Season 4 Episode 1

Up In Smoke

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2011 on The CW

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  • Perfect

    Love this show
  • This show is not good.


    Okay, so I've watched this show for three consecutive years, and I'm thinking of giving up at this point (I know, it took me this long). The characters are bland and uninteresting now, nothing is exciting about anyone anymore, the story lines are contrived and ridiculous (this has always been an issue, but I finally decided to acknowledge it).

    I wanted to give this show a second chance after discovering that this show would have a new show runner come season 4, but nope, it's the same stupidities. Continuity is awful, story lines have been done time and time again, and the ones that haven't are horrible.

    The cliffhangers at the end of the episode were also pretty bad. Setting fire to a ton of weed was probably the stupidest thing I have I ever seen on a prime-time drama. Just horrible, don't know if I'll be tuning in next week.

  • mmmm and they are back.... in black


    well first of all.... the show is starting to suck... i kinda was expecting a 4 yr H.S. seasons.. like the old 90210 and then whatever.. but this only lasted 3 yrs.. the characters are damn material, there isnt really much u could learn from the problems that go on... or familiarize with them... again not like the old show. so with that said.. im only watching it cuz i always end what i start but.. will see about that.

    Now well its was and ok start of the season... again the moves way too fast thou. uhm naomi seems to getting more mature.. but seeing the 2nd episode seems like she is just the same.

    Navid n silver taking navid lil spoiled sister into their lil room calls for nothing but more trouble.... seriously i would send that lil brat all the way to india in a heartbeat.

    Dixon n the cowboy getting a place together .. well dixon its been if not the more mature of all i think he be good for the cowboy.

    ivy and his terminal Bf.... well if i were into love stories i be all sad but.. heck hurry up raj.

    Adriana... dont u get it?? no one wants u around..

    Annie... dont be so nice... u gonna fall for all the bad things with that attitude.

  • The show has lost itself in all of its drama and none of the characters seem worth the ride anymore.


    The gang has left high school behind but it hardly feels any different. Instead of going new places and accepting new challenges they all return to their ridiculous behavior and boring lifestyle.
    Excuse me when I say that my major problem with the episode was Naomi's party. Who would even stay there? A bonfire in which you can burn the past? Yawn. Waiters with sushi and branches at the door? What?! Not even talking about the DJ that wasn't playing anything memorable and somehow sensed he should stop as someone outside wanted to propose.
    Propose? Why, yes, because Liam's soul sailing has led him to believe he should marry Annie. So he buys a ring and says let's do it. The second time around he actually tries and even then the show manages to dethrone the definition of Awkward with Annie saying no. Who knew that after all these years Annie would be the one with the sane brain?
    Because everyone else has certainly lost it. Naomi is not pregnant, luckily, so she can resort to flirting with half naked men. So refreshing and interesting, if you ask me. Meanwhile Silver and Navid have become the parents of Navid's sisters. A story line that turned too dull too fast. If only Adrianna was here to throw in a loop or something. Not that she's not there, she's just really trying to be good. Like anyone wants to see that.
    Dixon actually has stuff going on too. It was surprising to me how often he was on screen and with how many characters he interacted with. But since he's not going to college he traded his five minutes of dynamic for good 'ol stupidity.
    90210 had become my go to guilty pleasure because it was ridiculous, but ridiculously good. Now it's just the same stuff done by people who don't ever seem to grow up or learn from other people's mistakes. As if all ties to any kind of realism have been cut, save for Ivy who remains awesome, everyone wants everything everywhere and no one has a clue what they are doing.
    I am disappointed in the premiere in so many ways. It wasn't entertaining, it wasn't memorable. It was just a wake up call for me that, unlike these kids, I actually have changed over the summer. Goodbye zip code, hello world.

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