Season 2 Episode 3

Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on The CW

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  • Payback.

    This show is getting better & better every week, I swear. This is the aftermath of the sexting incident, and Annie's life is complete hell. I think in this episode, Annie realized she had nothing else to lose, and that's why she had that plan to destroy Naomi. In this episode, Annie is shown getting ridiculed at school; you see someone has written "SLUT" in giant letters on her locker. She has a lot of entertaining confrontations in this episode, which made this episode shine. She bumps in to Teddy, the guy that coincidentally found the homeless man on the road. Teddy makes her feel better until she finds "Slut" written on her locker, where she has a confrontation with Liam, blaming him, since he didn't tell Naomi who he really slept with. Later Annie confronts Naomi, Naomi denies sending the sext, and Silver & Adrianna just follow Naomi like zombies? I recall Silver being Annie's best friend last season? Some friend; who just walks away? In the beginning of the episode, Annie is set out to destroy Naomi and "expose her for who she really is." I love Annie's bold character this season; it's like a completely different person from last season. Annie goes to Mark & Liam for help in her plan to destroy Naomi. Mark tells Silver the truth: Naomi sent out that sext. Liam unknowingly goes with Annie to tell Naomi the "truth." When it was really quite the opposite when Annie thinks up this story that she slept with Liam, just to hurt Naomi. That was my favorite scene; finally Naomi got what she deserved! I still want people to know Annie is innocent though. Silver still siding with Naomi in the end was absolutely ridiculous. Why are they even friends? Silver hated Naomi last year, and now she's choosing Naomi over Annie? Why!? Dixon meets Sasha, someone who is older than him. He makes up this different person, pretending to be older. Meanwhile Silver & Dixon get closure when Dixon says he could never be himself around Silver when they were together. Silver continues to be the crazy ex, as she meets Sasha, and goes along with Dixon's ridiculous story. In the end, Sasha ends up taking Dixon to Napa with Navid's Lamborghini, and the plot thickens. Debbie & Harry have marital problems involving Kelly and handling their children. Navid learns to like Teddy in this episode, which was a bad idea since Teddy tries to kiss Adrianna in this episode. Annie says she didn't sleep with Mark but she did do "something." And she did that "something" again in the end of the episode. An enjoyable episode, I love all the Naomi vs. Annie scenes, I hope to see more to come this season. Liam gets mad and is planning something in his shack. What is it? Guess we'll have to find out as the season unfolds. So far, all the arcs are developing nicely. Just not liking some out of character decisions on this show, but other than that, things have been good; satisfying episode.