Season 1 Episode 1

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 02, 2008 on The CW

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  • Great pilot

    I have never heard of this show before but I have this blog where a user from TV.com requests on what to review even if I've never heard of it. I catched this pilot online and I actually thought that it was a great pilot. It's situations that teenagers like you can deal with. I thought the actresses in this show were beautiful and I said to myself "Wow". From what I understand, this show has comedy, romance, and drama. There were funny scenes in the pilot that made me laugh so hard. The dramatic scenes were also well done as well. I don't want to make my review too long by summarizing the plot so I'll try to make it as short and sweet as possible. The Wilson family move to Beverly Hills. Annie and Dixon discuss of what their first day of school would be like at West Beverly Hills High. Annie watches the school play rehearsals (this in the middle but there is more to this pilot). Dixon sent a text message to Naomi by telling her that Ethan is cheating on her. Annie gets punished by her parents but she sneaks out of the house to go to Naomi's party. There is still more to this pilot but I don't want to summarize the whole pilot because it would be too long. I love that Lori Loughlin has the role as Annie's mom. The character that I really like was Annie and then others are pretty good but I don't quite remember all of their names. I think the character I dislike though was that blond girl... I didn't she just seemed kind of "eh". Overall, I thought that the pilot could have been a little better but this was great pilot of "90210". 8.5/10

    Note: Canogaparkcindy requested me to review this episode.
  • The Wilson family moves from Kansas to take care of their matriarch Tabitha Wilson a former actress who has a bit of a drinking problem

    Harrison Wilson moves his family to Beverly Hills in hopes of being able to keep an eye on his mother Tabitha Wilson a former actress who has a bit of a drinking problem and he becomes the principal at his alma matter West Beverly Hills High School where his two children his son Dixon and daughter Annie attend and try to fit in with their peers they first meet Naomi Clark,Adrianna Tate-Duncan,Erin Silver,Ethan Ward,George Evans,and Navid Shirazi
  • It's a very good start... I'm reviewing both parts here.

    The good thing about the series,is that some of the characters from the original series are involved in the series premeir. Kelly is the guidance counsler at Beverly Hills High,remember little Erin? Now,she's 16 and Mrs.Silver (Kelly & Erin's mom) is back to drinking.Brenda Walsh shows up in part 2.Dylan and Kelly did get togather and now she has a son,Sammy.
    Oh and remember Hannah,Andrea's kid? She goes to Beverly High as well.But that's all there is to say about Andrea and her current status.The Peach Pit is still around,but very different and Nat is still running it. All the original characters are played by the original actors,execept for Erin.

    Now,Imagine a mordernized version of Beverly Hills 90210,with the mentioned above.That's what the series is.It's a good start and I'm enjoying the fact that some characters are put in mix of this.
    It was a good mix of history and the new generation.
    It's also making me want to start the original series all over again.I guess we'll see if it stays this good or not.
  • I need poor stories

    It is first time that I watched this tc series. One and the most important reason to watch 90210 is that I have been waiting for tv-series as good as The OC. However, I did not encounter with poor boy loving rich and the most popular girl. ooh! I forgot that there is an adopted boy like Ryan(The OC). Maybe my first comment will be a comparison between The OC and 90210, everything on this show represents very affluent people that I expected but some of the events are very extraordinary such as jet travel by Ty. I hope that producers have reduced the extraordinary event at following episodes or they have put a poor :)) boy in this show.
  • alright

    This series starts up alright, but is a bit too explanatory for my taste, they could leave some information for the imagination. I.e. the quote from Dixon "I just don't want to run the whole adoption story over and over again". I think all viewers realised that he was adopted or at least not the child of both Harry and Debbie... I just think it was a bit predictable to run that story in the first episode. I did however like that it wasn't explained who the father of Kellys child is. That leaves something for the imagination and I think 90210 is something I might tune in to watch on occasion but I'm hardly going to wait for it during the week... Too bad.
  • Definitely a must watch. I loved the original and I love this version as well.

    This pilot episode definitely met my expectations on what I wanted it to be. I love the ties to the original Beverly Hills, 90210. The cast great. And not to mention cute boys. This was not a waste of 2 hours. There are already plot lines I am dieing to see the ends too. The Ethan Annie and Ty love triangle. I am rooting for Ethan and Annie. Navid is so funny and Silver brings the weight of the world like the original cast. Annie and Dixon's grandmother is hilarious. Even the parents have complicated lives. Ryan and Kelly are so cute. But I am a Dylan and Kelly fan. I am so pumped for next weeks episode. I have found my new addiction for this year.
  • A really strong pilot episode

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. We open this new show (the remake of the original Beverley Hills 90210 which ran from 1990-2000), by being introduced to 4 of the main characters, Annie, Dixon and their parents Harry and Debbie. We soon learn that the family are moving to Beverley Hills from Kansas, in order for Harry to look after his aging mother, who is also an alcoholic. We soon learn that their father, Harry is also going to be their high school's principal. From the outset you can see that the mother-in-law and Debbie don't get along. We also learn that Annie had a kiss with a boy named Ethan the last time she visited Beverley Hills. We also quickly see that Kelly, from the original Beverley Hills 90210, is now in the re-make of the show and is now the schools counsellor. We also see that Kelly's sister, Silver is attending the High School. Dixon try's out for the Le Cross team and soon ends up getting into a fight. We also met a girl by the name of Adrianna who has a drug problem. We met a girl by the name of Naomi, who is going out with Ethan and who seems to have a lot of money thanks to her father. We also learn that back when Harry was a teenager, we dated Naomi's mother. Soon Silver posts a video blog, which all of the school sees. The vide blog is about Annie and her being in love with a cow. She confronts her and Silver says she did it, because Annie left her to go and sit with Naomi. We also learn that it's been 8 years since Dixon was adopted. Annie lends Naomi one of her old papers and Naomi, instead of re-writing the paper herself, she simply read Annie' out in class. Annie gets angry about this when she learns about it, in order to buy her silence; Naomi gives her an $800 dress.
    Soon Harry finds out about this and confronts Annie. Annie also try's out for the school play and gets a part in the chorus. Both Annie and Naomi get called in to the principal's office, and when the girls see each other there, Naomi tells her that she can't go to her not-so-sweet 16 birthday party. So since she is grounded, Annie sneaks out of the house and goes to Naomi's party with Silver. Harry goes there to find Annie, bumps into Naomi's mother. From her we learn that she was pregnant when she and Harry split up, he always believed that she had an abortion but she admits to him that she had the baby and gave him up for adoption. At the end of the episode we learn that Kelly has a son. But who is his father? We also see Adrianna paying off her drug dealer, with the money which she stole from Naomi's bag.
  • A good start.

    Harry Wilson, new principal of West Beverly Hills High School, returns from Kansas to his childhood home of Beverly Hills with his wife Debbie, their daughter Annie and adopted son Dixon, to care for Harry's mother, former television star Tabitha Wilson. On their first day at West Bev, Annie and Dixon encounter Ethan, the star lacrosse player she met a few summers ago; Naomi, the spoiled rich girl whose sole focus is her Sweet Sixteen party; Silver, the free-spirited girl who later gossips about Annie on her blog; Adrianna, a theatre goddess, but an out of control drug-addict, and Navid, editor of Blaze News. When Naomi fails to complete an assignment, English teacher Ryan Matthews and guidance counselor Kelly Taylor, bring the problem to Harry, who quickly realizes that keeping secrets about his past is going to be impossible. I'm a little late with watching this show, like everyone else is on episode 18, I have only just watched the first one. But I have to say it is a every entertaining show! I really like the storyline, it's awesome! I'm going to watch the next episode now, so hopefully my review will be better. A good start to the show.
  • Where's the character development? Overall I enjoyed the episode, but it just jumped into the middle of the story.

    My only other experience with teen drama comes from The O.C. I started watching that show when it first came on when I was 16 or 17. I was basically the same age as the characters, so I could relate easily. Now I'm 22, and the story of the new 90210 does not relate to me at all. Situations on The O.C. weren't exactly "real" for me, but I was going through similar situations.

    Despite that lack of connection, 90210 is grabbing my attention. (After all, I love House, but I'm not a doctor; I love Buffy, and I don't have vamp encounters, etc). As of this episode (and the second part to it) I'm on the fence. The downside is that there isn't much character development (the "so what?" factor). We get some background, but nothing sucked me in the way The O.C. did. (The pilot really focused on Ryan, what happened to him, his background, and the following episodes added to his troubles and made the audience care about him). I am however interested to find out what else is going on with Annie and her family, as well as Silver, in terms of their history. Everything so far has been subtle which could be great if they get more in depth. I'd hate to see it just focus on being rich and bratty and only having relationship troubles all the time.

    With that said, I do really enjoy the characters. Silver has a lot going for her, as does the English teacher. Naomi has potential, but I get the feeling that she'll end up a cliche SoCal b----. Hope not, because she has some great moments in the pilot; perhaps she could take a "Summer Roberts" turn? Even though I feel a little strange watching a show about High School sophomores/juniors (not sure... Annie's supposed to be 15?) I'm looking forward to catching up on the show over my winter break.
  • Brought back good memories

    I was a huge fan of the original series and it was good to see this show with new blood and new stories. It seemed to me that some of the younger actors didn't fit in the cast, but at least the 3 main ladies are good and strong. I was pleasantly surprised to see Erin Silver and how they fit her character in the story. I still remember back in the 90's the episode where David and Kelly's mom get together and then Erin being born. It was also nice to see Lori Loughlin back. I think she's a good actress and deserves more credit. Also Rob Estes. And the most important: seeing Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh was a nice touch. I can't believe how young and beautiful Jennie Garth looks compared to Shannen Doherty. I was always related to Kelly Taylor as a teenager especially after she showed her softer side. It wasn't that bad. I'll have to see the next episode.
  • I was huge fan of "Beverly Hills 90210" (I still am), so I decided to give it the chance and watch the pilot episode of sitcom.

    okay, this episode was not that great as I hoped it would be. though it really reminds about the original "90210": the family moving to L.A. -- father, mother, son and daughter (but now they are definitely not the twins:); the same old school with cool kids, mean kids, freaks and so on; few familiar faces (actually, that's the main reason I started watching this show -- always wanted to know what had happened with Kelly, Dylan and others -- felt like 10 years were not enough :)

    well, wanna just say that even I didn't love the pilot I decided to continue watching "90210" -- everybody deserves the second chance :)

    FAVE SCENE: Annie/Silver meeting.

    FAVE QUOTE: Annie (to Silver): Well, the antichrist didn't trash me in front of half a million people. You did.
  • Vibrant, Interesting, Delicious!!!

    This was an excellent opening episode. I really like the way it differentiates itself from the original 90210 series. The characters were introduced well, and established quickly. I imagine Tabitha Wilson will soon become one of our favorite characters. The storyline flowed nicely. I found it less than believable however, that Dixon and Annie make friends so quickly with people. It just seems a bit far-fetched. However, it's understandable as they have to have interaction with other characters. I really enjoyed the immediate animosity between Annie and Adrianna. It'll be interesting to see where that goes this season. In addition, I love Dixon's new friend Navid. He's just a gorgeous specimin!!! Yumm-O. Another very awesome character is Silver, which is of course the now grown-up half sister of Kelly Taylor. She's a pretty cool chick and it seems as though we'll get both loyalty as well as a little back-stabbing out of her. Love the girl. All kinds of hijinx ensue in this episode, where people go from being fake, to catty, to friendly and back through the gamut again. I think the show will take off.
  • We're not in Kansas Anymore...and not in Beverly Hills Either!!

    So, this was one of the most disappointing series premiere ever made. Wasn’t this the episode that was supposed to be drawing audiences in? Well it definitely made the opposite impression. I can pick out so many flaws from this episode that I’m not even going to list them. This was nothing like the original one! But what fascinates me is how they managed to get the ugliest and most anorexic cast ever recruited for a TV series (with the exception of Jennie Garth of course). Not only that, most of them can’t even act properly. After all, this is supposed to be a drama show. It’s absolutely pathetic if you ask me. Besides, am I the only one who thinks this is too soon for a spinoff series??
  • Not bad, CW... not bad at all.

    Let me preface my review by saying this is not my kind of show. I watched mostly because I'm anxious to see the struggling CW survive -- they saved "Supernatural" and "Veronica Mars," so I feel I owe them something. Furthermore, I also haven't seen "Beverly Hills 90210," so I have no point of comparison there.

    That said, this show really wasn't as hideous as I expected it to be. For starters, the cast is warm and likable -- and most importantly, they can actually act. There wasn't a single groan-worthy acting-related moment to be had that I could see, and that surprised me in a show with a bunch of teenagers running around. I couldn't spot a standout bad actor in the lot -- in fact, I'd say there's a lot of good going around, the best of which has to be Jessica Walter -- ah, Jessica, how I love thee. Serving in the role of a boozed-up grandma, she is balm for this Arrested Development fan's soul. Her zingers and one-liners are top-notch, and even if they never give her anything to do other than wander around the house with a drink in her hand and a snide remark on her tongue, that alone could make this show worth dropping in on from time to time.

    That said, I think you really gotta be feeling the whole "teen angst soap opera" concept to get into this show, and unfortunately, I'm just not. Overall the plot wasn't exactly groundbreaking -- like I said, I never watched BH90210, but the series still had that "been there done that" feeling to me. I also felt like some of the family interactions were a little forced. Frankly, they're just too bubbly around each other. There's not an ounce of conflict to be had, though that will likely (hopefully?) change in time.

    I also failed to get into the main conflict at the end. They're clearly setting up Annie and Ethan as a couple, but what on earth should she -- and the audience -- find appealing about him? He's cheating on his girlfriend by getting a blow job in his car from some other girl, and we're supposed to feel bad for him at the end that his girlfriend found out? The guy's a cheating loser and deserved to be dumped, if not publicly humiliated.

    Then again, I say I failed to get the main conflict, but here I am worked up over it just the same. I suppose the cast's ability to get people like me involved in fairly generic plotlines like these are to the series' credit. It's just what the CW needs in its efforts to reinvent itself and I wish it well in its endeavor -- I just won't be viewing. Not regularly, anyway -- though if someone Youtubes Jessica Walter highlights, I'd be all over that.
  • WARNING: This review comes from someone who hasn't seen Beverly Hills 90210 and therefore would have no basis of comparison.

    I didn't quite know what was to expect of the premiere. I thought the story was uncomplicated, the characters pleasantly-acted, and the dialogue okay. The show has nice scenery and it uses it well. The soundtrack was good, except maybe for that overplayed Coldplay song. I was glad to see Jennie Garth act in something outside a Lifetime movie and Shannen Doherty to act in something. I immediately liked Silver because I'm a sucker for those "quirky" characters.

    But there were also some bad. I was annoyed by Annie and I'm not sure if that feeling will pass. I thought the pilot was too much influenced by Gossip Girl and I expected to hear a closing narration from Kristen Bell at the end of the episode. I also thought that the show's attempt of diversity falls flat. Yes, there are two main characters that is black and Indian, but the people in the background all seem to be primarily white.

    I don't know yet if I like this show or not, but there seems to be more good than bad. I will most likely tune in for more episodes. This was better than Gossip Girl's ho-hum season premiere.
  • Best pilot I've seen in a while.

    So, where to start... I'll start at the beginning. I immediately fell in love with this show, because the first thing I saw / heard was Viva la Vida by Coldplay. Since it was my favourite song at the time, I thought it was a sign of good taste. The dialog in the car was very well written, it showed the family bond. It also showed how cool the parents were. The first day of school for Annie was very filled with new experiences. I'm still impressed how quickly the school halls can empty after the bell rings. Right after it started, I could tell that the scene where Silver meets Annie for the first time is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Even though Silver later humiliated Annie, they couldn't stay apart for long and they made up. The musical rehearsal has to be the vocal highlight of the episode. I really liked it. Annie has awesome voice (I'm not sure about the actor who plays her) and it sounded awesome all together. The Dixon and Ethan storyline wasn't that interesting, and even though I kinda understand what Ethan was going through, I still don't approve of what he did to Dixon. My favourite scene in the episode has to be the final one - the four of them (Annie, Silver, Dixon and Navid) playing around in the ocean. It shows an awesome relationship. This episode was awesome.
  • Omg i love this series i think its a great spin off of the great series beverly hills 90210 its really amazing im watching all the episodes

    Omg i love this series i think its a great spin off of the great series beverly hills 90210 its really amazing series im watching all the episodes im not missing one and im bying the dvd for sure im glad to see lori back in a series i loved her in full house and im so happy to see her aswell as jennie garth i love her in beverly hills 90210 and in what i like about you and i love her in 90210 and i want to see brandon walsh back in 90210 with kelly best couple ever i dont want dylan back:S and donna also i want her but other than that its an amazing show i love it
  • Annie, her brother Dixon and her parents begin their new lives in California and learn that all is not what it seems. They definitely are not in Kansas anymore.

    When I watched the epsidoe I thought it was great. I haven't seen the original so it didn't really have anything to live up to unlike some of the other people that reviewed it. I like the fact that a few of them are quite close to the age their actually playing. I thought Adrianna's pill popping story line was a bit weak but I think it will probably play up a bit more during the season. I liked that this eppisode helped set up a lot of the sotry lines which was a bit confusing but we will be thankful for it in the longrun.
  • We meet the characters, and become exposed to the new 90210.

    okay for a pilot episode. It got things going fast, but left a little to be desired. Glad it was a two hour episode, or I don't think I would have really gotten the pilot by itself. I have to admit, I thought this would be a cheap rip off of the original series. I watched the original (like 20 years ago when it first came out), but can't really say I know everything that happened. I like the fact they brought kelly back----she was always my favorite in the original, and it brings a certain amount of continuity to the new show to have her there. Whether you like the original Beverly Hills 90210 or not, you have to give that show props for revolutionizing prime time drama. I think I will follow the new 90210 more closely than I did the original---it has a pretty good plot. again, okay for the pilot. I will be expecting more from future episodes.
  • Awesome and a bit dull all at the same time. Overall though, I enjoyed it very much.

    The intro was very light and nice...they kept it safe, no immediate drama the first minute.

    When Annie and Dixon go in for their first day of school, and Annie seeing Ethan (who is adorable) getting some you know what from a girl...not the best way to re connect! Then to find out he was really with Naomi and cheating on her. Wow. AnnaLynne McCord, who plays Naomi seems to be a really good actress. Sure doesn't look like she can play 16 years old but whatever. As for Shanae Grimes, who plays Annie...she is good but really needs to grow into her character more. Only time will tell if she will really make it her own.

    Kelly is back and it's great to see her! Brenda, Brenda, Brenda! Great to see her! Couldn't get enough! Bring on the rest of the original cast! Keep it coming.

    As a Broadway fan and huge Spring Awakening and Rent fan, I'm glad the school play is SA and that was funny when Annie said she did a "Rent ish play" when they showed what she really did haha. As for the girl who plays Wendla in the school play for SA, Adrianna being into drugs...they aren't holding back in this pilot! Adrianna stealing the money is so typical, I hope they give more depth to that character.

    Annie is dumb for emailing Naomi the entire paper. (Note to everyone: email only main ideas from a paper, not the entire paper if you are going to do that!)

    Dixon getting into the fight, blah blah, that was not so interesting. I think that was just to take up some time.

    Navid is cute. As for Navid's dad's profession...wow. Sorry about that Aaron Spelling.

    Ty is really cute too.

    The Vicious Circle is vicious alright. First impression is that Silver just dwells on and looks for drama and I can tell she is going to be annoying until she gets her act together. Then it was nice she apologized to Annie though and is friendly now so well see. She seems wishy washy.

    That's funny that Dixon texted Naomi about Ethan but siblings usually tell each other things so Ethan can't get mad at Annie but he can get mad at Dixon for telling Naomi but then he shouldn't get mad at Dixon because he shouldn't have been cheating in the first place.

    As for Harry...what a terrible way to find out you have a son, but it's realistic so I liked that. Question is, what is he going to do about it?

    As for the prank...that is disgusting. Grandma giving the boys the idea for the pig prank...haha Love it!

    I wonder how long it will take Annie and Ethan to get together. I can't wait for that to happen and Annie get bold with Naomi and become the one who calls the shots instead. Annie with Ethan or Ty... Hmm now all of that would be too typical and easy though...

    Naomi with George is not really interesting but maybe if that is drawn out it could be, maybe, I'm not sure.

    Annie going to San Fran on her date... well I have to admit I would do the same thing although the risk of something bad happening just when you go and do something great, like what happened to Annie is always a problem.

    Silver telling Annie about when she stopped being best friends with Naomi was interesting but at the same time not all that interesting. The ending was good and I'm so excited for next week's episode based on the trailer.

    I like the lighting of the show but the sound, something about it is shadowed if that makes any sense at all which I do not like but will get used to. I love the California shots in the intro and throughout the episode.

    Overall, this was a pretty great premiere. Nothing spectacular but still great.
  • Pleasantly surprised.

    I wasn't looking forward to the pilot because of the simple fact the original was such a hit and I was afraid the Nu90210 wouldn't be able to do it justice.
    Within the first five minutes I was laughing at the grandmother and really laughing with the reference of Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez being 30-years-old. That was simply well written and a great jab at the original show and cast.
    I thought the acting was great and like the cast as a whole. There are a few characters I do without; but I'm sure they'll either eventually grow on me or become my least faves - more like the ones I love to hate... same as the original.
    I enjoyed the scenes with Brenda as well and hope that she is shown more in the upcoming episodes and I would love for her to extend her stay on the show and become more of a recurring character. I don't like the mystery of who the father is of Kelly's son Sammy, I am praying it's Brandon because I couldn't stand Kelly and Dylan in the original and would not want them to have that type of bond or connection going forward. With Silver being on the show I would love for BAG to make at least one guest appearance, along with TS.
  • Trip down memory lane

    I have to say, I was quite skeptic about a Beverly Hills spin-off so long after the end of the original. Anyway I gave it a go and I've been surprisingly pleased.

    Of course, it's quite similar to the original version: the "peasants" Wilson (like the Walsh before) moving to a rich city, the fight between the poor and the rich, the nice girl (Annie), the bad one (Naomi), some sex... But it's still refreshing and innovative in a certain way.

    I can't help being nostalgic about those 10 years I spent watching the lives of Kelly, Brandon, Brenda, etc.
    It is also very nice having among the new crew some characters from the original TV show. Just like them we have grown up and it's nice to see where they've been and what they've become. Hearing about Brandon, listening to Erin mentionning her mother (and kelly's mother) drunking problem... was very cool.

    The only drawback however is that we feel like the new crew doesn't mingle with the former one. Sure Kelly is hitting off with the teacher, she talks to Harry but that's all. Hope it will improve in the future.

    One last thing: the girls really need to put on weight...! What's that hidden ad for anorexia?!
  • A great way to begin the series.

    The premiere is an amazing episode. I loved every second of it. The plot is really solid and its set to last for many seasons. Annie is great I loved that actress from Degrassi. It was also good to see Kelly from the original show and her sister Erin/Silver. Naomi seems to be the most inresting character because it seems there is so much more to her than what was portrayed in this episode. Dixon is a very likable character. I think Annie and Ethan may end up together if its over between him and Naomi. I hope Naomi and Annie's friendship isn't torn apart over a paper but it probably will be since she's gotten closer to Silver. The grownups on the show have interesting pasts. Harry and Tracy supposedly have a child together. Oh and the Tabitha is hilarious. The best grandma I've seen on TV. I will definitely keep watching this show.
  • American's hottest postal code is back!

    Here they are again, boys and girls from Beverly Hills. This first episode really surprised me because I wasn't expecting such a great show. Remembering the old and magic Beverly Hills 90210, the remake didn't sound to me amazing, but I then changed my mind. New fresh and funny characters mixed with the stars of the past. Teenagers and grown ups relationships and histories are well written and mixed. A good pilot, full of many potential for the future episodes. In my opinion they're doing a great job in order to be a worthy continuation of the old school. I hope they'll keep on.

    i love this show my favortie is nomai i think siliver is pretty cool two . wow like brenda changed alot form the old beverly hills 90210 but i knida knew how kelly would look like because i also wacthed the show what i like about you anyway i tink this show is kinda like gossip girl its very simiair and i just lovwd the poilt it was great tgi is like my second favrotie show right now first is of cours GOSSIP GIRL i think nomai is kinda like blair from GG . And sliver is kinda like gossip girl anyone else agree. anway i thik this was a great eposide thats all for now
  • 90210 is back.

    Well one of the most talked about premieres this year has come and gone and my feeling is nothing but disappointment. The show fails in its obvious emulation of Gossip Girl, recreating none of the witty dialogue nor the scandalous appeal generated by the second year series. The lines seemed forced by everyone, even those that had previous acting experience. The lone bright spot of the show is Jessica Walter as the funny grandmother. She seems to have lost zero of the comedic timing that garnered her fame and an Emmy nomination in Arrested Development as Lucille Bluth. The positives are clearly ruined by negatives such as the awful Ryan Eggold as the "cool" teacher. None of his jokes landed and he makes you wonder how he possibly got cast in the role. Beverly Hills 90210 veterans Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty contribute nothing to the show and were never really good, even on the original run.

    90210 popped a great rating, but I have a feeling they're going to need to put on a stronger outing next week to keep those ratings up.
  • 90210

    This episode was good pilot episode, but not a good regular episode. I give this a nine because pilot episodes are always boring. So, you can't judge a show by the series premiere. That's why I gave it a nine because I still have faith in this show to become a big hit.

    90210 - the new series. Based on Beverly Hills, 90210.
    This series focuses on new rich teens in Beverly Hills who go to West Beverly Hills High. The main characters are Annie and Dixon Wilson who move here from Kansas, and start at their new scholl West Beverly Hills High School.

    This show will become a HUGE hit if the next couple episodes get better!
  • IT could go either way; let's hope for the best

    First, the good; it's a fine splash of fresh air for the new viewers, with enough Garth and co. for the old ones. It's hip, it's preppy; the music is well chosen and of good quality; the best part: the actors. Shenae Grimes, and especially Tristan Wilds (The Wire) are AMAZING talents, not to mention some of our older hopefuls. The show has all the glitter, power and appeal to succeed.
    The bad: dumbing down the script/conversations. I'm not talking about "teens being teens" - I mean there is *huge* potential in these young actors, but the amount of "umm" and "ommm" indecision Wilds gets is enough to make my eyes spin. They have so little to work with it's a crime. Skater dude dealing drugs? Of course, who else. Let's go stereotypes! Plus, how many of these actors are actually 16?! Some realism on that note would be appreciated, finally.
    So, in short, the show could go either way. If the writers show some confidence in the actor tour de force they have, we may have a winner. If not, don't hold your breaths.
  • I was actually pleasantly suprised.

    I didn't start watching this pilot with any high expectations since edgy teen drama (like GG) is just a guilty pleasure of mine and I don't follow too many of these shows. Still I was attracted by the atmosphere of sheer fun and light-heartedness they managed to establish in the double premiere. Though none of the acting performances really stood out to me, the overall end result was very watchable and entertaining. They found ways to introduce us to the main characters really nicely (and fast btw) AND managed to give us some plotlines to sink our teeth in (something that rarely occurs in pilots, in my opinion). So I liked the series opener (both parts). I'm going to continue to watch this, probably, and hope it stays somewhat entertaining throughout the next couple of episodes.
  • One word... Grabbing!

    What a perfect way to start a season. Everything you need to know about someone to decide whether to hate or love has been revealed. By now i already know who I'm vouching for till the end of season. Annie and Dixon have such an adorable sibling relationship that you could say on the spot that it would be tested throughout the show. Naoumi is the queen bee, obviously, which is established when she held that magnificent 'not-so-sweet' sixteen birthday party. And she has the handsome atheltic BF, Ethan, who at his first scene is seen cheating on her. She finds out at her birthday party. But the big break up fight is yet to come. I like the songs as well, and it was so amazing that they started the ep. with Cold Play's 'Viva La Vida'. And the fact that Annie could sing, I mean seriously she has an amazing voice. Can't wait to see the next ep.
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