Season 2 Episode 6

Wild Alaskan Salmon

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

In this episode, Adrianna dumps Navid. Navid is devastated; he was ready to marry Adrianna. Adrianna starts to hang out with Teddy. Soon, she realizes that he is not interested in having an exclusive relationship with her. Teddy tells Navid about kissing Adrianna.

Jen wants to buy a horse but needs money for it. Jen tells Naomi she started the process of her divorce but needs a deposit of $100,000. Naomi turned her down, but then Jen threatened to move out. Later, Jen says that the horse was a gift.

Annie and Jasper's relationship develops. Mark tries to warn Annie about Jasper, saying that he pulled a knife on a fellow student. Annie was very appreciative and tried giving Mark another chance. Annie had a talk with Jasper about not caring what other people think, but her actions speak otherwise. She still wants to be with mark. When Mark and Annie are hooking up, he tries to take things to the next level, against Annie's will. Jasper shows up and saves Annie. He tells Annie that Mark made up the story about bringing a knife to school. Later in the episode, Jasper takes a knife to Mark's car.

Silver told Kelly that her mom had cancer. Kelly told Silver's mom, Jackie, to stay away from her. Silver ended up moving back in with Jackie. Ryan and Harry go to a bar together. Harry tells Ryan about Annie and Dixon.
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