A Bit of Fry and Laurie

Season 3 Episode 4

Series 3, Episode 4

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1992 on BBC
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Series 3, Episode 4
Sketches include "Specialized Greeting Cards," Photocopying My Genitals With, "Scene from From Here to Just Over There," The Not Quite Late Enough Show, "Taping News from Bristol," "Nothing Rude About God Save The Queen," "AA Meeting," "Pass the Marmalade," Too Long Johnny, and The Red Hat of Pat Ferrick. Fry and Laurie make the Mug of Holics cocktail.moreless

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      • Laurie: Darling, could you pass the marmalade.
        Fry: What?
        Laurie: The marmalade, could you pass it?
        Fry: You want me to arse the palour maid?
        Laurie: No, dear. There's a pot of marmalade at your elbow. Could you pass it?
        Fry: A potty marinade in my dildo? Have you gone made woman?
        Laurie: Darling, I want you to pass the marmalade.
        Fry: You want me to fart the hit parade?
        Laurie: Pass the marmalade!
        Fry: Smile at Roy Hattersley? You want me to smile at Roy Hattersley?
        Laurie: Doesn't sound anything like 'pass the marmalade'.
        Fry: Roy Hattersley hasn't found anyone to pass the marmalade. You're babbling woman.
        Laurie: No dear, I want you to pass the marmalade.
        Fry: Roy hattersley wants me to pass the marmalade?
        Laurie: No, I do, darling!
        Fry: Eiderdown. Roy Hattersley wants me to pass him an eiderdown?
        Laurie: If you'll just listen.
        Fry: Expecting people to pass him eiderdowns as if he were someone special. No one's ever passed me an eiderdown.
        Laurie: I want you to pass the marmalade.
        Fry: No, I will not go to bed with Les Dennis. Not at any price! You must be off your chop.

      • Laurie: (as policeman) All right then, ask me what my favourite food is. Lancashire hot pot. Why? Lancashire hot pot you in the name of the law. (pause) Irish stew. Damn. Irish stew.

      • Laurie: Well sadly the clock has.
        Fry: The clock? The large round timepiece, a device that is used for keeping check on the register of hours as they pass.
        Laurie: Has beaten us once again.
        Fry: It's flagellated us. It's whipped us, it's lashed us for a further time.
        Laurie: So thank you.
        Fry: I'm grateful. I'm beholden to you. Ta, cheers mate.
        Laurie: Ray.
        Fry: Shaft or beam of light. Or it's a flat fish in the sense of a manta ray or a stingray.
        Laurie: Very much.
        Fry: A hugh amount. A great deal. Vast quantity
        Laurie: Pat.
        Fry: Small slab of butter or knob.

      • Hugh: I've never actually owned a piano, but I used to have a photograph of one on my bedroom wall. But then the neighbours complained, so it had to go.

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