Season 2 Episode 6

Wild Alaskan Salmon

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2009 on The CW

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  • Adrianna breaks up with Navid.

    I am so disappointed in Adrianna's character, and she definitely got what she deserved by the end. I just still can't believe how much a jerk Teddy is. He led on Adrianna just to reject the idea of a relationship, and telling Navid that she kissed him. Although she deserved all that for the crappy decisions she has been making lately, it was still a jerk move on Teddy's part. In the beginning of this episode, Adrianna breaks up with Navid for Teddy. Throughout the whole episode, Navid wonders why she would break up with him. He keeps on bringing up the wild Alaskan salmon (hence: the episode title). Dixon continues his relationship with Sasha. Jen needs divorce money from Naomi, but when she won't give it to her; they get in a huge argument. Jen considers moving out, but Naomi ends up giving her the check in the end. Which was a stupid decision since Jen lied about the divorce money; she spends 100,000 dollars on a racing horse. Looks like Jen can be evil in many different ways. My favorite plot would have to be Annie's plot. They manage to incorporate Mark back in to the plot. When he warns Annie about Jasper, once they continue to get closer; Annie stays away from Jasper, and goes on a date with Mark. Only to be almost sexually assaulted, but Jasper came to the rescue. We know Mark wasn't completely lying when he said Jasper was a psycho. He follows Annie & Mark on their date, and he comes out of nowhere. Does anyone else find that extremely stalkerish. He also keys Mark's car, and lets the air out of the tires. Looks like he's really serious, I'm interested in seeing if Jasper's really crazy or not. And if he is, how far will he take it? No sign of Liam in this episode. After Silver finds out her mother has cancer, she has a change of heart and wants to be a part of her mother's life before she dies. She encourages Kelly to do also, until Kelly still wants nothing to do with her. They end up having sister problems, and Silver moves in with her mom. Ryan goes out to look for girls when he finds out Jen is still seeing other people; he uses Harry as his wing man. Harry ends up getting really drunk and accidentally calling Debbie, Kelly. So the plot thickens. A great episode with a lot of eventful plot devices, such as: Silver's mom with cancer, marital plus other family problems, Annie & Jasper development and a breakup. I give it a high rating with being eventful. Great episode.
  • Navid and Adrianna break up

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. Ok so in this episode a lot happened and yet nothing happened if that makes sense. Navid and Adrianna break up, after she thinks that she wants to be with Teddy. Only when she tells him he tells her that he doesn't want to be in a relationship. So, Adrianna regrets her decision, and believes that she has lost the love of her life. As Silver sees how far advanced her mother's cancer is, she starts to spend more time with her, which Kelly isn't happy about. Kelly avoids Harry in school, and later in the episode, Harry alls Deb Kelly, which is not the best thing to do. As the episode ends, we see Adrianna going to see Navid and asking for another chance, but he tells her that he knows she and Teddy kissed. And we learn that Teddy told him. He tells her he wants nothing more to do with her, and she leaves.
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