Season 1 Episode 1

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 02, 2008 on The CW

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  • Great pilot

    I have never heard of this show before but I have this blog where a user from TV.com requests on what to review even if I've never heard of it. I catched this pilot online and I actually thought that it was a great pilot. It's situations that teenagers like you can deal with. I thought the actresses in this show were beautiful and I said to myself "Wow". From what I understand, this show has comedy, romance, and drama. There were funny scenes in the pilot that made me laugh so hard. The dramatic scenes were also well done as well. I don't want to make my review too long by summarizing the plot so I'll try to make it as short and sweet as possible. The Wilson family move to Beverly Hills. Annie and Dixon discuss of what their first day of school would be like at West Beverly Hills High. Annie watches the school play rehearsals (this in the middle but there is more to this pilot). Dixon sent a text message to Naomi by telling her that Ethan is cheating on her. Annie gets punished by her parents but she sneaks out of the house to go to Naomi's party. There is still more to this pilot but I don't want to summarize the whole pilot because it would be too long. I love that Lori Loughlin has the role as Annie's mom. The character that I really like was Annie and then others are pretty good but I don't quite remember all of their names. I think the character I dislike though was that blond girl... I didn't she just seemed kind of "eh". Overall, I thought that the pilot could have been a little better but this was great pilot of "90210". 8.5/10

    Note: Canogaparkcindy requested me to review this episode.
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