Season 3 Episode 1

Senior Year, Baby

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2010 on The CW

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  • Season 3 Premiere

    The best season premiere of 90210. Yes it was a little over the top, but that didn't matter to me, it was an amazing flawless episode, that captured emotional family moments, cliffhangers, and scandal. After the mediocre finale last season, this premiere made up for it.

    The family dynamic is amazing, the group dynamic is the flawless and enjoyable. The scandal is huger than ever, even the editing of the show was flawless. Sure there is some relationships I can do without but that doesn't matter when you're measuring the quality of an episode or show.

    The Kardashians appearance was funny, but kind of unnecessary. We've got an earthquake, some new hookups, "aftershocks", Naomi dealing with the rape, Teddy getting drunk after losing his tennis career after getting an injury, Javier DYING! And Adrianna using his material and passing off at her own. The new guy, Oscar seducing Ivy and her mother.

    New & scary job opportunities for Annie. A rapist on the loose, and the promiscuous train wreck, Naomi who hit on Teddy, and then Silver walked in! This is only half of the things that happen not even in full detail, the final scenes with Adrianna's new song was the best part about this episode. 90210 hasn't gone wrong with premieres in the past, and this premiere was an example of that.
  • Superb Season 3 premiere of "90210"

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "90210". The plot was interesting most of the time and I also loved the Kardashians' appearances in this episode because they are beautiful girls to be honest and it made me laugh pretty hard. Naomi is now staying in a motel and I think it's called the Riviera. I thought the scene with the earthquake was a very realistic and intense scene that just blew me away. Annie being on house arrest was a very interesting thing in this episode. Javier dying was pretty intense but I'm actually glad he died because he was a jerk and he made me want to punch him (I didn't want to sound mean there because I'm not that person that wants someone to die). It also thought it was pretty sad when Annie and Dixon's mother was crying. The only things I didn't like in this episode was the Dixon/Ivy relationship because it didn't really interest me and Annie's storyline because it just seemed to be a little... well... let's just say it's a little meh!!!. Out of all the Season premieres I've seen from this show, I think Season 3 was the best season premiere and would recommend it if you people are fans of "90210". The plot was well written and I like most of it. Overall, despite a couple of things that were a little meh!!!... this was a superb Season 3 premiere of "90210". 9/10

    Note: Canogaparkcindy requested me to review this episode.
  • Not the best premier.

    It was ok, watchable but if I'm totally honest nothing stood out at all. The hit and run storyline with Annie seems to be out the window and things are back to normal. Except Harry is gone and Deb is on her own. I don't get why this internship of Annie' had to turn into some weird storyline where she's being conned or something...

    I don't have any investment in Ivy and Dixon and find the relationship forced and rushed. Her new friend Oscar sleeping with her mother was just an odd twist. Silver had little to do other than comfort Teddy who finds out a leg injury has ended his tennis career for the time being. I'm looking forward to see how the show handles a certain storyline I've read about for Teddy.

    Naomi dealing with her rape was entertaining enough...and it seems Cannon might be setting his sights on Silver now. The Adrianna storyline seemed strange...Javier dies in a car crash and she steals his music...cold or what. Disappointed to see Annie and Liam not a couple. So a pretty average premier.
  • premiere

    90210 season 3 premiere was amazing! It was the best 90210 season premiere. The earthquake was awesome and so intense. And I'm glad we were given flashbacks to Noami's rape so it confirmed that it actually happened. Naomi is going to have such a dark season. I'm so glad she reported the rape. It was interesting to see her so vulnerable with drinking and stripping for those guys. Teddy breaking his leg was awesome because I hate his interest in tennis. I'm glad he stopped Naomi from going too far with the stripping. And I'm very excited for the episode when he realizes that he's gay I'm glad the Annie hit and run storyline is finished. And it was interesting to know that she was on house arrest. I'm really interested on what plans that lady has for Annie because she said that Annie might just be desperate enough to "do it". Javier is a jerk and I totally didn't see his death coming. I'm actually glad he died. And I love the Adrianna is stealing all the new songs he wrote. I like Ivy and Dixon and I'm not sure how I feel about that guy living with Ivy. I love that he's having a relationship with Ivy's mother, but I'm hoping he doesn't get in the way of Dixon/Ivy relationship. I am so glad that Harry is gone. He got annoying. It was sad when Annie and Dixon's mom was crying.
  • It's another year back at West Beverly High but this school year is different first off harry and debbie got divorced Naomi is broke and very uncomfortable in her skin after the rape Annie confessed to killing the man and adriana dropped out to go on tour

    Naomi no longer lives at the House in the hills it turns out she has been staying at some motel called the Riviera for the last 3 months coping with the rape by cannon and all her friends are unaware because she told them she was leaving to go to the riviera you know in france but i don't get how they expected her to pay for it if they knew jen cut her off Liam homeless and it turns out he has a half brother annie hbouse arrest dixon left australia early adriana went on tour with javier died
  • An earthquake strikes Beverly Hills. Naomi tries to cope with her rape. The Wilsons struggle with Harry's absence. Teddy suffers an injury that threatens to end his tennis career. Annie and Liam make an important decision about their relationship.

    I think that this show is getting on tracks and this episode prepares for upcoming episodes.
    First a review of what I like and dislike in this episode.

    Good :)
    - Liam and Annie storyline is moving and it is the promises for some good stuff.
    - The old Naomi seems back with all the drinking and the trashy stuff but I am not quite sure she will ever be the same...She is keeping with the way she is suppose to be.
    - The Kardashians sisters were nice (maybe we needed more of them!)
    - Teddy's storyline too was a good part of this episode because it opens a lot of perspectives for this character.

    Bad :(
    - Annie's internship storyline. What is the hell, enough with the tricky stuff for this character!
    - the teacher story....I think it's a bit creepy
    - the fact that we can see all the characters in this episodes but it doesn't develop well the story lines around them it's like if this episode is incomplete: what about Ryan and Jen? and what about Liam and his family, where is he living now? and Jen and Naomi relationship? and what about Debbie?

    I hope the rest of this season will get better and I think this episode was a kind of an introduction to get us prepared to a crazy third season!
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