Season 1 Episode 5

Wide Awake and Dreaming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on The CW

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  • Spring Awakening.

    The day of the play is here. Adrianna is unable to perform because she is on drugs. I just felt sorry for her mother, who brought 6 agents to come see her daughter, and Annie ends up taking her place. Brenda, Kelly, and Ryan try to help Adrianna with her problems. Ty wants to have sex with Annie for the first time at the after party. You've gotta feel bad for this guy. Adrianna, out of jealousy, comes waltzing in telling him a lie about Annie & Ethan. Then tells a lie to Annie when she arrives that he is in the shower? I'm starting to see that she's the manipulative one of the show. You have to love to hate her. It makes the characters interesting. I also feel bad for Annie, her crying in the end, made me say "Whoa, intense." Naomi's parents end up divorcing. I'm liking the actress who plays Naomi's mom, Tracy. I'm liking the mother-daughter relationship between them, even though it is dysfunctional. The whole condom scene was my favorite, between Annie & Dixon, and Annie & Ethan. That must have been embarrassing. Dixon & Silver start up a relationship. I thought this was a really great, enjoyable episode. The drama is really kicking it in to high gear. Good job 90210!
  • Wow.

    As opening night of Spring Awakening nears, Annie and Ty talk about having sex, Silver is overwhelmed with stage managing so Dixon offers to help backstage, prompting the two to get close and get together. Harry walks in on Annie and Ty making out and is forced to come to terms with the fact his daughter is growing up. Brenda, Kelly, and Ryan confront Adrianna about an obvious drug abuse problem, which leads to Adrianna getting kicked out of the play. Naomi refuses to accept her parents' divorce and is determined to get them back on track with disastrous results. Adrianna tricks Annie into thinking Ty slept with her in revenge for Annie taking over Adrianna's part in the play. Wow, another awesome, awesome episode from 90210. I love this show, the storyline is amazing, and the characters and just everything about it! I can't wait to watch more, which will be soon!
  • The musical finally happens

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. The day before the school play comes and we learn that Annie has become Adrianna's understudy since Adrianna isn't always turning up to rehearsals. When Harry goes to the hall to see Brenda about the play, he sees Annie and Ty making out behind the set. Brenda, Kelly and Ryan soon have a discussion about Adrianna and the 3 of them are now left wondering whether or not she is doing drugs. Brenda spends the whole of the next afternoon getting Adrianna ready for the play, which is that night. Everything is going well until Adrianna's mother tells her that 3 agents and 2 producers are coming to the play. That piece of information seems to push Adrianna over the edge. Soon the time of the play is upon us and Adriana is nowhere to be seen. Then, as if by magic, she appears, but she is worse for wear. She claims that she has taken some cough medicine and nothing else, although it is clear that she is under the influence of something much stronger than cough medicine. So Annie is called up to be the lead now that Adrianna is not suitable to perform. When the lights come down on the stage, everyone can see that Annie is the star/lead in the play rather than Adrianna. After the play, everyone starts to head to the after party, at a hotel. Ty books a room for him and Annie. Annie asks Dixon is she can have his condom, and reluctantly he hands it over to his sister. As she leaves the hall, she bumps into Ethan and drops the condom, which he finds on the floor. Ethan tries to talk Annie out of having sex with Ty. Adrianna gets to the hotel room before Annie and tells Ty that Annie and Ethan were making out at the school after the play finished. Finally the sexual tension between Silver and Dixon is realised, when they kiss. When Annie gets to the hotel room, she is greeted by Adriana in a bath towel and nothing else. Adrianna claims that Ty is in the shower and so, understandably, Annie leaves the room very upset. But after she leaves, we see that the shower is empty and that the water is just running. Annie bumps into Ethan after she left the room and tells him everything, so Naomi is there and she tells her everything as well. Annie goes home, where she is greeted by her parents. They ask her why she is home so early, but she claims that she is simply tired. We see her holding back the tears and as she goes into her room, the flood happens. She closes the door and breaks down in tears.
  • Some things I like, some things I don't like, and some things that just don't make any sense. The episode was fun but the ending got a little strange, and things happened that just seemed like lazy writing.

    Dad's worries about his daughter are well-founded. Every highly privileged good looking guy (at least the ones on TV) seem to think they can score with a relatively innocent young girl. That said, I'm glad that Dad didn't overplay (did he even say it?) the whole "I trust you, I just don't trust him". Instead, he admits that the reason he's worried is because HE made mistakes in HIS past. Way to go, Dad. (I just can't seem to remember the names of the parents! My fault, or the writers?)

    Adrianna. Gotta hate her, right? I'll still hate her after this episode; hopefully I will, anyways. I have no sympathy for her. Yes, she's under pressure, but she's just like any of these teenage star brats who get full of themselves. Sure, mom pushed her over the edge, but for God's sake that doesn't mean she has no option but to take drugs. I have noooo respect for people who willingly take drugs to "solve" their problems, and I hope the writers reinforce that--by having Adrianna receive punishment--as a message to kids with problems.

    The thing about this episode that I really didn't like though, in terms of plotting/exposition is the Annie/Ty/Adrianna triangle. When Adrianna opened the door in the towel, saying Ty was "rinsing off", where was Ty? We never got to see from him again. It makes no sense why he'd have just let crazy drug addict stay in his hotel room while he left---why not just kick her out? I understand that the writers needed some way to convince Annie not to have sex with Ty, but, /that/ was just didn't work. Kudos, though, for putting Annie on the fence about it. If she'd have been all "no, no, I'm too good" or "heck yes I'll go for it, no questions" it would have been, I don't know, out of character. I was skeptical of the Dixon/Silver thing at first since they don't really seem to have much in common, but it's growing on me. I still don't think there was much there to /start/ a relationship in the first place, but the actors have good chemistry with each other, so whatever.
  • It's opening night of school musical Spring Awakening.

    Let me just start of by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. My favorite story line from this episode was definitely Naomi's. She's definitely becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. I love how complex she is as a character. I also really liked Adrianna. I feel so sorry for her especially given the way her mother treats her and puts a lot of pressure on her. I'm really loving the Dixon and Silver pairing. I'm really enjoying watching their relationship develop. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of 90210 from everyone involved, and I can't to see more episodes of 90210 in the future.
  • though, my fave episode so far...

    okay! now I'm starting to forget about old cast and become more involved and interested into the new kids... actually, I adore only Silver and hottie Ty (him -- a bit!) but guess, it's enough to continue watching the show after Kelly and Brenda's leaving (pretty sure, it's gonna happen soon enough).

    now about the episode... actually, nothing special. though I'm huge fan of musicals, and school plays, and the stuff like that -- that's the only reason I gave this episode score 10. 'coz I wasn't too touched by whole Annie/Ty sex storyline! probably I'm heartless, probably it just looked silly and kinda unnatural (at least, for me)...

    another minus: the appearance of Maeve Quinlan reminded me about "South of Nowhere" and its forthcoming final -- that made me kinda sad :(

    FAVE SCENE: Silver & Dixon make out.

    FAVE QUOTE: Ryan: The tricky part of teaching is being friendly without becoming their friend.
  • Predictable, Cliche, Dramatic

    Our friend Brenda is now directing the school play. Gramma Tabby is out. It seems to be working out much better, and Annie isn't nearly as picked on. We're closing in on opening night. Annie and Ty are rehearsing a pretty steamy scene. Hee. So far the episode is pretty good. It looks as though all our fave BH peeps will be working on the play in some capacity, with the exception of Naomi and Ethan. Which is fine, since Naomi's still in the middle of drama central with her folks splitting up. The episode goes along pretty smoothly, nothing really unexpected. Annie and Ty are caught kissing by Daddy-o ... but nothing really comes of it. Tabitha's one liners in this show are so appealing. Naomi is sticking her fat nose in her parent's biz, and she's not doing a good job at all at getting them reconciled. I think Naomi's going to have to concede defeat on this never ending battle. This particular storyline is a bit TOO cliche for me. The one thing I didn't like about this eppy was the lack of Navid scenes. Hee. He's my favorite character. In another cliched storyline, Adrianna is coming late to rehersals and is often times strung out on whatever it is she's popping or snorting. Eventually, Brenda calls Adrianna out, and Annie takes the lead in the play. All kinds of drama happens when Adrianna is told this. Boo hoo ... wah wah ... again very cliched storyline. Of course, Adrianna has to get her revenge so she sets it up to make it look like she's been with Ty in his hotel room. This devestates Annie and we're left with her sobbing her heart out. Whoa is me ... this episode was just absolutely chock full of obviousness. So cliche, not my favorite, we'll see what happens next week.
  • Drama, Drama, Drama and a little HSM. Again an episode totally based on Shenae Grimes' character. The Silver - Dixon thing was totally played down and the strange behaviour of Naomi's parents was unreproducible...

    Will Annie have sex? That was the big question of the episode. Not to forget that she had to play the main part in the musical because Adrianna couldn't stand the pressure of her mom and was on drugs. Poor Adrianna then seeks revenge and sabotages Annie's private after-show party with Ty.
    What was foretold in the last episode came true in this one. Dixon and Silver seem to come together, but do their characters really fit?
    Naomi's mom still has problems with letting her husband go and she won't get out of bed. So Naomi calls her father for help. He comes and for a short, strange sequence it seems as if everything is going to be fine.
    It was a little sad to know that this was the last episode for Brenda for the time being. She made the part of the teachers a little more interesting and refreshing. All in all a good episode but nothing more. We have seen better episodes so far. When will somebody realize that Shenae Grimes is not the best actress in the cast and gets more screentime than she diserves. So far so good, teenagers of BH, but I hope better things are up to come...
  • Every time I watch this show, I wonder "Why exactly am I watching this?" And yet every week without fail, I tune into the latest installment.

    This week opened with Ty lying on Annie. My first assumption that this was a dream, but then it emerged that it was part of the school musical Spring Awakening. Annie acts as Adriana's understudy (you know, the druggie) for when she doesn't bother to show up. Which is quite often. Adriana wanders in, in the middle of rehearsal one day and asks where everybody is. And then she's told they're in the middle of dress rehearsal, and tick tock, you're late. Instead of kicking her out of the play, Brenda decides that she wants to help her out because she believes she can be great. And so does Adriana who is supremely self-confident. Or is she? Is it just an act? Is she really just insecure?

    In other news, Silver inexplicably got hired as stage manager. And she's pretty lazy. And when she fires the most effeminate lighting guy ever, her Prince Charming Dixon comes in and saves the day because conveniently he used to always manage the lights back home in Kansas.
    And then, oh my god, Annie's dad caught her totally making out with Ty. And it was, oh my god, so embarassing. When she gets home, her mother has a fairly weak talk with her about sex. "You can say no Annie." And that's the extent of her discouragement.

    When it comes to play night, Annie dresses like a prostitute for the after-party at the Roosevelt, where she's going to go all the way with Ty. Oh my god.
    And then, shocker, Adriana doesn't go on because she's a drug addict and stuff, and Annie goes on instead. And totally bring the house down. Adriana who is now bitter, wanders the audience as though she is possessed and decides she's going to get her own back. And she does! But more on that in just a second, because after the show, arguably the creepiest thing I've ever seen on television transpires. Annie asks her brother for a condom. I'll say no more, I'm still a little disturbed.
    So, at the after party there's a rat-a-tat on Ty's door because he has a room and all, because he's going to have sex and stuff. But it's not Annie. It's totally Adriana getting revenge! And she says "Annie left the play with Ethan!" and then they have sex, because when Annie comes to his room, Adriana's in a towel an Ty's in the shower "cleaning up", and you know what that means.
    Annie's sad. Ethan's concerned. Blah blah blah.

    If I sounded flippant about the episode, up there, I apologise, because this was probably the best episode of 90210 yet, in that there was somewhat of a story, a concept new to 90210. I didn't go in to Naomi's storyline because frankly it was mind-numbingly dumb and it's not worth thinking about. This was a fine way to spend 1 hour, if you just want to shut off your brain. I have to give kudos to Shenae Grimes, Tristan Wilds and Jessica Stroup, neither of whom made me want to punch them in the duration of this episode. Annie revealed a more vulnerable, naive side, a nice antidote to her usual annoying and cocky self. And Dixon and Silver are actually a lovely couple! One of the major downsides of this episode was Adriana, who instead of looking like an actual drug addict, resembled more of a soul-eating zombie. But on the plus side, Jessica Lowndes may be able to get a role in Spring Awakening, because she has a pretty awesome voice.

    I'm not going to watch again next week.*

    * Yes I am.

  • Annie takes the lead, figuratively and literally, in this episode when she takes over the lead in "Spring Awakening" and finds herself between Ty and Ethan when Ethan awkwardly finds out she is planning on having sex with Ty after the show.

    For the old folks who consider "Beverly Hills 90210" their first love, it was nice to see Brenda and Kelly have a moment after the whole musical opening night where they both said things that no one in their right mind would have ever expected. While it was better than last week's episode, I still feel like the show has not found a consistent tone and hasn't decided if it is gonna be 1988 or 2008. Some of the characters feel like they are retreading their values and reactions from the original version of the show - Dixon, Ethan, Silver - while others - Annie, Ty, Adriana - feel like they are acting in a badly done and far less interesting version of "Gossip Girl."
  • Overall I thought it was a really good episode and I cant wait to see whats going to happen with Annie and Ty and Silver and Dixon. I hope Annie punches Adrianna. =]

    I quite liked this episode. Just want to say how much I hate Adrianna. She is a total biatch! The fact that she lied to Ty about Annie leaving the play with Ethan and also when Annie arrived-making Annie believe that they got together was so mean. I love how Ethan really cares about Annie "Dont you want to save yourself for someone who cares about you"? Omg. that was so cute. Overall I thought it was a really good episode and I cant wait to see whats going to happen with Annie and Ty and Silver and Dixon. I hope Annie punches Adrianna. =]
  • Its all up hill from here ! Best Epsiode Yet !

    Finally this show gets a break ! I have liked this show since the start and continiue to watch it week to week, but this was the best epsiode yet! it seems the writters have finally been able to give this show that " OC, or orginal 90210" feeling! The past coupke weeks i find the epsiodes started of a bit weak but get very very strong as the eepsiode runs! And this week was the same it started like an 'average epsiode' and turned into a WAYYY abouve average epsiode! i reallly liked it and think that after tonights epsiode its all up hill in every way possible. This show will live up to its rep and will have many more great epsiodes like tonight to come !
  • Kelly, Ryan and Brenda suspect Adrianna may be on drugs; Annie goes to a hotel room with Ty.

    90210 is once again a force on television and is anchoring Tuesday night television into the future. Not bad for a show that seemed dead for good eight years ago.

    There were some interesting, old-school storylines here. This marked Brenda's final episode which is a good thing, although she wasn't that bad here. The plotline with Adrianna was exciting, but you have to wonder how commercialized it is to have a 15 year old on drugs.

    The play was also not something appealing to me and thank God we won't have to hear that awful song anymore. The post-play party seemed way too generic CW though as we get this every episode on Gossip Girl and Privileged.

    I've complimented Shenae Grimes acting in past reviews, but she was not very strong here. Weak writing can be attributed to that, but her unwillingness to adapt and overly dramatic facial expressions did not help either.

    All the negativity aside, this was still a fairly strong episode of the show.
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