Season 3 Episode 1

Senior Year, Baby

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2010 on The CW

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  • Season 3 Premiere

    The best season premiere of 90210. Yes it was a little over the top, but that didn't matter to me, it was an amazing flawless episode, that captured emotional family moments, cliffhangers, and scandal. After the mediocre finale last season, this premiere made up for it.

    The family dynamic is amazing, the group dynamic is the flawless and enjoyable. The scandal is huger than ever, even the editing of the show was flawless. Sure there is some relationships I can do without but that doesn't matter when you're measuring the quality of an episode or show.

    The Kardashians appearance was funny, but kind of unnecessary. We've got an earthquake, some new hookups, "aftershocks", Naomi dealing with the rape, Teddy getting drunk after losing his tennis career after getting an injury, Javier DYING! And Adrianna using his material and passing off at her own. The new guy, Oscar seducing Ivy and her mother.

    New & scary job opportunities for Annie. A rapist on the loose, and the promiscuous train wreck, Naomi who hit on Teddy, and then Silver walked in! This is only half of the things that happen not even in full detail, the final scenes with Adrianna's new song was the best part about this episode. 90210 hasn't gone wrong with premieres in the past, and this premiere was an example of that.
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