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  • Season 1 Episode 12: Hello, Goodbye, Amen

  • Adrianna's Contacts:

    Akiko 323-555-0167
    Ally 310-555-0134
    Annie 323-555-0123
    Danny 323-555-0132
    Kelly 310-555-0169
    Lilly 818-555-0181
    Marty 323-555-0126
    Mom 323-555-0163
    Navid 323-555-0177
    Ralphie 310-555-0156

    Since Adrianna's contacts are all in alphabetical order, it seems odd that her best friend Naomi isn't listed among them. It's also strange that Kelly's number is listed under her first name, since Adrianna always refers to her as "Ms. Taylor". Finally, the fact that the mysterious Ralphie's number appears in every phone list we've seen to date (Brenda's, Annie's, and now Adrianna's) is quite odd since it hardly seems likely that teachers and students mingle with the same group. It's also strange that in Annie's contact list Ralphie's number is 310-555-0169 - which according to Adrianna's list is Kelly's number.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Games People Play

  • Continuity Error: In this episode, Annie tells Ethan that she and Jason started dating in junior high. But this doesn't match up with what her mother said to her in episode 1x05 Wide Awake and Dreaming, when she was having "the talk" with Annie. In that conversation, she made reference to the fact that Annie was a serial dater who fell in love easily, broke up quickly, and moved on rapidly.

  • For a short period of time following this episode, viewers could call Jason's phone number (913-709-0409) and listen to the voicemail Naomi left for him, inviting Jason to Annie's Sweet Sixteen birthday. Unfortunately, the number no longer works.

  • Annie's contacts:

    Ralphie 323-555-0169 (Interestingly, this same name appeared in Brenda's contact list)
    Dad - 323-555-0120
    Dixon - 323-555-0177
    Jason - 913-709-0409

    It seems odd that Ralphie's name would appear first, since the rest of Annie's contacts appear in alphabetical order. It also seems strange that Ethan's number does not appear in Annie's contact list, after Dixon and before Jason. He is her boyfriend, after all, and most girls keep their boyfriend on speed dial.

  • When Naomi is scrolling through Annie's contacts, several of the character's phone numbers can be clearly seen. Oddly, the area code 323 is most prevalent. While 323 is technically a Beverly Hills area code, it only covers a small portion of the elite city and is usually associated with what is known as "Beverly Hills Adjacent." The very wealthy patrons of Beverly Hills are almost all in the 310 area code and it seems likely that the students of West Beverly High would live in the area covered by the 310.

  • When Annie is talking to Jason in the bathroom, her pajama top continually reverts between being unbuttoned and buttoned, with the most obvious goof occuring during the moment when she was sitting on the counter by the sink.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Secrets and Lies

  • The exterior of Kelly Taylor's house is the same home that was used for exterior shots of Buffy's house in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's located in Torrance, California, just a few miles away from Torrance High School, which is the set of the fictional West Beverly High. Interestingly, it also served as the set of Sunnydale High in the aforementioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • When Annie and Dixon are talking in the car, Dixon's seat belt is alternately used and unused between camera angles.

  • When Adrianna finds Navid to apologize to him, he's sitting outside at a table on a bench. Between camera angles, he continuously alternates between being seated at the edge of the bench to the back of the bench.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: There's No Place Like Hom...

  • When Naomi receives the text message that Adrianna sent from Navid's phone, his number is listed as 323-555-0156.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Hollywood Forever

  • Goof: When Naomi is at Adrianna's house talking with her mother, Adrianna's mom starts squeezing lemon juice into her iced tea with her right hand. When the camera changes angles, she is squeezing the lemon with her left hand, and when the shot changes again, the lemon is inside the glass.

  • When the teacher leads the class about family planning, she places the baby doll on the corner of Ethan's desk. She never takes it off, but in the next second she's coming from behind Ethan and she's still holding the "baby", which technically should still be on the desk.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Model Behavior

  • During the fashion show, the camera on Adrianna's shoulder switches from her left to the right during the scene.

  • As Brenda scrolls through her phone contacts, the list of names can be clearly seen. On that list is 90210 writer Jason Ning, who scripted this episode. Also on her list is the show's property master Alan Sims, editor Sean Buck and production assistant, Greg Bator. Also listed is Ralphy Ramirez, who is not associated with 90210 but worked on the celebrated 2007 film Freedom Writers.

    Brenda's Contacts:
    1. Alan Sims
    2. Vernon Evans
    3. Marty Grimes
    4. Dylan McKay
    5. Jason Ning
    6. Ralphy Ramirez
    7. Jason Welden
    8. Sean Buck
    9. Greg Bator
    10. Curtin Akin

  • According to Brenda's cell phone, Dylan McKay's phone number is 555-0195.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Jet Set

  • Goof: When Annie sees the tattoo on Silver's lower back, Silver explains that it means 'friendship' in Chinese. However it actually means 'God'.

  • Goof: When Annie and Ty arrive at the airport you can see Ty's private jet. Obviously it is a Dassault Falcon, having two smaller engines in the back, one on either side of the fuselage. In their next scene, right before it changes to the inside of the plane, you can see the plane once again. Notice that this time it has four engines. Two underneath each wing, definitely not the same plane!

  • Season 1 Episode 1: We're Not in Kansas Anymore

  • The Wilsons drive a Dodge Grand Caravan.

  • Silver's blog is named The Vicious Circle.

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