..

    Tmobile needs to stop promoting OLD stuff on this show... that dell streak is so spring!! we are on the fall now!! i mean when are u gonna show the sensation? in 2012?

    Silver vsAdriana... well its tough to say forgiver her.. but yeah dont let her be nice.. she was mean and no point to let her in again.

    Liam.. haha i thou that guy really just stolen ur check thou but was rude not to let u know u had to be 21 to be able to sell beer.. lmao.. and what did u thou thou.. no doubt blonde guys can be dumb too.... oh and wassup with JEN?? like seriously.. u were all over annie while u were in love with ur deads friend gf?!?!? lmao. so low.

    Overall the episode seem too short for what all the stuff was going on.. i totally think that u couldve made another episode out of it... or at least half.. but well............

  • 402


    A bit of an improvement from the premiere but still pretty boring overall. At least it wasn't as ridiculous, still ridiculous but not by that much. Naomi being hazed wasn't an interesting story line especially since I saw that 'plot twist' from a mile away.

    The thing I didn't see coming was Jeremy being related to Marla in some weird way. A lot of other people saw that coming but I didn't. Interested in seeing where this story line goes somewhat, only because I still have faith that Annie will have a good story line this season.

    The Adrianna scenes were interesting. I've noticed they've been pairing her up with characters she's hardly interacted with: for instance, Dixon & Liam. Liam & Jane? Looks like it has potential, and I actually am liking the new character. Overall, fair episode, not a lot that's new but a vast improvement from the premiere.

  • Not great,but passable.


    Annie's potential love interest is related to a person whose death she was connected with in one way or another.

    Naomi's plot ...predictable.

    Liam ... the character could be far, far, faaaar better ... the actor's very good but I feel he's underused. It's been 3+ years of making him a far-fetched troubled boy.

    Dixon ... .... ... no comments really.

    Silver ... hot actress, hot character, underused IMO.

    All in all, not a bad episode, as it could've been way worse. But it could've also been way better.