Season 1 Episode 2

The Jet Set

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 02, 2008 on The CW
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The Jet Set
In part two of the series premiere, Dixon must deal with jealous teammates on the lacrosse team and Annie breaks up with her boyfriend back home but soon meets a potential love interest.

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  • Annie meets Ty collins a student who is in the musical with her Dixon has to deal with his jealous teammates ect

    Silver let's it be known through her blog how Ethan Ward cheated on Naomi Clark it is later revealed why silver and naomi don't get along they were best friends but silver confided in naomi about her fathbers infidelity and begged naomi to keep it a secret but Naomi didn't so she did it out of revenge

    Annie meets Ty collins who is also in the musical they are interested in eachother go on a date but they go to San Fransiscomoreless
  • Another great/strong episode

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. We open this episode, with Annie informing the family that she and her boyfriend Jason (from back in Kansas) have broken up. But Annie's heartbreak doesn't last for long, as she soon meets another student Ty. Silver posts another video blog and this time it's about Ethan and the fact that he cheated on Naomi. When Naomi sees the video she flips out and slaps Ethan. Ty takes Annie out for a meal, and takes her on a plane to San Francisco. Kelly got to a cafe and meets up with an old friend, Brenda (who was also in the original Beverley Hills 90210). We learn that Silver and Naomi used to be best friends, until Naomi told the school about the fact that Silver's father was having an affair. Dixon takes the fall for the prank about the other high school and so his father/principal has no other choice, but to throw him off of the La Cross team. When Debbie discovers that Annie has been to San Francisco without her knowledge, she gets mad at Annie. But soon other members of the La Cross team admit to being in on the prank and so Dixon gets back on the team.moreless
  • Just a question

    I am an old fan for Beverly Hills 90210, and know I begin to see the new 90210. The only thing that I dont understand is the fight between Naomi and Silver. Silver says that his father cheated his mother and told about it to Naomi. In Beverly Hills this happened when she was a baby. So my question is, were the parents again together and cheated the fater again? or just they re-write another story?

    I like this new serie 90210 and of course there is nothing original, but at least it's interesting. I think you have to be a little patience to let envelopt the story.

    Sorry my english :P I try my bestmoreless
  • Awesome episode.

    Dixon impresses his peers when he tries out for the lacrosse team, but has to deal with jealous teammates who will stop at nothing to sabotage him. Annie misses the deadline to audition for the spring musical but sparks fly when she meets the leading actor Ty, one of the most popular students on campus. Ty impresses Annie by flying her to San Francisco for dinner in his private jet, but Annie fails to mention her plans to her parents. Adrianna bails at a movie audition and Naomi learns that her boyfriend, Ethan, is cheating on her - something Annie witnessed in the previous episode. The Jet Set was an awesome episode, I love most of the storyline, the adults storyline isn't that interesting yet but it will probably get somewhere late on in the show. However, I love the younger ones storyline, every interesting to watch. I love Annie and Ethan, there my favourites. I loved the end where Ethan brings Annie the teddy they won together, but then she was kissing that other guy. Well a good episode from 90210, can;'t wait to see more.moreless
  • A little bit more character development. I watched this back to back with the previous one so they kind of run together, but it was entertaining.

    I'll be brief because I basically already said all I had to say about this 2-part series premiere with my review of the first episode.

    The confrontation-trifecta of Naomi, her mom, and the Principal (still learning the names) gave me a lot of hope for Naomi's character. Sure she's kind of a drag, but having her stand up for herself like that was a great move by the writers--I'm referring mostly to when she asked her mom to leave the room, which thankfully wasn't done in a bratty way. Her parents don't seem to have much confidence in her, but at least she's got some confidence in herself.

    Unfortunately she was kind of a jerk to Silver. That story about what Naomi did to Silver was terrible, and, you know, kind of makes me not like Naomi anymore. Then again, Silver is going to some extremes. I love her character so far, but I hate video blogging. I'm too old for it apparently. Ty and Annie... I really hope he turns out to be a jerk. Come on. A private jet? And he's what, 16? That's a bit wild. The prank was pretty cool, and I'm really starting to like Dixon and Navid.

    Well, little longer than I wanted to write but ah well. Overall I feel like I'm getting a little bit more of the character development that I wanted. And hey, Shannon Doherty! I never watched the original series (I was freaking 4 years old when it began!) but I think she's awesome, so kudos to her.moreless
Linda Gray

Linda Gray

Virginia Brewer

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Jennifer Hyatt

Jennifer Hyatt

Goth Student

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Michael Piccirilli

Michael Piccirilli

Antonio Garrett

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Adam Gregory

Adam Gregory

Ty Collins

Recurring Role

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth

Kelly Taylor

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Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty

Brenda Walsh

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Annie sees the tattoo on Silver's lower back, Silver explains that it means 'friendship' in Chinese. However it actually means 'God'.

    • Goof: When Annie and Ty arrive at the airport you can see Ty's private jet. Obviously it is a Dassault Falcon, having two smaller engines in the back, one on either side of the fuselage. In their next scene, right before it changes to the inside of the plane, you can see the plane once again. Notice that this time it has four engines. Two underneath each wing, definitely not the same plane!

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Tabitha: Well, my damn computer froze up again.
      Harry: What'd you spill on it this time, Mom?
      Tabitha: Scotch. I mean, iced tea.

    • Tabitha: I need to finish my memoirs before my friend Virginia does. We've slept with all of the same people.

    • Ryan: Uh, who wants to tell me what a haiku is? And if you say a haiku is the new sushi roll at Koi, well, that would be incorrect.

    • Ryan: Adrianna, what's up with you? Are you okay?
      Adrianna: Yeah. I'm just distracted. I have this really big audition for this movie this week and I just haven't been able to sleep.
      Ryan: And if you get it, what then?
      Adrianna: Well, then I'd be in a movie, make lots of money.
      Ryan: So what, you can buy a new cell phone or maybe a fancy pair of shoes? Maybe an expensive car you really don't need?
      Adrianna: No, so I can pay the mortgage 'cause my mom can't.

    • Ryan: You know, if you sit with me, I'll let you have half my sandwich.
      Kelly: How about I sit with you and you keep your sandwich?

    • Silver: Okay, what was that?
      Annie: What?
      Silver: What? Ty Collins just practically put his tongue in your mouth. That's what.
      Annie: Shut up!
      Silver: Okay, you are obviously too messed up to see what's right in front of you, so let me be your eyes. Ty Collins is into you? You should be into Ty Collins. Or so to speak.
      Annie: Okay, can you just give me one second because my old relationship ended six hours ago?
      Silver: Okay, the cure for a breakup is a hookup.

    • Annie: He has a jet, Silver, a jet. Okay? It's the coolest thing ever. It's like Pretty Woman, but I'm not a whore.

    • Ryan: Will you go to dinner with me sometime?
      Kelly: I don't know.
      Ryan: Is that like an I'm-just-not-that-into-you "I don't know" or is it more of a I'm-going-to-play-coy-and-make-him-sweat "I don't know"?

    • Annie: Where did you learn to speak Italian?
      Ty: Oh, well, that's the upside of spending all my summers in Italy.
      Annie: And what would be the downside?
      Ty: There is none.

    • Nat: (to Kelly and Brenda) It's so good to see both of you in this place again. (to Brenda) How's your brother?
      Brenda: Brandon is good. He told me to tell you that every single time he thinks of you he craves a mega burger.
      Nat: I made an impression.
      Brenda: (to Kelly) And he told me to tell you that you are beautiful.
      Kelly: Yes, he said that on the phone at 3:00 a.m. when he called from Belize. What is with you Walsh kids? You can't stay in one place.
      Brenda: Well, I'm here for at least a month doing the play. So that should count for something.
      Kelly: Yes, it does. Listen, I was thinking... We should spend some more time together. I mean, it's been too long. The last time you saw Sammy was when he was a baby.
      Brenda: I know. And you know, I was thinking that we've wasted a lot of time over the last couple years, you know.
      Kelly: Yeah, I know. So what do you say we stop wasting it and get back to where we were?
      Brenda: It sounds great. My only question is... what are we doing here just having milkshakes?
      Kelly: That's a good question.

    • Guy: Dude, I can still see the slap mark on your face.
      Ethan: Whatever. At least I've got somebody who cares enough about me to slap me. Better than you and your hand.

    • Annie: Hey, cool tattoo. What does it mean?
      Silver: It's the Chinese symbol for friendship, 'cause, you know, friends are cool.
      Annie: Naomi has the same one.
      Silver: Yeah. All right... In eighth grade my dad had an affair with my mom's best friend. I was... God, I was so angry, you know, so unbelievably scared she'd find out, you know, and she'd get a divorce or... start drinking again. So I... I didn't tell anybody, I kept it a secret, but then it started eating away at me, and I just... I had to tell someone. So... I told my best friend, Naomi. She promised me that she wouldn't tell anyone. So she told everyone.
      Annie: Why would she do that?
      Silver: Because she needs to know more than anyone else. Because it gives her power to tear people down. So... my mom found out. She confronted my dad, and everything that I prayed wouldn't happen happened. So... now it is my greatest pleasure to make her pay for it.

    • Ethan: George? Of all the guys why him... in front of everyone?
      Naomi: Well, I guess I just did to you what you did to me.
      Ethan: What I did to you was terrible. I feel horrible. But, I mean, I hurt you, you hurt me. Is that how it works with us? I wouldn't do that to a friend, and we're supposed to be more than friends.
      Naomi: Oh, we are more than that. We're more than friends, Ethan. And we've fought before. We always work it out.
      Ethan: You know, you asked me why I did it. I said I didn't know. I think I do now. Know what? I wanted out.
      Naomi: Are you breaking up with me?
      Ethan: I'm breaking up with us.

    • Harry: And I want to apologize to you. Wasn't fair of me to ask you to give up your buddies. I was on a team once. I know how it works.
      Dixon: You know, I'm sorry I disobeyed you, you know? I'm still trying to find my way around here, you know?
      Harry: I'm trying to figure out when to be your principal and when to be your dad.
      Dixon: You know, I think I like my dad more than my principal.
      Harry: You might not when you hear his punishment.

    • Ryan: I know, weird that I'm here. I'm not a stalker. I just… I felt bad about my comment. The comment. So I wanted to bring you these. (giving the flowers)
      Kelly: Thank you.
      Ryan: Yeah. And I also work part-time for the Black Hawks recruiting fans, so I brought you that, too, for your son.
      Kelly: Yeah, I figured.

    • Harry: And this thing with Tracy. I wish I knew what to do, but I don't. And am I curious to know the kid's okay? Absolutely. But being an adoptive father, would I want Dixon's birth parents around us? No way.
      Debbie: Well, look, Dixon is a teenager. This is a man. But before you do anything about that, I think you really need to figure out how you want to handle things with Tracy.
      Harry: I don't know, and I am the first to admit that I was not the greatest guy back then.
      Debbie: Honestly, I'm more concerned about the guy that you are now. So just take your time and figure out how you want to handle this.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music:
      "Coming Home" by The 88
      "Try It Again" by The Hives
      "Never Gets Enough" by Luscious Redhead
      "Young One" by Mackabella
      "Great DJ" by The Ting Tings
      "Live Forever" by Brendan McCreary
      "Lucid Dreams" by Franz Ferdinand
      "Gravity" by Luscious Redhead
      "Come Out Of The Shade" by The Perishers
      "Shake It" by Metro Station
      "Outlaw Mix 2" by Astronaut On Vacation
      "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf
      "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz
      "Ain't We Famous" by Brendan's Band
      "Daydreamer" by Adele
      "I Always Knew" by Jem

    • This is the first appearance of Brenda Walsh in the Beverly Hills 90210 continuity since season four of the original show - a total span of 14 years.


    • Annie: It's like "Pretty Woman", but I'm not a whore.

      A reference to the movie Pretty Woman starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

    • Episode Title: The Jet Set

      "Jet set" is a journalistic term that was commonly used to describe an international social group of wealthy people, organizing and participating in social activities all around the world that are unreachable to ordinary people.

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