A Cook's Tour

Food Network (ended 2003)


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  • One of the best food shows of all time

    Chef Anthony Bourdain is the Hunter Thompson of food writers. His sardonic wit and line cook mentality separate him from the usual chefs turned celebrities. The show is a video travelogue companion to the book of the same name. The premise is that Mr. Bourdain is traveling the globe in search of the perfect meal. He eats everything put in front of him and that is a varied lot. Everything from hot dogs to oysters to insects to pho noodle bowls to puffer fish to rabbit stew to a still beating cobra heart. He also takes part in the culture of the area he's visiting, trying the local customs as part of the whole experience. The show goes to many an exotic local and Mr. Bourdain's sharp eye details the experience with both humor and reverence.