Season 2 Episode 3

Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on The CW

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  • Dixon is still hiding the truth from his new girlfriend

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. We open this episode with Dixon in his father's office, discussing what happened and why he punched Mark. Soon Dixon confesses to his father, why he did it, and Harry is shocked to say the least. As he leaves Dixon bumps into Silver and they have an argument about how he could never be himself around her. As Annie gets to school, we see that the photo "sex text" is still going about the school and that pretty much everyone now has seen it. As she gets to her locker, we see the word slut spray painted onto it. And so Annie goes to confront Naomi about it, and she denies that she was the one who sent it out. Navid apologises to Adrianna in his won unique way. When Silver and Annie talk about the sext and Annie says that she is going to prove that it was her who sent it. And so Annie goes to see Mark, the one who took the picture, in order to get his help to prove that Naomi was the one who sent the picture. Teddy soon invites Dixon and Navid to his father's yacht for a party that weekend. When Dixon goes to pick up pizzas for Navid, he meets a girl. When Annie gets home, her mother gives her a big talk about sex and the picture. After which Harry and Debbie argue. The following day, Harry discusses the situation with Kelly, and she tells him the grounding Annie was probably not the best thing to do, considering that everyone in school has seen the picture. As the day of the yacht party arrives, we see Naomi and Silver arriving, only to see that Annie is there with Mark. As Dixon gets to the party, he sees that the DJ there is the girl he met the other night, who is older than him and doesn't know that he is in high school. Soon he and his friends come up with a plan, so that he can see that she is there, but will not think that he is in high school. Soon Mark tells Silver that Naomi saw the picture on his phone took it off of him and sent it to her own phone. When Debbie and Harry discuss what he said with Kelly is angry as Kelly told her the exact same thing that she did; only he actually listened to Kelly. Soon Annie lies to Naomi and tells her that she and Liam had been sleeping together ever since he and Naomi started dating. Liam tries to tell Naomi that it is all a lie, but of course she believes Annie and gets upset and leaves. Later that night, Silver shows Naomi that she is getting her tattoo of Dixon's name removed but it will take months for the treatment to work. As the episode ends, we see Dixon and his new girlfriend, going to Napa in one of Navid's cars.
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