Season 4 Episode 19

The Heart Will Go On

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2012 on The CW

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  • Why is everybody effing sick?????

    I do love me some mindless 90210 after a day at work... but comeon guys... can someone at least have something life-changing other than a fatal illness?!?!
  • Raj is dying, Dixon may be dying, Silver don't

    Another episode has arrived, and let me say the writers do it well this time

    After a kick-ass episode we had last week, the speculations and worries begin to fly, personally for me. Because when you got a so good episode ( Blood Is Thicker Than Mud ) you just hope that the next episode will be as good. And for me i was so nervous, if the writers will screw it up like they had in the past, but they didn't fortunately.

    Naomi, Jen, PJ: So in this episode we had Naomi and Jen continuing there bichty feud over Preston Hillingsbruck, after Jen had secretly taken to Prestons second house to get a chance with him. She comes home and learns that she has some kind of flight sickness. Naomi of course is mad at her after she had lied to her about PJ, and wants revenge. But the revenge quickly turns to guilt, when Naomi feels sympathy for her sister Jen and after a few sister moments, Jen is taken the next flight to Paris. But all of this wasn't the twist, because now we have Jen talking to Naomi in the airport saying that it was good that neither of them was beginning to start a romance with PJ. But Jen was wrong because Naomi( as dum as she is ) slept with the freaking guy. Yes, Naomi is sleeping with the unknown.

    Ivy, Raj: When Dixon learn that Raj is dying at the hospital he tells his ex. girlfriend Ivy the bad news. Ivy rushes with the gang ( like that the hole gang comes to help Ivy ) to the hospital and upon seeing Raj is soon-to-be-dead. This tradegic incident results that the hole gangs questions about their future ( * ) And by the end of the episode we got a dead person lying in the hospital bet and it is Raj. This story was really great finally we got to se Gillian Zinser in a emotional and sad scene, because Gillian is really good to make a sad scene. She nailed it.

    Annie, Dixon, Adrianna: Dixon keeps lying to Adrianna ( idiot! ) about his contract with a music producer, and in a fight with the two, is leading to a collapsed Dixon. This storyline is pointless. You have the lying-to-Ade storyline and you have this storyline that was feutered in this episode, about Dixons heart condition. As i see it this stroy we got in this episode was just a stroy with Dixon and a ticket to Raj's storyline.

    Silver, Liam, Vanessa: Silver finally is getting tested with her cancer gene, and by the end of the episode.....well the answer if she has cancer is yet to be unkown. Meanwhile the Lannie fans have to wait to see if there is going to be a relationship between Annie and Liam, cause we ain't got it in this episode. But still the disapointment of a soon-to-be-love between Liam and silver stays. We don't really got a scene with Liam and Silver where you have to curosity of there romance, but still i have the feeling. Just the handling of the situation and Liam holding Silver's hand in the hospital, it's just coming closer and closer with there relationship. Sorry Lannie fans.

    But maybe the writers cheat us and just make them a very close couple of friends. :-s

    Sadness, Next episode, Ending: This episode was sad and a gamble for the writers. Because when you have a show like 90210, that resembles the younghood and the fun about being young, it is very hard to suddenly have such a dark story for a show like this. And i think the writers write this episode very well off, when you look at the background of the show and they have really focused ( again! ) at the unity of the West Bev. group. So, as a firm and solid habit i always go on YouTube and check the upcoming episodes promo, judging from the next episode called Blu Ivy, it looks pretty good, and with Navid back ..... well i can't promise that fans not will be dissapointed in his inception again. The end was good, and a good way of ending the sad episode. I won't say the ending was fantastic, but it was defiently a good phrase with the breaking glass and all.

    All-in-all: I again love this show more and more and the feeling with the interest and the suspense growing inside of me becomes more and more visible. So to the writers you are making 90210 a hit again and you are doing a very good job and i can't wait to see the next episode. For now on i will only wait and see and write....

    hail for 90210! cause it is getting better!
  • The Heart Will Go On

    It was better than last week, I'll give it that, but this episode just reminded me of how much of a disappointment this show is. It was probably one of the better episodes of the season, but even then, that isn't saying much.

    The only thing good about it was the Ivy and Raj interactions but other than that, it was just another flop. I'm just not buying the possible Silver & Liam relationship. Just stop it already please.

    Also the supposed "clever tie in" wasn't clever at all. It was so predictable that Dixon not telling Ivy would tie in to his heart condition. And what are the odds that Dixon was in the same hospital as Liam? Or that he would find Raj for that matter? This show is just so contrived, it's annoying, and especially when Annie walked in on Liam telling Vanessa that Dixon was in the hospital.

    This episode did strike some emotion with Raj's departure, but like I said, that was the only standout point. Also Jen is dead to Naomi one second, but in the next, she loves her again? These debacles are getting tired and seem all too familiar to the past arguments that these sisters have had.

    Also get rid of PJ please, nothing against Nick Zano but it's clear that he's not bringing anything new to table.

    On another tangent, does anyone else think that Diego & Raj are strikingly similar in their appearance? I think Ivy has got more issues than she realizes.

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