A Bit of a Do

ITV (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 12/1/89
      Its the day of another wedding but will everything finally go as planned, or will the goings-on in the Geoffrey Boycott room have any effect on the proceedings?
    • The Funeral
      Episode 6
      Although this is a sad occasion, certain people begin to have inappropriate thoughts about success, love and happiness.
    • Rita believes that her work as a local councillor can be kept separate from her private life, but during the evening, her family and friends prove otherwise.
    • 11/10/89
      Ted's farewell party is a posh affair with champagne, caviar and smoked salmon, but, as always, there is a calamity waiting to happen when he least expects it.
    • 11/3/89
      It's the grand opening of Rodney and Betty's vegetarian excursion into the business world, but due to the animosity between the families, the evening does not turn out as planned.
    • The Christening
      Episode 2
      Liz and Neville's baby is being christened and the only thing that could spoil the occasion is that Neville isn't actually the baby's father. Ted, the real father, turns up but has promised not to make a scene.
    • 10/20/89
      Ted's ex-wife Rita is getting married to a Liberal Democratic parliamentary candidate who just happens to be at least ten years younger than she is. As usual, the day turns out to be a memorable one that several guests would rather not remember.
  • Season 1