Season 1 Episode 5

Wide Awake and Dreaming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on The CW

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  • The musical finally happens

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. The day before the school play comes and we learn that Annie has become Adrianna's understudy since Adrianna isn't always turning up to rehearsals. When Harry goes to the hall to see Brenda about the play, he sees Annie and Ty making out behind the set. Brenda, Kelly and Ryan soon have a discussion about Adrianna and the 3 of them are now left wondering whether or not she is doing drugs. Brenda spends the whole of the next afternoon getting Adrianna ready for the play, which is that night. Everything is going well until Adrianna's mother tells her that 3 agents and 2 producers are coming to the play. That piece of information seems to push Adrianna over the edge. Soon the time of the play is upon us and Adriana is nowhere to be seen. Then, as if by magic, she appears, but she is worse for wear. She claims that she has taken some cough medicine and nothing else, although it is clear that she is under the influence of something much stronger than cough medicine. So Annie is called up to be the lead now that Adrianna is not suitable to perform. When the lights come down on the stage, everyone can see that Annie is the star/lead in the play rather than Adrianna. After the play, everyone starts to head to the after party, at a hotel. Ty books a room for him and Annie. Annie asks Dixon is she can have his condom, and reluctantly he hands it over to his sister. As she leaves the hall, she bumps into Ethan and drops the condom, which he finds on the floor. Ethan tries to talk Annie out of having sex with Ty. Adrianna gets to the hotel room before Annie and tells Ty that Annie and Ethan were making out at the school after the play finished. Finally the sexual tension between Silver and Dixon is realised, when they kiss. When Annie gets to the hotel room, she is greeted by Adriana in a bath towel and nothing else. Adrianna claims that Ty is in the shower and so, understandably, Annie leaves the room very upset. But after she leaves, we see that the shower is empty and that the water is just running. Annie bumps into Ethan after she left the room and tells him everything, so Naomi is there and she tells her everything as well. Annie goes home, where she is greeted by her parents. They ask her why she is home so early, but she claims that she is simply tired. We see her holding back the tears and as she goes into her room, the flood happens. She closes the door and breaks down in tears.