Season 3 Episode 18

The Enchanted Donkey

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2011 on The CW
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Chaos ensues when the group takes a spring break trip to Mexico. Naomi invites Max, telling everyone that she needs extra tutoring. Teddy encounters a former crush with unexpected results, and Annie drags Liam around the city as she embraces the local culture. Silver and Adrianna's bitter feud over Navid comes to a shocking confrontation.moreless

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  • The Enchanted Donkey...

    After a month and a half off the screen 90210 finally (as if anyone was really dying to see it!) returned this week with "The Enchanted Donkey". Following the shortest school day ever, the gang heads by private jet to Cabo for spring break accompanied by Max, Naomi's secret boy toy, posing as her math tutor. Once in Mexico we get to mostly follow the couples in their goings on which include: Annie and Liam's romantic getaway getting cut short when Annie gets bitten by a monkey; Naomi and Max's passionate relationship grinding to a halt when, upon learning that Naomi really is failing math, Max insists on actually tutoring her and the love triangle saga of Navid, Silver and Adrianna. This particular element to the story of 90210 really is beginning to test my ability to not change the channel, as the implausibility of the entire situation is just a bit too much. Adrianna has been just about the most self-centered and useless friend that any of these people have had for this entire season and yet she is still invited on their getaway after sending out a mass text of Silver topless just out of spite? What is wrong with these people? Not content with already being ridiculous, the story concludes with the former friends reuniting when Navid tells them that it is his fault that they hate each other and that they shouldn't be fighting. I was okay with this cliched conclusion until the very end of the episode when, once back in the 90210, Adrianna came to visit Silver under the guise of their reformed friendship just to switch out her Bi-Polar medication for god only knows what whilst in the bathroom. The less relied upon stories in the episode see Teddy hook up with a former crush only to realize that maybe he is ready for a serious relationship and Ivy continue her pot smoking ways. Ultimately it is impossible to judge 90210 by any quantitative standard known to man, as it sits just outside the realm of dramatic, comedic and any other genre you can think of. It is somehow endearing despite its laundry list of flaws and no doubt I will still be watching until it ends.moreless
  • 318

    Yes! 90210 is finally back! 90210 was in a bit of a slump these past couple of weeks what with the ridiculous Emily story line but this episode was definitely a step in the right direction. We got the perfect balance of all the characters, I really liked it.

    Okay, so Annie getting rabies from a monkey wasn't exactly the story line I have been waiting for, but we got a nice moment between Liam & Annie. Something desperately needed since they got together. I'm warming up to the Naomi & Max relationship. That ending was definitely unexpected.

    Looks like Adrianna has not redeemed herself just yet. With replacing Silver's bi-polar medication with who knows what. I'm interested in seeing how that will play out. Teddy's story line was pretty good too. Ivy's story line is the most original. Dating someone that is soon going to die? How morbid is that? Overall, a successful return from 90210 tonight. Can't wait for the next.moreless
  • 90210. how i have missed thee. Spoilers!

    Oh, 90210, how i have missed thee. I hate when she goes on these long, long hiatuses for awhile but I am glad to see one of my favorite monday shows return. This was a pretty good return episode.

    I'll start with my favorite storylines from the episode:


    I love Teddy...Sure he may look like 35 but he is a cute guy and it is definitely good to see he is changing. I liked that he actually got to have one fling with his old crush, but i thought it was kind of portraying gays as being promiscuous(the open boyfriend thing) but at least it got him to call the cutie Marco.

    2)Silver and Adrianna(Navid)

    This was mainly the comedy of the episode. I thought it was pretty cool but the girlfight really wasn't a girlfight to me. Annie's Fight with Emily a few episodes back and Naomi's fight with Ivy last season were definitely much better. Overall, a great storyline and I loved what Adrianna did. I hate Adrianna as a singer but when she is NOT focusing on her career, I love her character.

    SERIOUSLY, Why is Navid coming out looking like the good guy. I hate how they are portraying him.

    And what is going with his father's porn scandal. 3)Ivy(Raj and Dixon)

    Dixon hasn't had much of a storyline since Sasha's return and what not but it was good to see that he was there for her. Ivy has fears of the water still...and fears of falling for and losing Raj(more then likely she will because they want to go for the shock factor). I didn't like Ivy as a character originally BUT she is starting to become one of my favorites.

    But how exactly does Raj still have his hair.

    4)Naomi and Max

    I love Naomi's character but I feel like with Liam, they are throwing two great characters(Naomi and Liam) with people who are their polar opposites and ruining their characters.

    Bad Boy Liam can't exist with Annie...though he is a lot more interesting than the emo or just there Liam we get nowadays.Just like Naomi, the one we are so used to...Can't exist with Max. So they are slowly changing the characters and I hate that.

    Max isn't really attractive to me and the whole storyline while light compared to the Cannon story just doesn't give me much.

    She is my favorite character but I am hoping a better Naomi shows herself in the finale

    Annie(and Liam)

    I've never really been a fan of Annie's character. She annoys me greatly as a character so it was very entertaining that she got bit by a monkey. I know that is bad but in all honesty, she has not had that great o a story this year.....and what would have been great stories last year, wound up basically being really minute.

    Liam, was pretty cute and romantic with his surprise for Annie. That's all I can really say because not much happened with these two.moreless
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