Season 3 Episode 1

Senior Year, Baby

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2010 on The CW

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  • Superb Season 3 premiere of "90210"

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "90210". The plot was interesting most of the time and I also loved the Kardashians' appearances in this episode because they are beautiful girls to be honest and it made me laugh pretty hard. Naomi is now staying in a motel and I think it's called the Riviera. I thought the scene with the earthquake was a very realistic and intense scene that just blew me away. Annie being on house arrest was a very interesting thing in this episode. Javier dying was pretty intense but I'm actually glad he died because he was a jerk and he made me want to punch him (I didn't want to sound mean there because I'm not that person that wants someone to die). It also thought it was pretty sad when Annie and Dixon's mother was crying. The only things I didn't like in this episode was the Dixon/Ivy relationship because it didn't really interest me and Annie's storyline because it just seemed to be a little... well... let's just say it's a little meh!!!. Out of all the Season premieres I've seen from this show, I think Season 3 was the best season premiere and would recommend it if you people are fans of "90210". The plot was well written and I like most of it. Overall, despite a couple of things that were a little meh!!!... this was a superb Season 3 premiere of "90210". 9/10

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