A Baby Story

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  • Addicted to this show

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! And then I find out these are all old episodes. I think since they are old and TLC still is showing them, TLC should do a short catch up at the end of the show. Some of these babies are now 10 years old and it would be awesome to see how they are doing. I just PRAY they make MORE of these. I record them and watch them EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I have seen almost every episode and I don't want to get bored watching reruns. COME ON TLC.. PLEASE PLEASE FILM MORE BABY STORIES!!!! So many people are having babies, this is an amazing shown and many will watch if they aren't reruns. THANKS TLC!! MORE BABY STORY, PLEASE!!!
  • A Baby Story never gets old.

    Although it is not meant to be an educational show, you can learn a lot about the journey of preparing for a child and childbirth among such a variety of couples. Every family prepares for having and raising a child in their own way, so it is nice to see this in every show. That is what I like about the show, every family has their own different touch. The entire journey is worth it in the end when the child is born and for the most part, the newborns on the show are beautiful. It is only a half hour show, so if you have time, it is a great show to watch.
  • I love watching this show. I work on an O.B. floor and still don't get enough of babies. I like hearing the personal stories.

    TLC does a wonderful thing showing personal stories of babies being born. The mom, the dad, the relatives in and out of the labor/delivery room, the excitement leading up to the births is something to behold. I enjoy this show so much yet I work as an aide on the O.B. floor at our local hospital. I see many babies being born but they are often without personal stories since there is so much involved with the HIPPA laws. That is why I like Baby Story. It is recommended to our new parents as well. Most will watch to relive the births of their own children just hours ago.
  • This is pretty good show.

    A Baby Story is a pretty good show. I like to watch it every now and then.

    What I like best about this show is getting to see all of the cute little babies. Thats really the only reason I watch it actually. I especially like to watch the ones with multiple babies like twins or triplets. I think its adorable to watch how they interact together even though there really small.

    My favorite episode is the one with the quads. The lady has two girls and two boys. How perfect is that. I don\'t remember what the episode was called. But I think it was really good.
  • I love to watch it when I'm not eating.

    I have learned alot watching this show and trought childbirth. I didn't know people go through so much in L&D. OMG! I feel so bad for some of them. I hate to see the babies come out sick. Breaks my heart. It amazes me how old some of these women are.
  • This episode was not really about Family Guy, yes the show was featured heavily with a few minor jabs in it's direction but nothing major.

    This episode was not really about Family Guy, yes the show was featured heavily with a few minor jabs in it's direction but nothing major. This episode deals specifically with A Baby Story (they used Family Guy because A Baby Story the tv show doesn't exist in A Baby Story the town).
  • A reality show that follows expectant mothers on their journey to childbirth.

    My husband doesn't appreciate this particular habit of mine. Maybe it's because he never actually carried a child in the womb. He swears it's due to the labor and delivery scenes. Thats a lot of the reason I like to watch.
    A camera crew shows up to an expectant couples house around eight months into their pregnancy. They introduce us to the happy couple, and fill us in the details of their relationship. The background, on how they met and fell in love, how many other children they have, things like that. After the setting is laid out, we get to the nitty gritty. The delivery.
    These brave women open the doors to the most private part of their lives, and let us in as friends. Some of them swear they will go "natural", but are yelling for the epidural not so much later. Smart women. The cameras roll through the blood, sweat, and tears of a birth, capturing the first cries of a newborn.
    I never tire of seeing the women rewarded with the ultimate prize for all that effort, their tiny baby. The fathers are usually crying at that point, reveling in the powerful woman they have chosen to bear their children with. It's a moment that I feel lucky to be looking in on, and will watch with or without my husband.
  • If your looking for an educational show this is NOT it

    I really wish we could see more informed parents chosing natural births, not just folowing hospital routines. Why arent the parents asking more questions, why....WHY are there so many inductions and unnessary c-sections. And WHY are so many babies being fed artifical baby milk (formula) when their mothers have the ability to breastfeed?????

    I only gave a rating of 1.2 because I have seen 3 homebirtha and one birth center birth
  • Babies are so cute!!

    I think this is a pretty good show. It brings reality tv and the information that TLC provides altogether into one program. I love to see the background of the parent(s) and see what life has been like for them through the pregnancy. Then you get to see the many different ways in which babies are being birthed these days. I think its really great for expecting mothers to watch. It gives them a vague idea of what things may be like when the time comes for them. It also kinda helps the fathers get a grasp on the delivery room and realize that its ok to pass out...other guys do it...it doesn't mean you're a weenie. haha. Overall, I'd have to say that the drama and learning experience you get make this a good way to spend a half hour.
  • I love babies.

    I am having my first baby, so watching this has been great. This show has given me an idea of what to pepare for in my delivery. I love the fact that they show everything and dont cut out the "human parts". I have seen shows that dont measure up to this cause they cut out the nitty gritty(pain, screaming, the reality of it). I like the way they follow the dads emotions on his video diary in every episode.
  • Babies, babies are born everyday on TLC!

    Sometimes, I find myself watching this show. I have no idea why, I'm not pregnant or have any children of my own. It's always exciting though to see a new life brought into the world, albeit sometimes a little more graphic than I needed to see. Sadly, sometimes I cry when the babies are born. I love how the show goes back when the baby or babies are about 2 months old and you get to see them how the look normally, not all gooey and smooshy. It's probably actually a great show for an expectant mother or father for them to see what really goes on, whether it good or bad. However, it could also make you not want to have children.
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