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A Country Practice

Season 2 Episode 9

Agrophobic Sons & Other Lovers (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1982 on Seven Network
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Episode Summary

Agrophobic Sons & Other Lovers (1)
Terence comes to the aid of a woman suffering from agoraphobia.

Molly assists at the veterinary practice when Vicky falls ill, while Simon uses this as an opportunity to get closer to her.

A three-year-old child is treated by the team after falling off a moving plough.

Shirley continues to replace her craving for cigarettes with food.

Marta learns that the Hospital Workers' Union has advised workers to strike for a pay rise, leaving only the medical staff to run the hospital.moreless

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    Claudia Black

    Claudia Black

    Claire Bonacci (1993)

    Kate Raison

    Kate Raison

    Cathy Hayden (1987-1990)

    Matt Day

    Matt Day

    Julian 'Luke' Ross (1989-1992)

    Brett Climo

    Brett Climo

    Michael Langley (1987-1989)

    Helen Scott

    Helen Scott

    Matron Marta Kurtesz (1981-1983)

    Georgie Parker

    Georgie Parker

    Sister Lucy Mae Gardiner/Tyler (1989-1992)

    Les Foxcroft

    Les Foxcroft


    Guest Star

    Tony Martin (II)

    Tony Martin (II)

    Wayne Hall

    Guest Star

    Ray Meagher

    Ray Meagher

    Tom Skilton

    Guest Star

    Brian Moll

    Brian Moll

    Councillor Alfred Muldoon (1982-1992)

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (0)

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Terence: It (therapy for agoraphobia) was described to me once as being a bit like a game of snakes and ladders. You know you go up and up, but suddenly you can go down almost back where you started. But each time it gets alot easier to climb those ladders.

      • Simon: Sounds a bit melodramatic killing tigers.
        Terence: Well that's because you've never seen one Simon.

      • Terence: Have you ever been afraid Simon—I mean really afraid? Acute anxiety's like...meeting a tiger on a dark night, on a dark path. And there's nowhere to go. You can't face the tiger.

      • Wayne: Listen, being a vet's no job for a woman, not in the country.
        Molly: Keep them in the kitchen and bedroom where they belong, ay?
        Wayne: 'Fraid you won't change my mind about a woman looking after farm animals.
        Molly: You're behind the times Mr. Hall.

      • Wayne: Going to a fancy dress party are ya?
        Molly: Oh no I just wear these things to make people laugh you know.
        Wayne: Well, it works.

    • NOTES (25)

      • Terence gives Margaret relaxation tapes.

      • Just before Burrigan calls asking for Terence, Franks asks Shirley over the phone to the club the next evening. Simon mentions that he has house calls for Mrs. Cazuli, the Burkes, and Vicky.

      • Vicky says that Tom Hales is the locum taking over for her while she is unwell.

      • Terence is told by Charles (on the phone) that there will be about a ten-day wait for the test results from Burrigan.

      • Simon brings Vicky pink carnations.

      • Frank brings Vicky roses from his garden. He also makes fun of Shirley's cooking.

      • Frank calls Charlie about using his sensa to transport Gary.

      • A nurse walks past when Marta is on the phone about the plough accident. There is also a nurse in the operating room. Later a nurse walks past Marta, Brendan, and Nurse Dobson.

      • The Hall farm is a mile past the old greenhouses in Fern Hill Road. Molly goes to the farm to give Wayne tapeworm tablets for the cat.

      • Molly talks on the phone to Mrs. Craig about her pet Mitzi. Later she tells Vicky that Johnny Pierce has picked up his dog.

      • Terence mentions that he is "happy in a way" when Vicky asks him if he enjoys country practice. When Simon voices reluctance at performing an amneosentisis without the proper ultrasound equipment, Terence says that he has "midwife's hands". Terence also refers to his own personal demons to Simon, but does not elaborate.

      • Terence orders an ASOT and other tests for Vicky. He also gives her her six-month blood test (which is recommended for a vet). It is found that Vicky has contracted brusolosis.

      • Alfred and his wife Mavis have three cats: Melody, Symphony, and Kittles. Molly says that her aunt had a cat that overgroomed itself like Melody.

      • Terence diagnoses Margaret as being in acute anxiety when Frank brings her in. She first experienced a major attack two months previously.

      • In addition to the woman that tries to help Margaret at the supermarket, there is a man at the freezer, as well as a woman that Margaret almost bumps into as she leaves the store. Outside the store, Frank is talking to someone in the parking lot.

      • One of the products in Margaret's trolley at the supermarket is a box of Omo washing machine detergent.

      • Shirley says that for lunch she was planning to go to Lim's for takeaway Spring Rolls, and then to the Fish and Chip Shop.

      • The anti-smoking poster Frank brought into the clinic in Episode 20 is still on the wall behind Shirley's desk.

      • When Simon examines her, Vicky's temperature is 38.5 degrees celsius.

      • Dave, a patient of Terence, is seen leaving his office with a plastered hand and lower arm. When Frank brings Margaret to the clinic, there are three patients in the waiting room. Mrs. Clancy is on the phone with Shirley and makes an appointment with Terence for 11.30 the next day, but is reluctant to make an appointment with Simon for that afternoon (although he is free).

      • Molly refers to the fig coffee that Vicky has been drinking.

      • The Skiltons have lived at the Old Wilson Place out on the Ridgeway for one-and-a-half years. Before moving to the valley they lived in Bornel, which is near Orange. Tom's doctor in Bornel was Dr. Williamson. Tom is around forty years old. Margaret is thirty-eight years old. The Skiltons had a child Nicholas, who they lost in a car accident ten years ago. Nicholas had Down's syndrome.

      • Molly borrows Shirley's biorythm counter.

      • The diamond snake in Vicky's surgery is named Inglebert.

      • An uncredited girl walks into Vicky's office with her duck and speaks to Molly.

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Wayne: You know what my dad use to say to me mate when we were out ploughing? He reckoned there was gold under the patty, buried by Ben Hall or Ned Kelly or someone.
        Reference to Australian 1800s bushrangers Ben Hall and Ned Kelly.

        See Australian Bushrangers: Benjamin Hall and Ned Kelly's World.

      • Simon: They (vets) treat themselves with Bob Martins half the time.
        Bob Martins is a brand of pet products, including wormers.

      • Molly (to Vicky): Hey you alright? You're not half way down a dingo or anything are ya?
        Molly is referring to the appearance of baby Azaria Chamberlain at Ayers Rock in 1980. Mother Lindy claimed that she saw a dingo take the baby from a tent at the campsite.

      • Simon: You'd have thought I was Jack the Ripper.
        Reference to the infamous Jack the Ripper case of the late 1800s.

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