Season 1 Episode 1

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 02, 2008 on The CW

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  • It's a very good start... I'm reviewing both parts here.

    The good thing about the series,is that some of the characters from the original series are involved in the series premeir. Kelly is the guidance counsler at Beverly Hills High,remember little Erin? Now,she's 16 and Mrs.Silver (Kelly & Erin's mom) is back to drinking.Brenda Walsh shows up in part 2.Dylan and Kelly did get togather and now she has a son,Sammy.
    Oh and remember Hannah,Andrea's kid? She goes to Beverly High as well.But that's all there is to say about Andrea and her current status.The Peach Pit is still around,but very different and Nat is still running it. All the original characters are played by the original actors,execept for Erin.

    Now,Imagine a mordernized version of Beverly Hills 90210,with the mentioned above.That's what the series is.It's a good start and I'm enjoying the fact that some characters are put in mix of this.
    It was a good mix of history and the new generation.
    It's also making me want to start the original series all over again.I guess we'll see if it stays this good or not.
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