Season 3 Episode 1

Senior Year, Baby

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2010 on The CW

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  • premiere

    90210 season 3 premiere was amazing! It was the best 90210 season premiere. The earthquake was awesome and so intense. And I'm glad we were given flashbacks to Noami's rape so it confirmed that it actually happened. Naomi is going to have such a dark season. I'm so glad she reported the rape. It was interesting to see her so vulnerable with drinking and stripping for those guys. Teddy breaking his leg was awesome because I hate his interest in tennis. I'm glad he stopped Naomi from going too far with the stripping. And I'm very excited for the episode when he realizes that he's gay I'm glad the Annie hit and run storyline is finished. And it was interesting to know that she was on house arrest. I'm really interested on what plans that lady has for Annie because she said that Annie might just be desperate enough to "do it". Javier is a jerk and I totally didn't see his death coming. I'm actually glad he died. And I love the Adrianna is stealing all the new songs he wrote. I like Ivy and Dixon and I'm not sure how I feel about that guy living with Ivy. I love that he's having a relationship with Ivy's mother, but I'm hoping he doesn't get in the way of Dixon/Ivy relationship. I am so glad that Harry is gone. He got annoying. It was sad when Annie and Dixon's mom was crying.