Season 2 Episode 3

Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on The CW

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  • Season 2, Episode 3

    Silver and Dixon try to deal with their break up and Silver is having a harder time than Dixon who is falling for an older DJ who he lies and tells him he is the music industry and that he's rich. Annie deals with the sext thats going around school of her and Silver doesn't believe Annie that Naomi sent the sext. Everyone goes to a party on Teddy's Yacht and Sasha, the older DJ, is the DJ there and Dixon is freaking out, he tells Navid to make sure that she stays away from Silver. Annie proves to Silver that Naomi was the sext sender. Liam and Annie decide to tell Naomi the truth and then when they talk with Naomi, Annie says they did sleep together. Liam gets mad.